CSR Eligibility

LegalServer provides several tools to help LSC-funded agencies determine which cases should be reported on Case Service Reports according to the CSR Handbook. As with any regulatory requirement, it is up to each agency to decide how to collect information according to its needs and policies. For example, an agency could determine CSR eligibility by simply putting the "CSR Eligible" field on cases and setting that manually, or use all the blocks and fields described below in the sections on the CSR blocks. Or some other method.

LSC Eligibility

A case is not reportable unless it is (or was) LSC eligible. The LSC Eligibility Information block can be used to set the LSC Eligible field for a case. Agencies not funded by LSC (directly or indirectly) can use this block to determine whether a case should be referred to an LSC-funded agency and/or as a data point when sharing information with partner agencies.

CSR Eligibility Information Block

This CSR Eligibility Information block provides a simple method of setting the CSR Eligible field. Refer to the linked help page for more information.

CSR Eligibility v2 Block

The CSR Eligibility v2 block is designed to determine whether a case is CSR eligible, based on the data in other fields and blocks.

The block displays a column for CSR Eligibility, a column for LSC/CSR Compliant, and a column describing each test:

The information needed for each test can come from individual fields that are manually set, or more typically, from other blocks that set those values.

Note: The Timely Closed block (see below) needs to be on the same form as the CSR Eligibility v2 block for the latter block to properly determine whether a case is timely closed.


The CSR Eligibility v2 block uses the following tests:

LSC Eligible

The test is the value of the "LSC Eligible" field. The field's value is typically set by the LSC Information block on intake and auxiliary forms.

Case Timely Closed

The test is the value of the "CSR: Timely Closed" field. The field's value is typically set by the Case Timely Closed block. This was specifically designed for use with the CSR Eligibility v2 block, but can be used independently.

Legal Assistance Documented

The test is the value of the "CSR: Is Legal Assistance Documented?" field. The field is typically placed on a site's close case form, but can used on any intake or auxiliary form.

Retainer on File

The test is the value of the "Retainer on File Compliance" field. The field's value is typically set by the Retainer on File block. The block is configured with a document template to produce a retainer. The block initially displays "Retainer on File" and Yes/No buttons. If Yes is selected, a link to generate a document from the preselected template is displayed, along with a File Upload button to upload a signed version of the retainer.

Note: The form containing the CSRv2 should have the "CSR: Retainer for Certain Closing Codes?" field on it. Typically it is defaulted to Yes and Hidden.

Citizenship Documentation

This test is passed if any of the following are true (assumes Close Reason A and B are configured in the block):

  • Close Reason is A or B and "Did any staff meet with client in person" value is No.

  • "Citizenship Status" value is Citizen and "Attestation on File?" value is Yes.

  • "Citizenship Status" value is Non-Citizen (or any value other than the system value "Citizen") and "Staff Verified Non-Citizenship Documentation Compliance" value is Yes.

Attestation on File Block

This block is similar to the Retainer on File block, but is configured with an attestation document template.

Staff Verification of Non-Citizenship Documentation Block

This block displays the "Staff Verified Non-Citizenship Documentation" Yes/No field.

If Yes is selected, the compliance passes and the date, time, and user making the selection is recorded.

If No is selected, the "Did any staff meet with client in person" Yes/No field is displayed. If Yes is selected, compliance

fails, if No is selected, compliance passes. In both cases, the date, time, and user making the selection is recorded.

Affirmative Litigation

The test is the value of the "CSR: Section 1636 Affirmative Litigation Compliant?" field. The value is usually set by the Affirmative Litigation block, which is configured like the Retainer on File block above, and like that block is typically placed on an auxiliary form.

NB: The CSRv2 block is designed to look for this field on the same form and respond interactively to it. In other words, put this field on the same form as that block, even if you are setting this field in a different process.

Compliance Checklist Display Block

This block is designed to be placed on the main profile and provide a summary of each compliance requirement, whether it has been met, links to relevant forms and documents that have been generated, and a link to complete the requirement.

This block is a complement to the CSR Eligbility v2 block. It is not required for the v2 block to function.

Note: The link to complete a requirement will not appear unless a corresponding auxiliary process exists. The auxiliary processes must be named as follows:

  • Edit Attestation Compliance

  • Edit Retainer Compliance Information

  • Edit Affirmative Litigation Compliance

  • Edit Non-Citizenship Verification