Send Password Reset Link Block

Provides (in some circumstances) a button that will email a user a password reset link good for one use within 24 hours.

The user will have to click the link and then create a new password. As soon as they create their new password, they will be signed out to ensure they know both their new password and username. If they have to enable MFA, that will happen on the new login.

The block is designed to be put on a dynamic user module auxiliary form. Not required, but highly recommended, that the process calling this form be limited to the Administrator user role, and possibly other select roles.

The block can also be used on a dynamic user profile page to provide a clickable link to the dynamic process. But, as recommended above, that should result in a permission denied page for most users.

NB: The block will not allow sending a reset link to a user if their role has any of the following permissions:

  • API Access

  • Administer User Passwords

  • Edit System Settings

The block will display a message for each permission that prevents sending a link. And of course it will not allow sending a link to a user who does not have an email address in their contact information.

The email will come from "" with the subject "LegalServer Password Reset".

If you have an email link scanning tool that opens links to make sure that the link is not malicious, this feature will not work. The scanner will use the one available use of the link.

Need help adding a new process and form to your dynamic User records? See: Step by Step - Adding an Actions menu Link and Form to Cases or Other Records.