Discovery Block

The Discovery block allows creating discovery request and response records on a case/matter. Add the block to an auxiliary and/or intake form.

The Matter Discovery Log list view displays a list of these records on a profile page. It is also recommended for the auxiliary form that contains the Discovery block for ease of editing.

The user can enter data related to a discovery item, including but not limited to:


Discovery Type

Discovery Sub Type

Number of Items Received

Discovery First Page (can be text to capture Bates numbers)

Discovery Last Page (can be text to capture Bates numbers)

Destroy on close?

Configuration Options

* Default Discovery Type: Dropdown list of values from Admin > Lookups > Discovery Type.

* Override existing discovery type with default: Unchecked by default. NB: Using this option will change the type to the default on existing records when they are edited.

* Show Discovery Date

* Show Received Date

* Show Date Due

* Show Add Discovery Note

* Allow Send Discovery Note As Message

* Show Discovery Note List

* Show Media Type

* Allow Multiple Media

* Allow Multiple Details

* Show Document Upload option