Timer Block

This block can display a "Start Timer" label and checkbox that can start a timer running, or silently start a timer.

Often placed as the first element on the first form of an intake process, it can also be used on case profiles.

Note: The timer function needs to be enabled for this block to function properly.

Configuration Options:

* Default - determines the default behavior of the Timer checkbox when the form it is on is displayed. The options are Start Timer (box is checked, timer starts), Don't Start Timer (box is unchecked, must be manually started), or User Preference (set by each user on their My Preferences page).

* Show stop and add timeslip popup if timer already running? - if the user has a timer running when they load the page with this block, should they be prompted to stop that timer.

* Visible? - uncheck to hide the checkbox and label.

* Automatically Start for these Dispositions: multi-select list of dispositions. Useful when the block is on a case profile page; for example, allowing it to start a timer when an open case is viewed, but not when a closed case is viewed. NB: Not selecting any dispositions is the same as selecting all.