Callbacks - Customizing

Older installations of LegalServer came with a set of static, built-in forms and processes needed to record Callbacks. This first section covers building a set of dynamic forms and processes that provide site administrators greater flexibility in how callbacks are recorded.

Administrators for sites already using dynamic callbacks may find other sections here helpful, as well as the section on building dynamic forms for options available for existing dynamic forms or when adding new ones.

A site can use a mix of static and dynamic forms. It will depend on the site's initial setup, and any changes administrators have made.

Also see: Callbacks Module

Cost: There is no cost to convert to dynamic timekeeping, other than the site administrator's time to do it.

Converting from Static Callbacks to Dynamic Callbacks

Site administrators can determine if a particular callback process is dynamic by looking for the word "dynamic" in the URL in the callbacks links (Create Callbacks, Edit Callbacks, and Callback Attempt (Call Now).

Overview of the steps to customize callbacks entry:

  • Build a data entry form for the callback record you want to customize

  • Build a profile page to display completed callbacks

  • Create a process for each form you build to display a link

  • Change the Processes section in Admin/Process Settings as needed

The steps are presented in order. You need a form and profile before you can add a process.

Create a Callback Form and Process

To add a new Callbacks form, select the “Callbacks” module from Admin > Forms, Processes and Profiles.

Set "Create New Process Containing This Form?" to "Yes" if this is a new form and process.

A "Create" process and form should be created, along with "Aux" processes and forms to edit the Callback and for the Callback Attempt (Call Now) process.

Create A Callback Profile

Setup your Callback Profile, including the "Callback Attempt" listview.

Create a Matter Form and Process

You need a Case/Matter auxiliary form and process to add a callback record to a matter. Use the “New Callback” block on the form.

After this is completed, the form can be added to the Actions menu on case profile(s).

Change Processes in Process Settings

Navigate to Admin > Process Settings and update the settings to reflect the processes that were created in the previous steps. You will see options for:

    • Callback Create Process

    • Callback Edit Process

    • Callback Attempt (Call Now) Process

Known Issues

    • Custom fields cannot currently be created in the Callbacks module.

    • Error thrown on "Call now" on Callback listview.