Images in Notes

Status: Testing. Not yet available.

Images can be embedded in notes if a site has enabled "Use RichText Editor for Notes" (Admin > Site Settings > User Interface) and you have enabled "Use Rich Editor for Case Notes" in your preferences (My Preferences > Misc.).

When enabled, the Rich Text Editor will display the Image icon in its toolbar.

You can insert Images two ways:

  • Click the Image tool to display the Image Properties dialog. Select the Upload tab, click the Choose File button, select the desired file, click the Send it to the Server button, and finally click OK.

  • Drag a file from your computer's file manager into the note.


  • Emailing a note with an embedded image will not send the image.

  • Only PNG, JPG and GIF files may be added to notes. The editor will display an error message if an attempt is made to add other file types. An error will also be displayed if the image file is larger than the configured maximum image size (default 10MB).

  • The image file is stored as a LegalServer document and a reference to the document is displayed immediately below the note, the same as a document attached to a note, and can be downloaded from the link in that reference.

  • Image documents are shown in document lists, only on the note itself.

  • Images can be moved within the note by dragging, or can be deleted just as any other note content. If an image is deleted from the note, the document will be deleted.

  • Double clicking on an image will open the Image Properties dialog which allows you to change the displayed size of the image. The image file is not resized or resampled so its storage size does not change.