2008 Release Notes

Changes for December 19th - December 30th

Release Date 12/31/2008

8004: When sending a note through email, only addresses with an '@' symbol will be sent.

7197: Added due date to the Todo Summary table in reports. If a task has a due date, it will appear at the beginning of the entry as something like "Due 12/12/2008: "

3162: Organization clients can now have organization name aliases during the intake.

8284: The list of fields in communications manager has been trimmed to exclude more unused fields and sorted in a case-insensitive manner. If you subscribe to the donation/pledge modules, fields from the latest donation are now available for the contact data source. As with reports, filtering on these fields is time consuming, perhaps greater than thirty seconds.

7161: Printable profiles in the "Print..." section of a case profile page now appear in alphabetical order.

8610: Help pages will now be pushed when we push code changes, as well as once nightly.

Changes for December 12th - December 18th

Release Date 12/19/2008

7653: Quick Case Copy no longer copies case questions nor litigation information. Added a 'Copy to New Subordinate Case' link which creates a new case which retains none of the client information, but does keep case questions, litigation information, and adverse parties. This new case will be set as a subordinate of the current case.

7826: The funding code list is now updated when you select a case in a new timekeeping entry.

8530: Reports can now be filtered on aggregated expression. Example: You can filter where daily or weekly time totals are below a certain criteria.

8579: Added ability to record outcome results for transferred cases.

7550: Fixed bug which caused intakes to crash if the user entered an incomplete expense, immediately removed it, and then continued to the next page.

8594: Report Admin mode: Fixed issue causing certain columns to show up multiple times in Add Column.

8597: Report Admin mode: Filters are easier to tell apart from each other,they're now outlined by a black border.

8205: Added a column for 'Time Spent (Minutes)' in the timekeeping reports. Use this if you need to know the rounded number of minutes spent.

8222: DOB elements (distinguishable by the 'Age' calculation) now require that the date be on or before today.

8493: Re-titled the 'Override Reasons' lookup to 'Agency Override Reasons' to separate it further from 'LSC Override Reasons'

8219: Added a connection to Funding Codes from Other Matters in reports. These tables operate similar to those of Case data, so you will need to connect the Other Matters table to the 'Funding Code Connection' table to the Funding Code table and then use the 'source' field to get the funding code's name.

8586: Case Disposition block now complains when it is on the first page of an intake.

7219: Added "Add Case Note" link to prescreens.

8465: The outcome lookup on the Close Case block no longer shows inactive outcomes.

8566: Adding an activity now returns to the case profile page.

8484: Amount in Controversy field is now correctly displayed in forms. Fixed a bug which was preventing many multi-select lookups from populating in reports.

8351: Correct litigation information will be displayed for cases after you've already looked at one case's info.

8400: Rewrote the trust transaction page. Added some improvements to display of printed pages containing listviews.

Changes for December 5th - December 11th

Release Date 12/12/2008

8566: Adding an activity now returns to the case profile page.

8565: To be listed on "Search for referral organization" page, an organization must be of type "Referral Organization".

8492: Fixed bug in note searching.

8485: When rejected prescreens are reopened, it's reflected in the generated note.

8437: Fixed bug in day template when filtering by office.

8398: Trust account balance snapshots for any given day in the past can now be reported via the reporting system. To do this, add "Trust Account Balances With Date Ranges", add a filter for the Snapshot Range and enter the desired date in both the From and To.

8363: If you use callbacks, you can now customize the 'Call Now' (callback attempt) page by creating an auxiliary process and configuring the appropriate option on the Intake Settings page. Using the 'Callback Info', 'Prescreen Notes', and 'Call Now' blocks will create a process almost identical to the old callback attempt page. By default, you will continue to use the old process.

8192: Added the ability to report on all recent case assignments and re-openings in a single report for audit purposes.

8129: In reports, connected contacts to their current organization affiliation. Connecting this table to the Organization table will allow you to get information about a contact's current organization.

Changes for November 27th - December 4th

Release Date 12/5/2008

8332: Confirmed that an issue that caused listviews on the home page to be empty has been resolved.

8330: Report library edit view cleaned up a bit. Assigned Program and Assigned Office now available easily.

8334: The "do not set a password" check box will now show up in the user creation process, even if you are returning to that part of the process after setting a password.

8411: Fixed situation where date fields would accept a three digit date.

8451: The Show Relationship configuration for Adverse Party and Adverse Party (v2) blocks will now show the relationship if the blocks are placed in the case profile.

8054: Added support for recurring events to the calendar.

8466: Fixed bug which did not pay attention to the 'Show Expenses' configuration of the "Financial Information -- Alternative" block

8462: Days Since Last Service can now be added to Case reports with some instructions.

7010: Removed parenthesis from office names when office abbreviation is not active.

8423: Current Assignments on the home page now sorts by client name properly.

8234: Fixed bug which prevented saving certain drop-downs if they were set to null. Notably, the report configuration options in timekeeping settings can now be unset.

8445: Added an Assignments tab to the profiles of contacts who are also users. This tab will display the same information as the one on the user profile, but will not appear on non-user contacts.

8448: The notes list no longer has a filter screen in the prescreen profile.

8390: Fixed bug in document code which treated files within a subfolder of a case's documents as a normal document rather than a case-related one.

7160: Display "$0.00" for total liquid and non-liquid asset values rather than "N/A" if those values are 0.

8388: Guarantee that case alerts are listed on the home page in the order they were created.

8407: Reports will now auto correct some configuration issues in reports when loaded.

8430: Report comparison tool: "There was an error" warning fixed for some rare situations.

8428: Adverse party data now available in case reports. it is available both as one summary cell per matter/case and multiple rows per matter/case with detail data.

8414: Fixed bug in search results that failed in a small number of cases.

Changes for November 21st - November 26th

Release Date 11/27/2008

7797: Publications reports added. Many minor report glitches corrected. Reports will automatically fix a number of common mistakes and misconfigurations caused by issues with the non-advanced 'Add Column'. Report comparison tool created which can compare reports and fields within them as well as graph table layouts.

7653: Quick Case Copy now copies case questions, litigation information, legal problem code, and case status.

8187: Attached a Date Part table to Timkeeping in reports. This table will parse information such as numeric month and character month. Added the data format of "First Word" to columns in reports. This will grab everything before the first space character.

8229: Inactive activity types will no longer show up in the activity type drop down on the "Add Client Time" form.

7946: When adding a case note, the note type now defaults to "Case Notes" if it's for a matter.

8377: Added ability to transfer lookups without mapped index values.

8356: Fixed some bugs in reports with language and other lookups sometimes showing improperly when joined to Case Data via the advanced tools.

6996: Added assignment type to the default current assignments listview.

8310: Changing wording from "Other Cases for this Case Status" to "Other Cases for this Client" in the other cases for this client (compact) block. Added another precaution that should prevent other cases for the current client appearing in search results if associating other cases with the current client. Made the ID column in search results show the id of the client, which will make it easier to identify which clients are the same across cases.

7938: More fields are now copied for "quick case copy" and "new case for client" links.

8251: Fixed bug in default filter value for Pro Bono Users list.

5591: The difference between intake office and prescreen/application office is clarified in reports.

5612: Date/Time of generation added to printed reports, cleaned up formatting: excel and printer icons removed from the printed view as well as superfluous "Selected Options".

8351: Correct litigation information will be displayed for cases after you've already looked at one case's info.

8189: Added a setting that allows you to see the intake office of a matter in red search link results.

8358: Fixed a bug that carried old fields over when changing a document from/to an email template or changing its data source. Carrying over these fields caused problems when generating documents and communications if the fields were not reset after making the change to email template or data source.

8354: Removed "Reopened By" option from reopen page.

8348: Redirect to home page if logged out while trying to edit a field in the case profile.

8353: If a case has multiple special legal problem codes but the problem code/case questions block is not set to show multiple SLPCs, use a multi-select anyway.

Changes for November 14th - November 20th

Release Date 11/21/2008

8201: Reopening a rejected matter now brings up a screen similar to the disposition screen, with options for assigning a case, setting it pending, etc.

7826: All proper funding codes appear in timesheet form.

8310: Fixed bug in the links of the Associated Cases (Compact) block. Made the status on the associated cases (compact) block say 'This is a Master Case with X Subordinate Cases' rather than 'This Case is Associated with X Cases'. Renamed 'Other Cases (Compact)' block 'Master/Subordinate Cases (Compact)' and proceeded similarly throughout the block. Fixed some typos in the Associated Cases block. Removed cases that are already associated with this client from search results when attaching other cases to this client.

8328: County lookup now shows both active and inactive counties.

8335: Fixed bug in the profile of 'Old Communication's.

8166: Added Default LSC Matter Codes to organizations which can be used to default said field on matter when using refer and reject.

8331: Preferred address, organization address, and preferred phone are now more easily available in contact reports.

8293: Added multiple fields to case transfer, fixed intake date showing twice in transfer summary, fixed ordering of phone numbers in case summary, added transfer of common adverse parties (as regular APs), show additional names for conflict check in case summary, and added case note containing referral note data to transferred cases.

8319: Remove length limit on todo titles.

8248: Added Billing Transactions as a base report. Connected this to cases, the collection worker, and the collection office. Added a Billing Summary table, which is connected from Case Data. This table summarizes the last payment date, outstanding balance, total bill, total payment, and notes for billings.

8283: Communications Manager changes: Added a Donations data source, connected current organization affiliation to user in the assignments data source and contact in the contact data source. Connected primary organization address to the organization.

7853: The "Other Matter" search box on the "Add Other Matter Time" form will now search on more than just the start of the other matter name.

8299: Fixed bug when reopening rejected one-page prescreens.

8300: Fixed minor bug in Client Search code.

8275: Fixed a bug when attaching a timekeeping entry to a new activity.

8290: On the v2 conflict search block there is a config option to "Show Non-AP SSN".

8257: Adding time to closed cases is now configurable for each role via a permission.

8264: Fixed bug which caused a popup to open when clicking on case/client links within the red search link results.

8255: Certain calculated display only fields are now available for adding to forms and profiles statically. examples are Current Age, Total Household Size. These will appear be shown as fields in the form editor with the note (Display Only) appended to the name.

8272: Fixed bug where pending cases would read "(Closed)" at the top of the screen.

8276: Fixed bug which crashed the profile of cases with non case contacts.

8260: Fixed bug with error message on initial calendar load.

Changes for November 7th - November 13th

Release Date 11/14/2008


Added the Case Contact Type column to listviews of Case Contacts on contact profiles.

We've added a drop down for contact type when adding a case contact. If you search for a contact, change the contact type and then add this contact, his/her contact type will be set to whatever you selected.

Added an address preference to the case contact profile, which affects the listview in case profiles. If the preference is set to mailing address, that will display; if it is set to work address, the address of the organization will display (or N/A if no organization is set). If home or no preference is set, the home address of the contact is displayed.

8160: Made FACLA Problem Area system field.

8230: Attached a "User/Advocate Types (All)" table to the users table in reports. This will display all of the user/advocate types for a user (separated by ','). You can also filter by this if you use the any of substring method.


Made the link to modify client associations say "Edit Client Association" rather than "Add/Change Client Association" to be more terse.

Updated 'Edit Client Association' link to use a more powerful search (now pays attention to 'sounds like', etc.). We are also including only one radio button per client, which should make it easier to associate clients.

Added an "Associate other cases with this client" link near the "Edit Client Association" link. This provides an interface for attaching multiple other cases with the current client at once.

8207: Fixed bugs in the "Other Cases for Client" listview which began with default filters and did not display matters. Added an 'Other Cases for this Client (Compact)' block which shows a listview of the other cases and a link to edit the other cases when expanded. Added the 'Associated Cases (Compact)' profile block, which shows a listview of associated cases and some important links when expanded.

8039: Reinvented the communications manager; see the help section or ask us for more details.

6399: The edit form is no longer erroneously displayed as part of the litigation listview.

8196: Fixed a display error when dynamic processes are removed.

7815: Better error handling when entering dates into the calendar.

8229: Inactive activity types will no longer show up in the activity type drop down on the "Add Client Time" form.

6972: Enabled a "Country Of Origin" field that can be added to intake forms, profile pages, etc.

Changes for October 31st - November 6th

Release Date 11/7/2008

7736: Added the 'Events' base table to reports. Now you can report on appointments, and other calendar events. The events table is also attached the office, attendee user (multiple lines), all attendees, and case information, which should make the reports more useful. To make a list of all appointment blocks, filter on Meeting Block = true. To make a list of all appointment blocks that are filled, also filter on Slot Full = true.

8165: New fields on Matter for the Low Income Tax Clinic.

7735: Attached two tables to the Organization and Users tables. You can now attach Donations (Separate Line for Each), which will use a new line for every donation and Donations (Total), which gives an overview for each user/organization.

8187: Attached a Date Part table to Timkeeping in reports. This table will parse information such as numeric month and character month. Added the data format of "First Word" to columns in reports. This will grab everything before the first space character.

8192: Added ability to report on all recent case assignments and re-openings in a single report for audit purposes.

7734: Made a connection between Users and Current Organization Affiliation (and from there a connection to Organization) for reports.

7099: Inter-office transfers now return to case profile upon assignment.

7805: Case reopen date is now reportable on cases created recently.

8164: Added a system field for entering a Ryan White Number.

8163: Added a system field for tracking whether or not a client received improved or additional placements in Special Education.

8162: Added a system field to keep track of the reception of protection from or a reversal of school expulsion or suspension from school exceeding five days.

8161: Add a system field for tracking eligibility for initial placement in Special Education.

8178: We now use list order in more places for lookups. In particular, most filters that include lookups will sort based on list order.

8142: The Reject Matter/Case page is now a configurable process. We've defaulted this process to your old settings, so you shouldn't need to change anything, but if you'd like you can now add more fields/blocks to the page. Please note that for the case to be rejected, you'll need to use the "Reject Notes and Submit" block, as a normal submit button will not reject the case/matter.

8180: Added list order field to Immigration Status and Time Activity Type lookups.

8177: Set reasonable defaults for many dynamic question blocks.

Changes for October 24th - October 30th

Release Date 10/31/2008


Section subtotals now appear in excel.

Excel exports are now displayed better.

Column headings are now placed into a frozen pane, so when the results are scrolled through the headers will remain visible.

Exported cells can now contain values of more than 255 characters.

The excel export can be set to rotate all of the data by 90 degrees by checking "Rotate Excel Export 90 Degrees" in the report attributes.

8151: Attached custom field lookups to the custom table in reports.

8169: Added contact email column to the listviews of contact groups.

7218: Added the ability to configure the requirement of city, state, and zip on the address block.


Added the ability to require DOB on the "Applicant Name (Prescreen)" block

The "Responsible For Calling" prescreen block has been renamed "Responsible For Calling / Primary Advocate", as, when combined with the "Prescreen Status" block, it saved the primary advocate of a prescreen (which may be wiped out if the prescreen becomes a full intake). This allows us to keep track of the Primary Advocate for a prescreen.

Fixed a bug which would not update a callback if a callback attempt was successful.

7575: CSR crosstab can now be configured to show all legal problem codes even when no values are present during the specified time range.

7780: Report crosstabs now have the option to force sorting on columns, rows, and row subsections.

8138: Current Pro Bono Assignment now works in reports for all clients. Newly created gender and race fields can once again be broken down in reports.

7771: You can now re-enable the tabular data view in reports once it has been disabled.

7247: Added option to save an adverse party's A# in the intake.

7885: Added options to family member blocks for recording Non-AP Status and Immigration Status.

8133: The note for an Outreach/ Other matter now appears in the outreach's profile.

Changes for October 17th - October 23rd

Release Date 10/24/2008

8126: Added a Visa/alien registration number block, which has a configurable format. This block can be found in the Citizenship section.

8119: Client / People Finder search now has options to show middle name and to search by partial match on certain fields (organization name, first name, last name, visa / a number). These are configurable with the rest of the search options under Admin -> Top Level Navigation Bar -> Search

8121: The size of the confidential notes box on timekeeping entries is now site-wide configurable. Go to Admin > Timekeeping Settings and select one of 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large', 'X-Large'. The notes default to their old size, now known as 'Small'.

8114: Enabled ability to delete additional organization addresses.

6721: Reports with more than 10,000 result rows and totals or section groupings will now run execute about twice as fast. Also, in admin mode, a sort on a column can now be disabled.

7561: The recipient field when sending case status change notes via email now searches for names based on partial input.

7976: Notes on the client profile page can now all be listed in chronological order regardless of case.

8010: Asset and expense type drop down on the financial form in intakes will remember its value if you leave the page.

7699: The list of judges in a drop down is now sorted by last name.

7977: Service entries can be tied to activities.

8047: Deleting a document from a case profile page returns you to the case profile.

7278: Gives a more helpful error message when a user tries to set a case as "pending" with an intake user who's not assigned to an office.

8127: Fixed duplication of "Christopher" in initial nickname data set.

Changes for October 10th - October 16th

Release Date 10/17/2008

8093: Notes now display in chronological order within a day.

8076: Case/matter search box on timekeeping page should do a better job matching case numbers.

8064: Pro Bono timekeeping fixed.

8068: Fixed a glitch where some reports would not show data when viewed in "user" mode.

8060: Fixed an issue with a rare error which could occur when logging in or changing a password.

Changes for October 3rd - October 9th

Release Date 10/10/2008

7972: Whether calculated time durations are rounded to the nearest tenth or nearest hundredth is now configurable from the timekeeping settings page. Nearest tenth is the default.

7922: User controls on some forms have been converted to more manageable dynamic search controls.

7188: Other matter probono user entry is now a search box instead of a multi-select.

7938: More fields are now copied for "quick case copy" and "new case for client" links.

7950: Added family member listview for profile pages.

7974: Added client name and case number to top of Print Case Notes page.

7952: Contact reports now include contact type.

4070: Users can now be search on by login name in user list. most ajax search selection boxes now display a magnifying glass to separate them from regular text entry boxes.

7909: HTML tags no longer show if they're put into report column names.

7902: Donation organization filter now searches on both the user's organizations and the organization for organization donations.

7991: Modified the family information block so that it allows submits within a form in Internet Explorer.

7665: Fixed problem with merging activity_codes when there was a value on user_activity_code_rate.

7826: All proper funding codes appear in timesheet form.

7988: Changed the word 'People' in the red search link to say 'Clients/Parties'.

Changes for September 26th - October 2nd

Release Date 10/3/2008

7767: Set the filters on the initial timekeeping page to start expanded. Added links on the side of the date filter that allow you to move the dates back/forward a week ('<<', '>>') a day ('<', '>') or set both start/end date to Today. You will still need to click Filter for the filters to have an effect.

7943: Fixed bug that prevented editing the pro bono user in a pro bono timekeeping entry

7940: Fixed problem in time keeping that resulted in null start/end times being saved as 4:00 PM. Defaulted start/end times to being non-required (alert us if you would like these required for all time entries). Added the office, program, accounting code, billable, and rate to service where/if applicable. Regressively updated time entries since these bugs were introduced to have the office of the assigned user and removed the problematic time start/stop data.

7501: ADP Number for caseworker now available in time reports.

7331: Donation list shows individual donor column.

7225: Setting citizenship status to Citizen will set immigration status to null.

6983: In "Closing Information" on case profiles, text more helpful than "N/A" is displayed when there's no dollar amount associated with an outcome.

7005: Search referral org list now displays org notes with line breaks.

7902: Donation organization filter now searches on both the user's organizations and the organization for organization donations.

7051: Non-electronic referrals can be deleted.

7272: Bugfix for document deletion.

7926: Fixed some issues with reordering top level navigation bar tabs in Internet Explorer.

7923: Fixed bug which brought the user back to the list of all lookups after merging two lookups.

7805: Case reopen date is now reportable on cases created recently.

7911: Immigration entries, additional contact information, country of origin, detention, and visa number are now copied for new client cases.

7904: Added the 'Related Cases' listview, which displays a listview of associated cases for master/child cases.

7832: Added option to hide AP status element on APv2 block.

7769: Reworked the buttons on timekeeping entries. The option 'Save and Add Similar' saves the entry and carries over all of the data (except notes and time spent) to a new entry. The option 'Save and Add Blank' saves the entry and starts a new entry without carrying any fields over.

7538: An aux process can be selected in "Intake Settings" to replace the standard "Edit Closing Information" template for closed cases.

Changes for September 19th - September 25th

Release Date 9/26/2008

7893: Nickname database is populated with a basic set of nicknames.

7889: Inactive counties no longer appear in the "Edit Counties" list.

7901: Altered the error/support request text box to include some prompts so that we can resolve bugs faster.

7894: Added configuration options for People Finder and Red Search Link.

7840: We now have the ability to combine multiple lookups into one html field, such as a multi-select.

7838: "Case Log" tab summarizes notes, timeslips, events, and activities. This is available to add as a listview in the profile configuration page.

6857: Red Search Link: Added the ability to search by visa/alien registration number. Added the ability in client conflict check to include visa/alien registration number in its search criteria.

7888: Exclude checkbox in reports no longer overrides other filters.

7864: Red Search Link: "People" now includes the ability to search by SSN and People Finder now shows the SSN column. Be aware that the people search is stricter than the conflict search and so e.g. if you are searching by first, last and ssn it will require a match on all three. However the advantage to this approach is that it allows for the ability to search on any one individual field such as DOB or SSN alone.

7844: Users without a first and last name now appear on reports and filters as their login. Multi-select filters now "stick" on reports and inactive lookup values are hidden in report filters.

7843: Fixed edge case where first user on user drop down was missing.

7856: Fixed bug that resulted in an error if adding pro bono time to an case with an assignment with no user.

7810: Modified timekeeping page to carry over funding codes from cases/other matters automatically when adding time from within the case/other matter profile.

7828: Red Search Link: Added a 'Client Organization' option to the Red Search Link to search through clients that are groups. Fixed a bug in the case/matter listviews that would not display an organization name if it were a client.

7826: All proper funding codes appear in timesheet form.

7804: Asset and expense type summaries are available for cases. Email addresses for current primary and pro-bono assignments are reportable.

7822: Non-client time page only shows active activity types.

6640: Searching for an Other Matter on timekeeping will set the funding code appropriately, provided the funding code is active.

7764: Notes profile allows you to set date posted on initial creation.

Changes for September 12th - September 18th

Release Date 9/19/2008

7765: Date elements on new forms have an optional date picker. this is currently implemented on timekeeping.

7086: Rewrote the timekeeping pages. They will now be much more stable and this should fix lots of issues with information (i.e. Funding Code and Activity Type) not saving. Please alert us if the timekeeping pages act unexpectedly.

7697: When adding pro bono time to a matter or outreach, there is now a checkbox to display all pro bono attorneys. When this box is unchecked (default), the display only shows pro bono attorneys which are/were assigned to this case.

7789: The problem code block for intakes can now be configured to require the special problem code, default the problem code, and also allow a blank special problem code. Note that requiring a special problem code may cause issues if some problem codes don't have special problem codes on a particular site.

7784: People Finder opens links in the same window.

7756: Case disposition changes are now logged and available through a listview usable in profiles + intakes.

7746: Red search link: Search has been revamped to support the People Finder in place of the single field for "Client". Additionally "Contacts" are searchable by first and last name instead of just last name.

7099: Inter-office transfers now return to case profile upon assignment.

7655: Can now add Guardian placement auxiliary processes and summary lists to case profiles

7654: Formatting issues with listview filters have been fixed.

7205: One-step intakes now record the proper case disposition.

7726: Applicant Conflict Check v2 block now has options to show an instruction box, gender, and race on the Non-AP form.

7321: Case-specific forms can now include required fields.

Changes for September 5th - September 11th

Release Date 9/12/2008

7422: Fixed bug which caused the 'name' to not appear in the breadcrumb of the 'name' module. Fixed a related bug in the 'zip' module which caused an error if clicking on the zip code in the breadcrumb.

6504: Matter profile will now also display conflict status when it is set to "conflict". Previously it would display only if "unknown".

7049: LSC Override's lookup is now independent of the generic "Override Reason" lookup. By default it maintains the same values.

7647: Fixed condition where edit assignment link would not work on user profile.

4983: Case Status is now required when editing a case status history.

7602: Case documents can now have deletion restricted to administrators, the uploader, and assignments upon request.

7658: The mailing address block now includes an option to copy the main address.

7085: Searching for other matter/outreach/presentation name is improved.

7639: Added Connections from User to Subjects, Languages, Counties, Office, Total Cases and added Bar Number to Person in Reports.

7661: Fixed an issue with adding multiple individual adverse parties during an intake.

7642: Fixed bug in reports that caused repeated characters in the Javascript generated information at the left and bottom when adding a text filter.

7612: Help is searchable.

Changes for August 29th - September 4th

Release Date 9/5/2008

7387: Added "Add New Pro Bono Time" link to case profile and every non-listview 'Add Time' link. Renamed "Add New Time" to "Add New Staff Time" to make the difference more evident.

7288: Emailing a communication with a document attached no longer throws an error.

7623: Added the Organizations base table to reports. Now you can make reports based on organization data.

7611: User list now allows filtering by advocate type.

7456: Lookups can now be mapped to corresponding index values and sent via electronic case transfer.

7605: A stray backslash in the URL is now handled better.

7569: Fixed functioning of "Client Approved Transfer" field on referrals page.

Changes for August 22nd - August 28th

Release Date 8/29/2008

7539: Todos associated with an event will be deleted when the event is deleted.

7477: The case close form no longer shows inactive close reasons.

7376: Fixed bug which allowed HTML to be shown as part of "Is this a master case?" on a case profile.

7543: The "Primary Attorney" column in search results is now labeled "Primary Assignment".

7567: Add time to an outreach/presentation/other matter with a / in the name now functions.

7377: Fixed bug that was preventing "member in good standing" from being set in user profiles.

7564: Added link to jurisdiction to activity module.

7322: Fixed bug in session information that caused users to be logged out before their session timed out if they visited multiple legal server web sites.

7551: Fixed some import issues which resulted in a null Intake User field. We set this field to be the earliest Intake assignment user, if available, on all imported cases with a null Intake User.

7184: Adds the search for court case id/docket. The search form has been rewritten to eliminate problems when certain values are searched on.

7542: users can now log in if they have a default browser language other than US English.

7522: Fixed bug on 'Recommend probono attorney' page which kept filters between cases. Fixed bug on the same page that resulted in failure to sort by LPC.

7457: Rejecting a transferred case during intake notifies the originating server of the rejection.

7151: Fixed issue with main timekeeping list having problems exporting to excel if they were filtered by activity type.

7519: Sort option removed from ID columns, as they are not sortable and it was causing errors.

7516: Fixed crash bug on family page.

Changes for August 15th - August 21st

Release Date 8/22/2008

7510: In the pre-report, field names are now prepended with the category when added from Add Column and Step 2 of the creation. The column name has also been placed directly to the right of the check box in Step 2 of creating a report and Add Column.

7383: Fixed issue with some sites being unable to page through the main search list.

7498: Closing block no longer has a default for "close reason".

7314: Added list of timekeeping entries to user/pb user profiles.

7477: The case close form no longer shows inactive close reasons.

6845: Fixed bug which caused an error alert to appear when attempting to save notes (inconsistently). Users will now be alerted when they cannot auto save after 10-20 seconds of typing rather than 0-10.

7087: Fixed bug which moved a user from the add document page for a specific case to the generic add document page when field verification failed.

7375: Fixed crash bug that occurred sometimes when editing APs.

7032: We have added the functionality to start an auxiliary process when attempting to edit a field. To use this new functionality, go to the profile management screen and edit one of the fields. A new drop down should give a list of all current auxiliary processes, which you can select. Now whenever you click the label for this field in a case profile, you will begin that process.

7412: Added configuration option for layout of zip code field in address block.


When an electronically transferred case is accepted or rejected, the primary advocate on the originating site is notified.

The case transfer summary screen now allows rejection notes to be sent back to the originating server.

6057: Electronic case transfer form now requires approval be given before proceeding, and has pop up list view previews for income, assets, and expenses.

7414: AP v2 block can be configured for an alternate layout.

7423: Added "organization name" filter to case list.

7428: Electronic Case Transfer now supports lookups.

Changes for August 8th - August 14th

Release Date 8/15/2008

5526: Entering a donation value 9 digits in length no longer causes an error.

5819: "Edit closing fields" template takes you back to the case profile after saving.

7235: Matter transfer log now has more fields and is available for use in profiles.

7230: Added setting for list of users to be emailed when an incoming electronic transfer request is received.

7371: Case transfers will now not allow starting an intake on a case that already exists on the current system.

7234: Electronic case transfers now creates a note on the sender with data sent when the intake is started at the receiving end.

7357: Fixed "Set As Master" to work for all clients.

7233: Electronic case transfers now send aliases, adverse parties, address and phone data, and needs interpreter.

7229: Individual sites can now decide which fields are sent over during a case transfer's initial summary. In addition, case transfer profile screen now displays all expanded data, along with all parties and conflict search links alongside each name.

7326: Legal Server is less likely to show formatting variations between browsers.

7335: Fixed bug with Generic Notes blocks on profiles.

7338: Fixed the user donations list to exclude other donations.

Changes for August 1st - August 7th

Release Date 8/8/2008

7236: For sites that support electronic case transfer, pending outgoing transfers are available on user profile pages.

7030: "Other Cases for Client" and "Related Cases" lists are available for use in dynamic profiles and intakes.

7232: Timekeeping now displays proper name for Other Matters/Presentations/Outreach.

7044: In certain reports, filtering by primary advocate had the potential to increase processing time 14 fold. This has now been reduced to an only 1 or 2 fold increase.

7184: The ability to search for court case id/docket has been added. The search form has been rewritten to eliminate problems when certain values are searched on.

Changes for July 25th - July 31st

Release Date 8/1/2008

7281: Individual Donation Forms now have a check number field. In order to support donations, contact types of "Donor" and "Potential Donor" have been added.

7187: Added check number to donations.

7287: Legal Problem Code drop-down now always appears above case questions.

7252: Several fields, such as total monthly income, are calculated whenever incomes are adjusted. Previously, these fields could have been added to a profile or an auxiliary process and then edited, which would cause a data clash. This has been fixed so that these fields may be displayed but not edited.

7245: Invalid filter dates no longer cause errors on Timekeeping Log.

7124: Fixed bug that prevented viewing case litigation when the entries contained null judge names or court entries.

6864: Numeric columns now format as numbers in Excel when sections are present. Totals are fixed too.

6946: Fixed bug in conflict check.

7141: We have reworked the definitions of "User", "Pro Bono", and "Staff". A Staff member is a user who has a non "Pro Bono Advocate" type. Anyone listed as Pro Bono is a user that has "Pro Bono Advocate" type. As user type is a multi-select, a user may fall in to either or both of these categories. This will provide a visible change when adding new other matters, which uses these definitions for Staff and Pro Bono as well as on the filter for the other matters listview.

Changes for July 18th - July 24th

Release Date 7/25/2008

6933: Added the "Intake to Case Open" block which displays the number of days between when a case' intake was completed and when the case was opened.

7203: Fixed bug in navigation cookies for brochures. Bread crumb trail now works properly.

7208: Matter listviews default to filter by the logged in user's office. If this user's office is inactive, we now default to no office filter where before we filtered on the inactive office (which is not an option in the filter menu).

7209: Fixed an ajax bug that prevented the current tab from being saved. This bug could be replicated by going to the 'Cases' section, clicking a tab (e.g., 'Matter'), then clicking the 'Cases' tab, and finally clicking the 'Cases' *section* again. The bug returned the user to the 'Matter' tab rather than 'Cases'.

6894: Added litigation info to reports.

6932: Added a "Conflict Search" option to the group name entry during prescreens, and set prescreen conflict search to read organization names.

7162: Fixed error message when service log is loaded improperly.

7147: Other Matters are now not deleted out of the database permanently, but don't show up in other matter lists, etc.

6786: Organization listview now includes county column and filter. The listview also defaults to Active="Yes" NOTE: This Adds a column.

6422: Fixed bug where multi-select boxes for choosing a list of offices would show up as drop-downs.

7198: Fixed column bug in People Finder.

7139: Case/Matter listviews may only be filtered by case dispositions that apply to the data. As Rejected "cases" are considered "matter"s (generally), they may be found in the matter tab and therefore "Rejected" may no longer be a filter for Cases.

7170: CC'ing multiple cases should no longer add duplicate notes to each case.

Changes for July 11th - July 17th

Release Date 7/18/2008

7029: Note Type lookups now provide the "singular" option, which define whether or there may only exist one of these note types per case. Singular type notes may be edited through generic note blocks while non-singular type notes may be edited through "Add Case Notes"

6883: Added "Select/Deselect All" buttons to Print Notes page.

7039: The listview of incomplete intakes (e.g., home page) is now sortable by applicant name and utilizes the header "Applicant"

7159: Duplicate names for custom fields are handled more gracefully.

7018: Added the "under 18" field to "Edit closing information"

6786: Organization listview now includes county column and filter. The listview also defaults to Active="Yes"

7179: Fixed crash when using site search form with non-ascii text.

6925: "Applicant Name (Prescreen)" block now has the option to require SSN.

7125: More columns are sortable (including LPC and SLPC). Re-added filters for LPC/SLPC for matter and cases listviews.

7048: Fixed bug: The fields while editing other matters retain previous values when forgetting a required field.

Changes for July 4th - July 10th

Release Date 7/11/2008

6813: Added the option for Pro Bono Other Matter time keeping; fixed a bug in which time keeping in an outreach profile showed incorrect information.

7073: (Only for clients with Callbacks) There is now a user selection on the callback entry form. By default, it only shows users at the selected office unless "Show All" is checked.

7136: Better support for processing emails with accents or other non-English symbols in their subject lines.

6894: Added litigation info to reports.

7066: Reports should correctly enforce access permissions. Note that report administrators can still view all reports.

6889: The "Add Pro Bono Time" form now preselects the user if they're pro bono, and sites can optionally block pro-bono users from viewing any cases to which they aren't assigned.

6970: Fixed typo "Farmer Worker" to "Farm Worker".

7107: Fixed bug in saving of multiselects.

7017: Mail can now be BCC'ed to cases.

Changes for June 27th - July 3rd

Release Date 7/04/2008

7092: Fixed parsing of ambiguous times on certain older pages.

7066: Reports should correctly enforce access permissions. Note that report administrators can still view all reports.

5465: Offices and Outreach Types added to Other Matters reports.

6841: Document deletion now works if a user without document administration permissions attempts to delete another user's documents and the individual document permissions allow it. If not, then the delete link properly hides, rather than cause an error. Documents with associated email templates can now be deleted. the template gets deleted along with the document.

6916: Creating subfolders for an Other Matter now functions. Other Matter documents and folders can now be navigated to from the main documents section. Attaching a document to a subfolder of a case, other matter, event, etc, now returns you to the profile of the item (previously you were placed back into the document center).

6968: Organization affiliation is not required for litigation contact creation.

6937: Added link to Calendar giving direct access to adding deadlines. Javascript date checking now accepts period delimiters.

6852: Cases with an LSC-eligible immigration status that's been marked as "inactive" still qualify as LSC-eligible.

6807: The cursor should now automatically focus to the first field of the page for almost all pages.

6790: Centralized code to reassign primary assignments.

6984: We can now add Todo summaries to reports.

6504: If you configure the conflict status intakes in Intake Settings and a case has one of the statuses set to null (ie "Unknown" aka "Needs Conflict Review") the case profile will display the status in red with a link to the process to set the status.

6997: Added Expense and Asset type filters to Case/Client Report.

7006: Deadlines will only provide an option for case alerts if they are associated with a case.

Changes for June 20th - June 26th

Release Date 6/27/2008

6953: Edit LPC/SPC element now requires SPC.

6981: Fix bug in rejected matters that caused an error if rejecting and reopening a case after completing an auxiliary process.

6982: A case now cannot have multiple primary assignments.

6948: Fixed bug regarding custom fields while editing reports.

6656: Fixed reminder configuration bug with some Florida sites.

6851: The 'Enter' key will not submit in the search-while-typing field of publications.

6937: Added link to Calendar giving direct access to adding deadlines.

6850: Relabeled Asset and Income fields to accurate state "No Income" etc. options.

6960: Added new Cases and Matters tabs, introduced performance enhancements for new listview.

6956: Fixed un-rejecting application problem.

6674: Un-rejecting incomplete intakes will bring you back to the proper intake page.

6967: Editing assignments from a case profile now returns you to the case profile upon completion.

Changes for June 13th - June 19th

Release Date 6/20/2008

6951: Fixed bug that allowed some non-admin users to create new reports.

6790: Centralized code to reassign primary assignments.

6561: Added functionality for restricting cases. This is a field on cases, and can be used in auxiliary processes. There is also a permission block that can be used to prevent unauthorized people from using certain forms.

6674: Un-rejecting incomplete intakes will bring you back to the proper intake page.

6881: Added null value to "Parent Organization" menu in Org Profile screen.

6551: Added Additional Names block for use on case profile.

6898: Edit link now properly reads from Report Administration permission in new report list.

6873: Unfiltered problem codes and counties, and organizations not accepting referrals, now have their respective columns highlighted in red.

6875: Closing Page has an optional block that will set the closing number sequentially.

6623: Back-ported bug fixes from new conflict search to old.

6818: Added the ability to filter assignments when displaying the profile for a given user.

6887: Small fix to development servers to include proper localization.

6820: Notes added to a case as it is closed will now include appropriate header information if emailed.

6805: Name fields are now all the same physical size across pages

Changes for May 2th - June 12th

5005: System field filtering works.

6320: Code no longer fails when broken multi lookups are in the system. This is in response to not being able to add a column to reports.

6778: Fixed crash in grant goal breakdown.

6865: "Institutionalized?" block now uses site-specific label.

6817: Added configurable disposition display to the Other Cases element, which is typically used a in Case Profile.

6783: Better handling of email-to-case functionality for emails with exotic characters in legacy encodings.

6804: Generic Notes block and note profile page support auto-saved note drafts.

6792: The user "Switch To" feature has been disabled

6666: Renamed "Type" column to "Role" in case contacts list.

6760: Fixed error when adding a new organization.

6784: Rewrote service list-views for better memory usage and performance.

6746: Fixed bug with edit link not appearing in referral criteria.

6590: Fixed problem with attempting to edit some problem codes bouncing user back to look-up list.

6740: Exporting a report list to excel in the new report list functions better.

6739: (Agencies which can refer to outside orgs): Refer to outside organization data is now reportable.

4497: Matter dates are stored as timestamps with time zones.

6668: Added drop-down to manual referrals to allow sending an email template with case info.

6669: Added grant filters for secondary (OCLA) compliance.

6485: New conflict search links open in new window.

6673: Fixed JavaScript error on case specific questions page.

6585: Percentage of Poverty recalculates correctly after using the financials form.

6670: More consistent naming of Other Matters/Presentations.

6528: Note search bugs fixed and speed/memory usage improvements.

6338: The default value of the Timer block is now configurable by users and can be forced to a value by admins.

6642: Minimum password length is now 6 characters.

6627: Fixed crash on timekeeping page when showing certain entries for Other Matters.

6615: Administrators with the "Change User Passwords" privilege can now mark a user as needing to change her password either from the user creation process or from the system profile.

6576: Fixed bug in Intake Date filter on Cases Tab.

6587: Added filters for other matter name and staff to other matters list.

6588: Other Matters now uses name for letter field in listing.

6617: Client names show up in timekeeping list again.

6519: Fixed bug with adding multiple AP's during intake.

6430: New conflict search: Clients with a client alert are displayed in read, mouse over reveals the client alerts.

6518: Expandable note boxes are now 80 characters wide and 25 tall.

6534: Made case assignments in intake put profile link in email, made link a proper anchor tag.

6446: Fixed calendar showing inactive programs in filter window.

6594: Fixed spelling error in notes block.

6519: Added "Refer and Reject Application" right-side link.

6555: Reports have been sped up significantly. percentage breakdowns will no longer work on reports with more than 10,000 results.

6440: Referral Organization list now shows filter button on right.

6564: Add column should now function on all sites where it was previously loading to the main Legal Server page on submit.

6539: Adverse Party block v2 supports new conflict search code and all features of the previous block.

6499: New applicant conflict search block has option to view / quick-add non-adverse parties.

6375: New conflict search block supports add alias.

6349: Reports saved by a user can now set a description as well as modify groupings.

6484: Notes block on profile page now allows reversal of chronological display order.

6441: "LSC Compliant" text on eligibility page changed to "LSC Eligible".

6368: The citizenship status drop-down no longer displays any eligibility status information.

6508: Changed "Please Select" options on the financial page to be more descriptive.

6339: Intake forms now support help text.

6509: Fixing "fatal error" with referring to a new organization.

6506: Nickname aspect of the conflict search is greatly optimized.

6351: Add column interface improved by adding a note area to each column which is then shown in the library, and source table information in the field listing. Selection of entire groups works better in MSIE now as well.

6505: "Conflict status" field is optional on new conflict search block.

6473: Generic notes block has additional sizes and the option to include an 'expand' button which will open the note in a light box.

6425: Duplicate status is now configurable in conflict search.

6343: Reports listing interface has been reworked and the default changed to it. The old hierarchical view is still available, but the feature to pick folders when saving reports is gone. This tree view will disappear at some point in the future and be replaced by another tree view. The report management interface and user view are now the same.

6376: Added label to hover-able instructions.

6318: Added AJAX menu for publications filtering and "common" publications.

6365: The profile editor now supports finer granularity of disposition eligibility.

6360: Files emailed to Legal Server with slashes in the subject or file name will now import properly.

6312: Unicode characters now format properly in reports.

6356: Instructions now have a configuration option to maintain line breaks.

6334: Dates are shown more accurately when viewing referral criteria.

6342: Fixed case specific forms that have no special problem code.

6325: Eligibility blocks can now be configured not to allow changing eligibility.

6203: DB now stores case disposition values for Rejected, Incomplete Intake, and Prescreen.