School History Block

This block creates school history records on cases.

Values for the lookup fields are set in Admin > Lookups.

Reports: Case Data > Person > School History (One Row Per Entry)

Related: Organization Students list view for the organization profile to show students/cases linked to the school.

Configuration options:

* Select School from Organization - if checked, a search and select organizations field is displayed; if unchecked, a simple text field is displayed.

* Show Enrollment Dates

* Require Enrollment Dates

* Show Reason Enrollment Ended

* Require Reason Enrollment Ended

* Show Circumstances Enrollment Ended

* Show School Type

* Require School Type

* Show Special Education

* Show Disability Classification

* Require Disability Classification

* Show Plan Type

* Require Plan Type

* Show Classroom Placement

* Require Classroom Placement

* Show Services Received

* Require Services Received

* Show Services Description