In-Place Client Search

This block is designed for the first step of an intake process. It provides a quick way to search for previous cases for an applicant and, if one is found, to copy information from that case into the new intake. This is not a conflict search and does not return cases where an adverse party matches the applicant's information.

If the "Copy" button is used to copy information from an existing case, the new intake is associated with the existing case. See Associating Multiple Cases with a Client for more information on that feature.

Configuration Options:

Dynamic Form: Select a dynamic primary intake form to display below the search fields and search results. If the "create new case" option is used, the display is updated to show the information copied from the existing case.

Show DOB and Require DOB

Show SSN and Require SSN

Limit to Clinics: Limit the search to matters linked to a clinic appointment slot.

Exclude Clinics: Do not include matters linked to a clinic appointment slot in the results.

Copy Application Income: Copy income information from the existing case to the new one.

New Case Text: The text to display on the "copy" button that appears for each case in the search results.