Supervisor/Supervising Block

This block allows setting who a user supervises or who a user is supervised by. It is designed to be placed on an auxiliary form in the user module, therefore a site must be using dynamic user processes and forms to use this block.

Tip: A site will typically only collect either who a user supervises or who each user is supervised by. Both options are not needed, but if desired, we highly recommend separate auxiliary processes and forms.

Configuration Option: Supervisor View

* Checked: The block allows entry of one or more users the current user is supervising.

* Unchecked: The block allows entry of the user who supervisors the current user.

Related Lookup: Supervisor Type

One or more values need to be added to the lookup. The system values Office and Program do not appear in the dropdown list on the form.

Related List View: Supervised Assignments

Can be used on dynamic user profile pages (and dynamic home pages) to show the case assignments of that person's supervised users.


Once a row is created by this block, you can't directly delete it. Add a new row with the plus sign icon, then delete the existing row, then select the required type but leave the person field blank and save.

Known Issues

* The Supervisor View option in the block isn't working when the block is on a user profile page. It currently only shows who is supervising the current user, whether checked or unchecked. (Ref: LS-46646)