IFrame Block

Purpose: Embed content from an external website on a case profile page.

Example use cases:

Embed a Google Sheet on a case profile. (select in block config: Generated URL)

Embed a different Google Sheet on each case profile. (select in config: Set URL on Profile)

General Notes:

Increasingly, browsers report iframes as security risks, so your experiences may vary.

The URL must include a "full address", including the "https://", and the site you are linking to must support embedding its content in an IFrame.

Notes on the 'Set URL on Profile' option:

This embeds a different item on each case. If you choose the Set URL on Profile option instead of Generated URL, the block automatically creates an internal unique identifier for the profile it is on, so embedding something on Case X will not show the same iframed content on Case Y or Case Z.

Users with the appropriate permission see an "Edit" link on the profile that allows them to easily change the URL.

Configuration Options:

* Editable Dispositions - only applicable when the block is on a case profile.

* Start Aux Process - only applicable when on a case profile. Leave this at "None".

*URL Source - Generated URL: select this option for most uses

*URL Template - type in a valid URL like: https://example.com

Alternative function of this block: Unique URLs per profile

* URL Source- Set URL on Profile: Lets end users with certain permissions set the exact document to embed via iframe.

* Block Unique ID - do not change this (automatically generated). It appears only if you select 'Set URL on Profile'

* Block Label - the text label, if any, you want to appear above the embedded object.

* Height and Width - set to taste.

* Permitted Roles - only users with one of the selected roles will see the "Edit" link on the profile. On case profiles, assumes the case has a Disposition that matches one selected in the first configuration option.

Example: Iframe Block and Who Owns What (whoownswhat.justfix.nyc)

An outside organization, JustFix.nyc, has compiled information about which landlords own which buildings in NYC, and other information about each address. The following webinar explains how to use the IFrame Block to embed that helpful information in LegalServer, and automatically use the case's address information to provide your users with enriched information.

You must have the GIS module installed and be using an address block that sets GIS encoding information when saved.

For the URL Template parameter, use: https://whoownswhat.justfix.nyc/bbl/{$module.nyc_bbl_text}/?utm_source=Your+Agency