Delete Cases

LegalServer administrators cannot delete cases from LegalServer. The most common method to remove cases from listviews or reports is to reject them, optionally using a custom Rejection Reason lookup value. For example, if a case was created in error, you might create a Rejection Reason called “Case created in error.”

LegalServer Support can delete cases by request. If you need a case or set of cases permanently deleted, for example, due to compliance with a data privacy law or other regulation, please contact with your request.


  1. Provide LegalServer Support with a link to a LegalServer report that contains the case ids of all the cases you want to delete from your site. If you are requesting deletion of a small number of cases, you can alternatively send links to those specific cases.

  2. LegalServer will provide a quote of the cost for deleting those records.

  3. Upon payment, LegalServer will refresh your demo site from your live site.

  4. LegalServer will verify that we have a current database snapshot of the live site.

  5. LegalServer will delete the cases returned by the provided report on the demo site. The client will be responsible for testing to make sure that the correct data was removed.

  6. Once the client has verified the deletion on the demo site, LegalServer will delete cases returned by the provided report on the live site. The client will again be responsible for testing the live site case deletion.

Please note that deleted matters may not be recoverable, or only recoverable at significant expense. We ask that your staff very promptly verify the results of the deletion on your live site after they are run and contact the LegalServer team immediately if issues are encountered. After 30 days, the deleted records will not be recoverable.

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