Hotdocs Site Setup

Sites with Hotdocs templates enabled need to add the Hotdocs Templates block to the main profile.

The block lists all the Hotdocs templates that are active on the site. The start process link for each template will redirect to the appropriate Hotdocs server and begin the process defined on that server. Once that process is complete, the document(s) created will be uploaded to the case in LegalServer.

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Adding a New Hotdocs Tab

The list of Hotdocs templates is displayed on the main profile using the Hotdocs Templates block element, just as the list of standard templates is displayed using the Recommended Documents block.The placement of the Hotdocs list is of course up to each site.

A typical "Documents" tab block setup looks like this:

Replacing the Documents link on the View Information legacy element

The "Documents" link on the standard View Information tab in the legacy interface displays a built-in form. Although not commonly used in the new interface, the View Information element is available.

Site administrators can optionally replace that "Documents" link to display a dynamic form that includes the list of Hotdocs templates along with the case's documents and other templates.

1. Create or edit a Tab Block in Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles. Many sites already have an existing Tab Block for documents.

The suggested elements are:

  • Tab: Documents

  • Block: Document List (configure this block to not show Recommended Documents if the next two elements are added)

  • Tab: Recommended Documents

  • Block: Recommended Documents

  • Tab: Email Templates

  • Block: Email Templates (Documents)

  • Tab: Hotdocs Templates

  • Block: Hotdocs Templates

2. Create an Auxiliary form. The only element needed on the form is the Tab Block that was either created or edited in step 1.

3. Create an auxiliary process that calls the above form. Do not select a Link Category or Case Dispositions to Show (this 'hides' the link).

4. Edit the main profile

  • Add a new Rightside element (side bar element in the new interface) and select View Information (unless it has already been added). Select the desired static links to display, but deselect the "Documents" static link. In the dynamic process section, select the auxiliary process created above, and name it Documents.

  • Open the Link Boxes element (if it is being used), and deselect "View Information" in the Shown Boxes section (this turns off the static View Information tab).