InCert Guided Navigation

The LegalServer InCert empowers LegalServer clients to display a sophisticated Guided Navigation dialogue on any website, including outside of LegalServer’s Online Intake Framework. 

Availability: Contact LegalServer to take advantage of this new tool. We are providing InCert as part of a complete package of services to help your organization rapidly create a well-designed special purpose site to meet specific needs, like applying for rental assistance. Once we have worked with a few more pioneers, InCert will be made widely available for self-service.

Cost: $2,500 one time, plus $50/month for up to 5 InCert dialogues. Online Intake is required. 

In summary, InCert lets you embed your Guided Navigation dialogue in another site, with attractive, adjustable, and streamlined graphical elements.

Guided Navigation Dialogues

To use InCert, your dialogue will need to be written entirely in LegalServer's Guided Navigation.  Create your interview using Guided Navigation on your LegalServer Online Intake site.  Rather than making this dialogue part of a regular Online Intake process, InCert lets you call it from an external site. Set the Dialogue Runner block on a new intake form. Set the intake form as the only form on an intake process. After you save the intake process, return to edit it. There will be a radio button field "Process should be offered in Guided Navigation API". Select "yes" and save the dynamic process' configuration. 

Enable CORS headers for the InCert API

Go to Admin → Process Settings and set an appropriate Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.

Because the interview dialogue comes from your LegalServer site, like, but is displayed on another page, like, we need to set headers to tell the world that these two sites are cooperating and not nefarious. You'll need to add, to the list of URLs allowed to pull the dialogue.

Supported Blocks in Guided Navigation

Not all blocks will function in the InCert environment. If you attempt to use a block with InCert that isn’t yet compatible with InCert, and would like to request additional development to support a specific block, contact LegalServer with your request.

Getting Started

As of now, we encourage you to work directly with LegalServer to use InCert.  We will support entirely self-service use of InCert in the future.  For self-service InCert, you'll need to be familiar with basic html editing and .css concepts.

LegalServer InCert can be added to any site with just a few lines of basic HTML.

Once the Guided Navigation dialogue is complete and CORS headers are set, add the following lines to the host page where you will display InCert content. These lines should be placed in the <head> section if possible. If it’s not possible to add them to <head> (for instance if you’re using a content management system like WordPress), then just add them into the body. 

<script src=""></script>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

The InCert application can be placed anywhere on the page by adding a <guided-nav></guided-nav> tag. It will resize to fit inside the <div> that contains it. 

Adjustable InCert Attributes

Use tag attributes configure the settings of the InCert element:

The results of setting these parameters might look like this:

<guided-nav url="" token="k0P3X!b@djidadfi4829ZH^gk3k$EZ" theme="light color-blue font-sans" language="en" process="28d1ea12-ccfa-11ea-bf94-1866dafbcb38" redirect="">

Token Authentication

For authentication purposes, InCert requires use of the Personal Access Tokens. Directions for setting those up are in the LegalServer API Documentation. Your token must have a label that includes the term "InCert". This allows us to check for it expiring before your users tell you that it is no longer working. 


Modify the theme attribute to customize the look of the form:

<guided-nav url="" token="k0P3X!b@djidadfi4829ZH^gk3k$EZ" theme="light color-blue font-sans" language="en" process="28d1ea12-ccfa-11ea-bf94-1866dafbcb38" redirect="">

For example:

theme="light color-blue font-sans"  or theme="dark color-red font-serif"

The parameters allowable are below:

For instance, to specify a dark theme with a green accent color and serif font, the theme attribute should be set to: theme="dark color-green font-serif" which would result in an InCert style like this:

Note: the default theming is set to: light color-blue font-sans. If the theme attribute is left blank or isn’t included at all the application looks like this:

Overrides & Customization

For a fee, our team can meet with you to design a custom theme.

If there are additional elements you want to change, and you have the developer expertise on staff, your developer can make changes on the page that calls the InCert application and overrides our design choices.

Custom Themes

If you want a radically different base theme other than the themes provided, contact LegalServer to inquire about custom development.

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