Create Assignment Block

Allows creating an assignment on an existing case/matter or outreach, optionally entering a note and uploading files, and optionally emailing the note and any uploaded files.

Displays a search and select box for the caseworker that searches staff and pro bono users.

Often used to make pro bono assignments to cases when staff already know which pro bono user they want to place the case with. Fewer steps than the Recommend Pro Bono Attorney process.

The assignment types available are in two lookup lists: Assignment Types for cases/matters, and Outreach Assignment Types for outreaches.

Note: This block cannot be used on the first step of a prescreen or intake process (the case/matter must already exist) or the first step of an outreach create process.

Configuration Options

* Default Assignment Type

* Caseworker Form Label (allows you to rename the label for picking the individual user)

* Default Office (includes an option for the Intake Office)

* if Default Office is set, you can make it read-only.

* Default Program

* if Default Program is set, you can make it read-only.

* Always Show Program as a Lookup

* Options to change the default subject line of the note that can be added, and the text appended to an email if the note is emailed.

* Allow Sending Note as Message to use the internal messaging tool