Email PDF of Profile Block

Displays an Email Profile label and a Send button on profile pages.

Displays nothing on forms.

The profile selected in the block configuration is emailed to the configured recipients as a PDF attachment.

NB: When used on a profile page, the profile sent is not the profile that displays the Send button, but the one configured in the block. You may want to include an Instruction element above this block to clarify what the Send button will send and who the recipients will be.

NB: When used on a form, you may want to include an Instruction element letting the user know an email will be sent, and depending on the profile being generated and emailed, that the form may take a few seconds to submit.

"Flat" print profiles are highly recommended. Information on tabs, like a typical case profile, will not be automatically 'expanded' and displayed in the PDF.

Configuration Options

Nothing needs to be selected for Editable Dispositions or Start Aux Process when used on a profile page.

The "Add Note?" option will silently create a case note of the selected type. The available types are defined in Admin > Lookups > Note Type. Only "singular" note types (one per case) are available.