2009 Release Notes

Changes for December 24 - December 30

Effective January 1, 2010 for sites updated weekly

Effective February 5, 2010 for sites updated monthly


12130: 3.2: Quick Case Copy now copies the Interpreter Needed, Prospective Income (and notes), Financial Eligibility Override (and notes), and LSC Eligibility Override (and notes) fields.

12277: 3.2: A submit button has been added to the Associate Project/Outreach with Case block so it can be used on case profile pages.

12459: 3.2: Added a new block called Disability Block, which can be configured to ask about mental or physical disabilities. If the user selects yes, a notes box will appear asking for a description of the disability.

12461: 3.2: Added a new configuration option to the Adverse Party (Prescreen) block called "Show Common Adverse Party First". It allows you to display the Common Adverse Party field before the other fields.

12463: 3.2: Added a new lookup field for Military Service. You may need to update system fields to use this new field (Admin/System Fields/Rescan Fields).

12476: 3.2: Added a configuration option to the Disposition block called "Refer and Close". This option operates like the existing "Refer and Reject" option, but sends you to a close case form instead of a reject form after presenting the referral form.

Bug Fixes

12180: 3.2: Prevent a full page error if you try to create a recurring event without specifying a Recurrence Ends date.

12304: 3.2: Fixed a bug in the Session Timeout Warning feature that caused a momentary network outage to incorrectly tell a user that they were logged out.

12421: 3.2: Fixed an issue where clicking on "View All" in listviews on print profiles would take you back to the main case profile; for example, on long lists of timeslips.

31446: 3.2: Fixed a bug which would cause an error when an email was sent from a page but no text was entered in the associated note.

31946: 3.2: Fixed an issue with emailed notes where links would not work when displayed in Microsoft Outlook.

Changes for December 17 - December 23

Effective December 25, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective January 1, 2010 for sites updated monthly

New Features

12370: 3.2: Added a new block, "Link to Client Profile", which provides a link called "View Client Profile"; this allows an easier method to reach a client profile to, for example, disassociate a client from a case. We also changed the text of the 'Edit Client Association' link to 'Change Client Associated with this Case'.


12114: 3.2: A filter has been added to the Callbacks list on the Cases tab which allows you to filter callbacks by the office of the associated prescreen.

12123: 3.2: Added a new configuration option to the Address block called "Ward is Required", allowing administrators to control whether the Ward field is required.

12376: 3.2: Case profiles will now remember which tab was open, per case.

12379: 3.2: When adding documents to a case via the 'Add Document' link on the right-hand side, the title is no longer required. If no title is set, the filename will be used.

Bug Fixes

8259: 3.2: The secondary eligibility field will now take the name assigned in Admin/Process Settings whenever you update system fields (Admin/System Fields/Rescan Fields).

12094: 3.2: Fixed a bug which would prevent the deletion of donations which were tied to communications.

12126: 3.2: Prevent broken links from being displayed in listviews when the value of a cell in the table is "N/A".

12170: 3.2: When creating a DV call record, the victim name is now set to be the caller's name only when the caller type is "Victim."

12243: 3.2: The titles of documents now properly wrap when displayed, for example, on a case profile Documents tab.

12363: 3.2: Fixed a bug where using the rich text editor resulted in empty note drafts being created.

12418: 3.2: Show an error message when a column which is set as a section in crosstab reports is deleted.

12422: 3.2: Emailed case closing notes now show the "Note emailed to" message that other notes do.

12426: 3.2: Reworded the description of the Help page link on the Admin page.

12431: 3.2: Fixed a bug which reset hidden filters in the user mode of reports after clicking 'Run Report.'

12433: 3.2: Fixed problems with viewing billing receipt PDFs in some PDF viewers. Replaced the 'Edit' link on the billing entry list with 'Receipt'. Billing entries can still be edited by clicking on the receipt number.

12436: 3.2: Fixed a problem which caused javascript to not load properly in certain cases for Webkit-based browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc.)

12453: 3.2: Fixed a bug in the Conflict Results v1 block which caused adding an alias to fail under certain conditions.

Changes for December 10 - December 16

Effective December 18, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective January 1, 2010 for sites updated monthly

New Features

12229: 3.2: Reports - a new link, Add Fields, has been added to the advanced edit mode in reports. We think you will find this an easier way to add and remove tables and fields from reports. We kept the existing Add Column Advanced and Edit Tables Advanced links so you can use those existing tools until you are comfortable with the new feature.

12343: 3.2: We have started rolling out the initial stages needed to make timekeeping processes, forms, and profiles configurable by site administrators, just as administrators can currently configure intake and auxiliary processes, forms, and profile pages. Site administrators do not need to do anything to continue using the current timekeeping forms and processes. Initially, only Outreach time is configurable. Site administrators may wish to experiment with the new features and blocks on demo sites. You can see new tabs in Admin/Site-Specific Process Management (TK Processe and TK Forms) and a new tab in Site-Specific Profile Page Management (TK Profiles). Look for further announcements in upcoming release notes.

12372: 3.2: There is a new block, 'Add Event', that can be placed on intake and auxiliary forms to add an event to a matter or case.


12329: 3.2: The Appointments list on the Cases tab now provides a link to each event.

12359: 3.2: Special Legal Problem code can now be used to determine the eligibility of a case as a configuration option in the eligibility blocks.

Bug Fixes

11012: 3.2: Using the red search link to look for non-client organizations now works correctly.

12215: 3.2: Fixed a bug with the Time Certification report, which would not display time for the first day under certain conditions.

12344: 3.2: Fixed two bugs with the Financial Information - Alternate block, where under certain conditions it did not require the first income and would accept a null amount.

12345: 3.2: Fixed a bug in the eligibility block which, when displayed in the case profile, would cause eligibility fields in the profile to display incorrectly.

12365: 3.2: Fixed a bug that was preventing profile tabs from working correctly.

12373: 3.2: Fixed a bug with reports that caused problems when editing properties of a column. (Hotfixed to all sites)

12380: 3.2: Fixed an error that would occur under certain conditions when trying to add time.

12391: 3.2: Fixed a bug causing errors when adding tables to reports. (Hotfixed to all sites)

12395: 3.2: Fixed a bug that caused errors when custom lookups were added to reports.

Changes for December 03 - December 09

Effective December 11, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective January 1, 2010 for sites updated monthly


12313: 3.2: Listviews: Added the 'Events, Tasks, and Deadlines' listview in two forms (Previous 4 months, Next 4 months). "Date" is the start date or due date, "Date Completed" is the end date or completed date. This list is a bit slower that the Event and Task lists, so use those if you do not need all of the data in a single list.

Bug Fixes

10425: 3.2: Other Matter Time is now a system lookup for timekeeping Activity Types, but may be de-activated on a per site basis. If you would like it de-activated on your site please submit a Support Request ticket and we will take care of it.

11937: 3.2 ALL: Fixed an issue with emailing MIME-encoded messages to cases that would cause the body of the email to not appear in the resulting case note under certain circumstances.

12063: 3.2: The right hand side of the page will no longer draw on top of text entry boxes, for example when entering a case note, when the browser window is less than 1024 pixels wide.

12285: 3.2: Fixed a broken link in timekeeping-based reports from Activity Type to Timekeeping Category.

12290: 3.2: Fixed a bug relating to saving trust/expense transaction notes. (Hotfixed to all sites)

12293: 3.2: Resolved an issue where sending an email message to multiple cases could result in duplicate messages in each case.

12301: 3.2: Fixed an issue which caused a matter to not be considered an incomplete intake immediately after starting a full intake, and thus not showing up on the homepage Incomplete Intakes list.

12320: 3.2: The 'Any Date Set' date filter in reports now properly excludes records with no date (null date).

12327: 3.2: Fixed an issue with the timekeeping rounding preference (tenths or hundredths, set in Admin/Timekeeping Settings) not being applied to timeslip duration values entered directly into the "Time Spent" box.

Changes for November 26 - December 02

Effective December 4, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective January 1, 2010 for sites updated monthly

New Features

12284: 3.2: Print profiles and processes now have permissions for each User Role. The default for all roles is full permission to maintain the current behavior unless site administrators choose to apply the new permissions. Edit a print profile (Admin/Site-Specific Profile Page Management) or a process (Admin/Site-Specific Process Management) to see each role and its associated permission setting. Site administrators may find this especially useful for auxiliary processes that are initiated by various links on case profile pages.

12160: 3.2: Reports - the Excel export feature has been rewritten to provide additional features. Note that this must be enabled in Admin/Site Settings because you will need Excel 2003 or higher or OpenOffice 3 to use the new output. New features:

1. The ability to configure a default portrait or landscape print orientation in the report.

2. Headers repeated on each page.

3. New column width settings for fields apply to the output.

4. "Sections" split into multiple worksheets will have their totals shown on the last page.

5. Clicking the Excel export icon/link immediately opens the file, instead of requiring you to click on the "View Report" link.


12275: 3.2: When printing a listview, only the active filters will be displayed, reducing the size of the listview header on the printout.

12185: 3.2: Added the Callback Office field (where applicable). This will allow you to set the office of a callback from within the prescreen profile or callback prescreen. Note that the field cannot save if a callback has not already been created or unless the field is on the same page as the Prescreen Status block and the block is set to create a callback. You may need to Rescan Fields in Admin/System Field Management for the new field to appear.

12137: 3.2: When the LSC Eligibility and Disposition blocks are on the same page, the funding code list will adjust if there is an eligibility override.

Bug Fixes

12264: 3.2: Fixed a bug which prevented using the Save As feature in the edit mode of reports. (Hotfixed to all sites)

12234: 3.2: Fixed an issue with custom dates in report filters when the Session Timeout Warning was enabled.

Changes for November 19 - November 25

Effective November 27, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective January 1, 2010 for sites updated monthly


12003: 3.2: The Duplicates by Name and Duplicates by DOB reports (on the Admin tab) now filter based on whether the case was open at any point in the time range. We added the following columns in the listview: Duplicate, Case Disposition, and Close Reason. We also made the disposition, eligible, and close reason filters apply to both cases in the duplicate pair so that if one does not match, neither of the results are returned.

12159: 3.2: There is a new column width option that allows for better formatting of large amounts of text in reports. The new option appears in edit mode on reports when you edit a column.

12088: 3.2: Added several fields related to HUD HPRP funding (Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program):

HUD Disabling Condition (dropdown with lookup)

HUD Veteran Status (dropdown with lookup)

HUD Type of Housing Prior to Entry of Program (dropdown with lookup)

HUD Housing Status (dropdown with lookup)

HUD Destination (dropdown with lookup)

HUD Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services Provided (dropdown with lookup)

12096: 3.2: Added Intake Type and Group Case as available filters for grants.

12189: 3.2: Reports: Added a connection between Case Data and the 'Most Recent Case Status Update' in reports. This will allow you to report and filter on the current Case Status (the most recent case status change) of a case, and report the date changed, who made the change, and any notes they entered. For example, you could report on all cases that have a Case Status like "Awaiting Pro Bono Placement". The new connection is a table (and sub-tables) directly under the Case Data table.

12198: 3.2: Added fields for "HUD Length of Stay in Previous Place" (with a new lookup for it), "HUD Last Permanent Zip Code", and "HUD Housing Status (Exit)." Also, "HUD Housing Status" has been renamed to "HUD Housing Status (Entry)." Both housing status fields reference the same lookup. Finally, a "HUD Zip Code Type" field and related lookup has been added.

Bug Fixes

12158: 3.2: Fixed a CSV escaping bug when exporting reports in CSV (comma separated values) format. The file name defaults to the report name with a .csv extension (allowing easy association with Excel). Also fixed character encoding issues when data was entered via a a rich text editor.

12193: 3.2: Fixed an which prevented certain funding codes from being used when appropriate. (Hotfixed to all sites)

12221: 3.2: Fixed an error when creating new events. (Hotfixed to all sites)

12202: 3.2: Fixed an issue with report filters when the session timeout warning is enabled. (Hotfixed to all sites)

Changes for November 12 - November 18

Effective November 20, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective December 4, 2009 for sites updated monthly

New Features

3.2: A new Session Timeout Warning option is available in Admin/Site Settings. The option is off by default. If turned on, users see a warning message approximately 5 minutes before being logged out due to inactivity. The warning presents an "Extend Login" button which will reset the session timer. If a user has been logged out, a login option will be displayed that allows the user to log back in without returning to the login page. Site Administrators will receive a memo with more detail and screenshots.

12092: 3.2: A new block "Associate Outreach With Case" and new listview "Outreaches Associated With Case" have been added to manage case/outreach associations from a case. A new "List Cases" tab has been added to Outreach profile pages to display any cases that have been associated with the outreach.

12090: 3.2: [This entry applies to the beta version of dynamic Other Matters/Outreach] New blocks have been added that allow you to configure whether Office and Program on an outreach are multiselect or a single dropdown field. A new "Associate Case With Outreach" block has also been added that allows you to associate cases with an outreach. Case associations will appear on the outreach profile under the new "List Cases" tab, along with any associations made using the new block created by 12092 (see the preceding entry).


12155: 3.2: Added a new closing reason to the LSIndex - "M - Community Advocacy (non-legal Help)"

12115: 3.2: The "Last 5 Time Entries" list displayed at the bottom of timeslips is now sorted by Date of Service (newest to oldest) and within each date by timeslip ID in descending order.

Bug Fixes

12154: 3.2: Fixed a bug which caused an error when displaying certain litigation contacts.

Changes for November 05 - November 11

Effective November 13, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective December 4, 2009 for sites updated monthly


12060: 3.2: The default sorting of the Immigration listview has been changed to Entry Date in reverse chronological order (newest first).

12053: 3.2: Significantly reduced the load time for the Add Column link in report edit mode, which is also the page that loads in Step 2 of creating a new report.

11603: 3.2: The order in which you sort columns in a listview is now preserved. For example, if you sort a list by date and then user, your list will be sorted by user (the last selected sort) and then by date (if user matches). We've set the timeslip listview on the Timekeeping tab to default to sorted by date (descending) and then id (descending).

9450: 3.2: Added a connection between Activity Type and its two lookups (Timekeeping Category and Activity Codes) in reports.

Bug Fixes

12049: 3.2: Fixed an issue with email to cases that occurred under certain circumstances when the the email contained an attachment.

12047: 3.2: The Total Household Size field in reports now calculates properly even if one of the number in household values is null.

12017: 3.2: When creating a case for a family member, the assigned office and program is now copied to the newly created case.

11951: 3.2: Fixed issue with some lookup tables appearing in the wrong places in Edit Tables [Advanced] in Reports.

10974: 3.2: Timeslips with a service date equal to the lock date defined in the system settings can now be edited, not just created.

8673: 3.2: Fixed an issue with finding cases by case ID failing due to case sensitivity when the case ID contains letters.

Changes for October 29 - November 04

Effective November 6, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective December 4, 2009 for sites updated monthly

New Features

Released a beta version of dynamic forms for Other Matters in select demo sites.

Typing into a password field with 'Caps Lock' turned on will give a visual indication it's enabled.

Bug Fixes

11988: 3.2: Fixed a problem with deleting additional addresses from Organizations.

11985: 3.2: Fixed a bug which would reset the PAI setting on a timeslip to that of the case when editing the timeslip.

11981: 3.2: Fixed an issue which caused Yes/No fields to display to the left of other page elements in Firefox 3.5, even if they were configured 'to the right'.

11971: 3.2: Fixed the display of case questions in the case note list when the case question contains HTML tags.

11965: 3.2: Fixed an issue with editing report columns in older versions of Internet Explorer.

11923: 3.2: Negative numbers in the Eligibility block in the right side taskbar will no longer appear in red. This will avoid the perception that the color was indicating eligible/not eligible as it does on the financial page.

11820: 3.2: Fixed an issue where the "Responsible For Calling/Primary Advocate" block could not save information on a profile page even when a callback existed.

Changes for October 22 - October 28

Effective October 30, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective December 4, 2009 for sites updated monthly


11975: 3.2: Added a new field called Court Case Caption (First) that pulls the Caption from the first litigation record of a case. This field and the other "Court Case (First)" fields have been moved into a new 'Court Case (First)' category in the field list. Note: You may need to rescan system fields for these changes to take effect. The rescan fields link is on the upper right side of the Admin/System Fields page.

11972: 3.2: The Adverse Party v2 block has a new option to require the Street Address and City fields for adverse parties that are individuals. With this option selected a button is also displayed allowing you continue if the address and city are not known.

11941: 3.2: The Visa/A Number block has a new option that allows you to change the title that is displayed on a form or profile page.

Bug Fixes

11992: 3.2: Fixed a problem that would occur under a specific configuration of the Financial Information block. If configured to only show Expenses if Percentage of Poverty is above a designated level, a message that "Expenses are required" will no longer be displayed if Expenses are not displayed.

11981: 3.2: Fixed an issue which caused Yes/No fields to display to the left of other page elements in Firefox 3.5, even if they were configured 'to the right'.

11979: 3.2: Fixed a bug which caused automatic print dialogues to fail in Internet Explorer, for example when printing a timesheet.

11945: 3.2: Fixed searching for Contacts using the red Search link.

11935: 3.2: Common Adverse Parties will now appear in the Adverse Party listview along with individuals and organizations.

11919: 3.2: An issue with generating reports based on trust account dates has been fixed.

Changes for October 15 - October 21

Effective October 23, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective November 6, 2009 for sites updated monthly

New Features

5340: 3.2: The Document Block now allows you to display the documents of all subordinate cases below the documents of a master case. The case number and client name of each subordinate case is shown together with its documents.


11927: 3.2: Enabled the "Highest Education Level" and "Family Type" fields and lookups for all sites.

11882: 3.2: In the Family Information block you can choose to display a "Create Case" field. You now control which of the 4 fields (Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Marital Status) will appear when Yes is selected. All 4 fields will display by default.

11872: 3.2: Expanded the default money field type to allow up to 6 digits, or 9 digits (decimal point and 2 digits) if "All money fields round to two decimal places" in Admin/Site Settings.

11854: 3.2: Added a configuration option to numeric fields in reports that allows showing numeric columns with null data as nulls (rather than defaulting to zero). This is useful when displaying the average of a column, where the average could be skewed by too many records with no data in the column.

11819: 3.2: Added an option to to set the timezone for a site on the Admin/Site Settings page. This will only affect new users, and users that have not already set their timezone preference.

11701: 3.2: Added "Last Name Suffix (2nd Last Name)" special field for use in immigration forms.

11690: 3.2: Added an option to the Visa/Alien Registration Number block to automatically insert spaces, making the number 3 groups of 3 digits each.

10415: 3.2: Added 'Quarterly' as an option for Frequency of Payments in pledges/donations. This is defined as a three month period.

9180: 3.2: Added profile links for Aliases and Contacts in search results.

Bug Fixes

11913: 3.2: Fixed a bug where the Continue button on the Activity form did not work in Internet Explorer. (All sites have been updated)

11903: 3.2: Fixed a bug where trying to edit an event in weekly view would bring up the appointment slot editing page instead of the event page.

11886: 3.2: Fixed a bug that caused E-Transfer cases to be labeled as "Rejected" for the organization that transferred the case when the organization receiving the case set it to "Pending" at the end of the intake.

11857: 3.2: Fixed a broken link to the publication packet list that was displayed when trying to download an unreadable publication.

11715: 3.2: Fixed an error generating PDFs if a field contained a backslash ("\") character.

11589: 3.2: Fixed a bug that caused an error on a timeslip after using "Save and Add Similar" if the funding code on the timeslip was restricted by office in Admin/Grant Management.

11501: 3.2: Fixed a problem occurring on a limited number of sites where some imported cases did not have an end date on the Intake Assignment even though the cases had been opened and had Primary Assignments.

10955: 3.2: Putting nothing in the amount box of an outcome when editing closing information will now save the outcome correctly with the empty amount field.

9410: 3.2: The "Current" field in user profiles now has the intended effect. User filters, dropdown lists, and report filters now show all users marked "Current = Yes", instead of showing users based on the value of the Login Active field.

Changes for October 08 - October 14

Effective October 16, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective November 6, 2009 for sites updated monthly

New Features

11836: 3.2: The Activities module is now a dynamic form and process you can control. You can find the auxiliary form and process in Admin/Site-Specific Process Management. There is also a new setting in Admin/Process Settings that is set to the new default form.


11832: 3.2: "Documents" is now available as a top-level navigation tab. See Admin/Top Level Navigation Bar.

11790: 3.2: The Adverse Party v2 block has a new option to show each party's DOB, race, and SSN when the person's name is hovered over with the mouse in conflict search results.

11866: 3.2: The Gross Monthly Income (Application) field now accepts numbers with up to 7 digits before the decimal and 2 after.

11862: 3.2: Reports now show the report title in edit mode without needing to expand the Attributes section.

Bug Fixes

11861: 3.2: Fixed a bug with scheduling listviews like Available Appointments so that a single day's appointments will display properly.

11851: 3.2: Fixed a problem which prevented adding additional columns to reports in some circumstances. (All sites have been updated)

11847: 3.2: Creating cases for family members is no longer allowed until the initial intake for the client is complete. (All sites have been updated)

11833: 3.2: Fixed a bug in reports which prevented the preset date filter 'Today' from working correctly in some circumstances.

11520: 3.2: Blocks which are only intended for use on forms now display a warning if used on profile pages.

10422: 3.2: Fixed a bug with the Frontdesk calendar filter so it will show all events marked for the Frontdesk.

6100: 3.2: Fixed a bug in the display of Common Adverse Parties on the prescreen summary profile page when using the Adverse Party (Prescreen) block.

Changes for October 01 - October 07

Effective October 9, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective November 6, 2009 for sites updated monthly

New Features

11821: 3.2: New configuration option in the Closed Options right-side block which allows you to display the 'Add Activities' link on closed cases.

11791: 3.2: New option in the Timekeeping Settings to allow outreach timeslips to include the "Good story?" field.


11519: 3.2: The Outcomes (Advanced) block now has an option to only show outcomes associated with the legal problem code of the case. The block has also been renamed "Outcomes (With Frequency Controls)".

11775: 3.2: Added a table, Amount of Time Open, to Case Data in reports. This includes fields to display the amount of time elapsed between Date Opened and Date Closed.

Bug Fixes

11788: 3.2: Fixed a problem with the Expand button on singular notes blocks.

11698: 3.2: Fixed the Print Case Notes feature to work with Internet Explorer.

11795: 3.2: Fixed an issue preventing users with no role assigned from logging in.

11785: 3.2: Fixed an issue which caused images on help pages to not display under some circumstances.

11683: 3.2: Fixed a bug which prevented auto-printing when running in Internet Explorer.

11472: 3.2: Fixed an error when adding a full 9-character zip code to a common adverse party.

11177: 3.2: Fixed a bug in iCal feeds.

Changes for September 24 - September 30

Effective October 2, 2009 for sites updated weekly

Effective November 6, 2009 for sites updated monthly

New Features

11684: New feature in Preferences that allows users to set the default tab they see in the calendar - Day, Week, Month, or List.

11482: You can setup an intake to initiate a process when certain funding codes are selected. This can now be setup to work with an auxiliary process on a case profile.


11681: When creating an event, task, or todo, the person creating the record is now explicitly selected by default in the attendees/users multi-select box.

11680: Added the ability to click the label for a day in the Week view of the calendar to create an event for that day.

9236: Added configuration options to the Financial and Financial Alternative blocks that allow moving the income/expenses totals after the individual incomes/expenses. Related note: Moving Assets below expenses can be accomplished by using the separate asset block(s) on your financial information pages.

9976: Added an option to select the Referral Type when referring to an outside organization (some organizations have multiple referral types selected in their profiles).

11652: The "Prospective Income" block now has configuration options for requiring the yes/no field and the notes.

11676: Reports - inactive saved reports can now be shown in the listview using the filters.

11654: Added an option to allow the Referring Agency block to be a required element on a form.

11692: Added an A-Z filter on the Organizations page.

Corrected Bugs

11702: Fixed a bug with the associate other cases with this client page which would not initially save the association(s) made (the checkboxes would clear and the same page would display).

11140: Reports: Fixed problem with both Adverse Party Summary and Adverse Party Summary with Address tables, which would not show the AP's name if the AP was an organization but later changed to an individual.

11696: Retroactively fix prescreens which were rejected to have the "Rejected" case disposition if they were not re-opened.

11682: The week and month calendar views now respect the user's "start of week" preference.

Changes for September 17 - September 23

Release Date September 25, 2009

New Features

11652: Added an new block, "Prospective Income", which includes a yes/no for whether the user believes the client's income will change significantly in the near future, as well as notes related to this change. This block also has a configuration option to insert itself into the financials blocks if they are also on the same page.


11638: The print case notes page now includes a notes filter (the same as appears on the profile page).

9522: On the case time entry form, we have made several improvements to the search box. We prepend the legal problem code(s) with "LPC" and have added a configuration (in Timekeeping Settings) to also show the funding code(s) (usually pre-pended with 'FC'). We've increased the length of the search box to accommodate these features.

11581: The adverse party dynamic listview can now be configured with the approx DOB field

9425: Added special legal problem code and close date columns to the two duplicates reports. Also defaulted the case disposition filter on those reports to closed.

11653: The Intake Assignment filter on case / matter lists now uses any assignment; previously it would only use current assignments.

11654: The referring organizations block now has an option to make the referring organization field required.

11636: Documents that have processes associated can have the processes disabled from the right side of the document profile.

11634: Added a "Download this document" link to the right-hand side of individual document profile pages.

11606: Added "Outcomes" to list of listviews in the form builder.

9715: Added a timekeeping configuration to remove the 'Submit' button at the top of timeslip entry pages.

Corrected Bugs

11644: Hotfixed an issue which caused values to appear below their label when printing profiles.

11637: Fixed an issue preventing adverse party conflict search windows on prescreen from working correctly.

11617: The Cases > Notes field now displays all notes in a format which can be placed in documents.

11632: The lookup editor now supports editing countries without a country code.

11612: A full page error on financials forms for matters without an intake date, or on sites without a currently valid poverty scale, has been addressed.

11586: Fix the filters on "Your Incomplete Intakes" list. Performance improvements on case list page.

11564: Fixed an issue with attaching a file to a communication at the "confirm and send" stage.

11492: Fixed a bug preventing the saving of family members with a full 9-digit zip code.

11249: Trying to change a case/client association using the conflict search block during an intake and adding a family member at the same time will no longer cause a full page error.

Changes for September 10th - September 16th

Release Date September 18th, 2009

New Features

11591: Added new problem code values to the Legal Server Index: -Workout Agreement is now 6720 -Foreclosure Rescue Scam is now 6721 -Truth in Lending is now 6810 -Equity Skimming is now 6820 -Foreclosure Bankruptcy (Pred) is now 6830.

11618: A "no assets" option has been added to the non-liquid assets block that functions in a manner similar to the liquid assets "no assets" option. Selecting it will zero out the asset amount.


11593: Added a connection in reports between users and 'Most Recently Closed Case'. Also, added a connection between users and nNumber of open cases, which includes one column for the number of open cases a user has.

11581: Added a configurable dynamic listview, Adverse Parties. You can add different columns in a different order depending on which profile you are in.

11532: The "Applicant Name (Prescreen)" and "Adverse Party (Prescreen)" blocks now have an option to show checkbox for "begins with" from the conflict search. When checked on the main prescreen form, the checkboxes will be checked in the conflict search popup.

11594: Added a configuration option to the closed options rightside box which will show 'Add Trust/Expense Transactions' if the user has proper permissions.

11536: Added a connection in reports between Case Data and "Special Characteristics (Multiple Rows per Matter)" in reports. If users create a report which groups by special characteristic, the same case can appear grouped under multiple characteristics.

11547: Added a connection between case data and the "Notes Data (One Column Per Type)" table, which includes a column for each note type per case. With this, you can add a column for rejection notes, one for assignment notes, etc.

11555: Commas no longer cause errors when entering incomes.

11503: The "Outcomes (Advanced)" and "Edit Outcomes" blocks now have an option to limit the outcomes shown to ones tied to a matter's legal problem code, like the regular "Outcomes" block does.

10931: The Link Box right-side bar can now be configured to change the text and intake used for Copy to new subordinate case, Create new case for client, Quick client add. If the label is modified to be empty, no link will appear.

11561: Added option to save notes at any time during an intake.

Corrected Bugs

11578: Fixed a bug with the calendar where multiple appointment slots were being created when one was filled.

11575: Fixed page crash triggered by entering a malformed date into client time when funding code caps are enabled.

11512: The "Default is AP on case" setting on the family member block now is only used when adding a new entry, not when editing. When editing, the previously entered value is used.

11560: Fixed a bug with the 'show email' configuration on the APv2 block which now shows the email address on the case profile.

11570: Fixed an error when editing callbacks.

11331: Added error message when non-liquid assets are above the cap.

11577: Fixed bug which created a new primary assignment when scheduling a case via the link on the right side of the profile.

11735: You can now add lookup based columns to the library without causing an error.

Changes for September 3rd - September 9th

Release Date September 11th, 2009

New Features

11528: Added a new output module for reports called 'Summation'. This is very similar to a cross tab, but instead of comparing two types of information, this simply sums the data in each category. We have also added a timekeeping configuration which adds a link on the right hand side for printing the Timekeeping log. Clicking this link will result in a clean listview as well as totals if 'Show Totals on the Service Log' is enabled.

11419: The communications manager can now filter on custom fields.

10882: Added the "Number of Guardians" field as selection in case profiles/processes field list as well as an option to add to reports. To see the field, you may need to update system fields within the "Admin" tab.

10698: The listview on the main grant management page now sorts using the listing weight


11508: Income field allows for larger values such as 8 digits.

11507: The size of the "Activity Details" box on time slips is now configurable in the "Admin tab" under "Timekeeping Settings".

11537: When added to forms, the Employer, Employer Address and Address (Additional) fields are now the same length as the regular address 1 and address 2 fields.

Corrected Bugs

11552/11480: This fixes a bug with the intake assignment not ending when the primary assignment begins. This will more accurately display assignments in the listview on the homepage.

11330: Prevents funding codes marked as not available for use in timekeeping (as set in Grant Management filters) from showing up in the funding code drop down on time slips.

11396: Resolved a problem which didn't show notes emailed from Legal Server as a hyperlink to email signatures.

Changes for August 27th - September 2nd

Release Date September 4th, 2009

New Features

11246: There is now a configuration option in the screening status block that saves the callback reason if callback is selected as the status.

11124: Guardianship information is now available in reports. There is now a table called Latest Guardian in Case Data. Inside of that is a Contact table with all the pertinent information.

11214: There is now a Note Type table inside the Case Notes - Multiple per Case table on reports that allows users to display and filter specific note types.

10941: There is now a connection to school from the Person table in reports.

11445: There is now a configuration option in the asset block to add .00 to the end of asset amounts, including when the asset amount is 0.

10954: There is now a Matter Last Service table in reports that contains information about the last time entry on a case including who entered the time, when it was entered, etc.


11474: When a users selects -€œNo Assets-€ on the financials form, the total now appears as $0.00 instead of $0. The non-liquid assets total of $0.00 now appears in green as well.

11469: Extremely long URLs and words in case notes now display a scroll bar rather than expanding the page off the right-side of the screen.

11107: A warning now appears when a user tries to delete a family member that is presently associated with a source of income.

11407: Users are returned to the case profile after submitting the form on the Edit Litigation page. The forms also now checks to ensure that the Date Proceeding Concluded comes after the Date Initiated.

11375: The asset block now only adds default assets if none already exist.

10469: Searches for phone numbers now strip out non-numeric characters so that a search for 123-456-7890 will find (123) 456-7890 as a valid result.

11355: The subordinate cases listview now displays both cases and matters that are subordinates of the current case.

Corrected Bugs

11476: An error no longer occurs when the detention block or the address extended block (with the detention log enabled) is placed on the first step of a process.

11381: Liquid assets can be entered as negative values without causing an error.

11386: Resolved an issue where an error would appear if a user selected a funding code in a time slip that had a cap but no end date.

11461: Resolved an issue with sites using separate profiles for group clients where users being redirected back to the profile could become stuck in a loop.

11462: Fixed a problem displaying litigation contact names in the listview.

11452: Resolved an issue where non-client time could be marked as client time under certain conditions.

11441: Resolved a case where rejected matters were appearing in the list of incomplete intakes.

11436: Several office fields no longer display the extraneous () at the end.

11351: Fixed the case open date range on reports to be more accurate.

11330: Funding codes marked as not available for use in timekeeping no longer show up in the drop-down on time slips.

11414: Resolved an issue with the full frequency controls being used on the financials form while expenses were hidden.

11388: Fixed a bug that caused an error when a users submitted the domestic violence page.

Changes for August 20th - August 26th

Release Date 8/28/2009

New Features


1. Task lists now have a filter that can be used to narrow down the list and only show deadlines.

2. If a funding code has a numeric prefix, it will now show next to the source in the filter on the cases tab, as well as in the filter on reports.

11009: Program was not previously reportable for outreach/presentations/other matters. This was due to the fact that it was a multi-select. This is now available on reports.

11291: Changed the wording from 'Create New Trust or Expense Transaction' to 'Add New Trust or Expense Transaction' to match the rest of the links in the Actions tab on a case profile. There is also a new block called Trust Funds Check (at the bottom of the Close Case grouping) which will prevent a case from being closed if the amount in its trust account doesn't fall within a specific range. This block should be placed on the close case process and is invisible.

11271: There is now a configuration option in the intake right-side element (found on profiles in the site-specific profile page management section of the Admin tab) to control if the intake type is displayed.

11319: There is now a configuration setting in the outreach settings of the Admin tab to control if the Good Story? field displays on outreach/presentation/other matter profiles.

Bug Fixes


1. The wording used in the warning for reopening a case/matter used to refer only to rejected matters and seemingly didn't account for the possibility that a user could be re-onpening a closed case. This has been corrected.

2. The assignments listview has been rewritten to account for cases where a single user may have multiple assignments. It now shows one row per assignment rather than one row per case.

11363: Fixed all issues having to do with navigating the folder hierarchy in the documents of a case.

11353: Fixed a bug that would disregard the amount used to trigger alert emails on grants. Now the alerts are sent out when the grant dips below the designated amount, as intended.

11349: Changing the case status would save but stay on the status log page. Now it saves and returns the user to the case profile as expected.

11213: The domestic violence page (listed in the View Information tab on the profile of an open case) has been rewritten in new code, and in doing so a number of the links now function once again.

10656: When users exported the outreach listview to an Excel file, the staff column used to be empty. This has been fixed and the names now export successfully.

10797: For consistency, since the link goes to the case profile rather than the client profile, the "Client" column in the timekeeping log has been renamed to "Case."

11342: Fixed a bug which would prevent accessing a new non-client time slip if confidential notes were configured to be required

11170: Fixed a bug where expenses would disappear if a user edited any of the incomes in the financial information page on a case profile. This would only happen if the income was changed from above the allowed poverty level to an allowable amount.

11136: Fixed a bug that would generate an error if a user tried to edit a note created from an activity.

11253: Print profiles would occasionally, and inconsistently, cut off information during the transition from one page to another. This was in part due to certain browsers not avoiding page breaks within notes and listviews. This has been fixed.

11221: Fixes a bug that would cause an error if a user tried to sort a column that contained a case with a date opened before the year 1.

11322: Fixed bug with work addresses on contact profiles which would repeat the second line of the address if it began with a numeral.

Changes for August 13th - August 19th

Release Date 8/21/2009

New Features

11302: There are two new configurations on the non-liquid asset block. One of them shows/hides the marital/heirs field of property values, which is used to mark assets directly associated with a domestic dispute. The other sets the non-liquid asset to be excluded when the marital/heirs field is checked.

11139: The non-liquid asset block now allows incrementing the allowable cap by family size.

10960: The amount field for trusts/expenses now accommodates up to seven digits before the decimal, and two after.

10968: Added configuration options to the closing options right-side element for including the Add Litigation and HUD RCAC Information links.

11250: There are now configurations to show fields for the gender, height, weight, driver's license number, eye color, and hair color on the adverse party block. These fields can be added individually to forms and profiles by looking in the Party group of the field list.

11240: This ticket created two new features:

1. There is now a system-wide configuration in the site settings of the admin tab that auto-format all money fields to two decimal places.

2. Document templates can now include notes. Because there are so many different types of notes, there is an option to first select 'Notes' next to a field tag during the process of creating the template, much like 'Field' or 'List'. Then users will be able to select from among the list of all available note types.

11122: Added a standardized list of countries (to the lookup), with corresponding 2- and 3-letter country codes and lsindex entries.

Bug Fixes

11225: Fixed the adverse party conflict search on the prescreen so that it no longer misses the suffix while searching.

11057: Fixed a bug that would appear if users added fields to a report from a table that has been deleted and added again.

10992: Fixed a bug that would cause an error when users would sort the outreach/other matter list by staff member.

11304: We removed a link on contact profiles to create a communication. All communications should be created using the communication manager in the admin tab.

11303: The script note block is used for copying static text into a free text field that the intake user can edit. The button used to copy the text suffered from a bug where the label would disappear if another button on the form refreshed the page. This no longer happens.

10888: We removed the configuration options to show ward and neighborhood from the address extended block, as these configurations do not apply to all clients.

10649: Legal problem code category can once again be added to new reports. For it to display properly, the Legal Problem Code Category table must be added from the main Case Data table. Inside of that table is the Problem Code Category field that can be added to reports. The functionality for adding it to the column library, and thus enabling users to add it via the basic Add Column list has also been repaired.

11222: AMI category is now determined entirely by total annual income. Expenses do not have affect the calculation.

11283: The results of a search performed using the red search link now sort by score, last name, first name, suffix, middle name, and identification number (in that order). In this way, if multiple clients/family members, etc. have the same name, they will be consistently ordered by the identification number.

8789: Fixed a bug on the financials block that would save income amounts even after a user selected No Income at a later point when they were editing the financial information on a case profile.

7704: Fixed a bug which would produce an error when editing cases with multiple legal problem codes.

11240: Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow users to add/edit common adverse parties.

Changes for August 6th - August 12th

Release Date 8/14/2009

New Features

11232: Added the Nature of Disability block, which shows a nature of disability lookup field whenever disabled is selected.

11229: Some instances of Legal Server track organizations when users enter time for other matters. There is now support for reporting on these relationships in timekeeping reports.

11095: We dded a system-wide configuration for the default non-client timekeeping funding code. This funding code will override that of the user preferences. This is found in the timekeeping settings in the Admin tab.

11180: The billing list in the Admin tab now defaults to a cutoff date of today and billing active set to "Yes". It only shows cases with a balance above zero as of cutoff date.

11068: We've added a 'Set Pending (Only)' block, which will set the case disposition to pending, as well as perform all of the normal tasks of the disposition block as if the disposition had been set to pending. Use this block if you want to force a review of a particular type of intake.

8966: Custom lookup values now have a sort order and active status. Inactive values will not appear in drop-downs.

9833: The action/change log for immigration forms now appears on the first step of creating new forms.

10670: Immigration form addendums now give you an indication of when the data has been regenerated.

9577: Added a system wide configuration for making "emergency" (or "priority") intakes display in red in the prescreen listview. This setting can be found in the site settings section of the Admin tab.

Bug Fixes

10874: FIxed a bug with the total household size showing incorrectly, as well as a bug that was causing some fields to appear as a yes/no when they shouldn't.

11205: Fixed a bug that would break when adding time to cases with funding codes filtered by activity type.

9733: Export to Excel no longer breaks for very large contact lists.

9724: Filters in reports are now editable if "Show Tabular Format" is unchecked in the attributes section. Unchecking this box in order to hide the columns used to cause an error. This was intended to be used mainly for cross-tab reports or reports using a chart of some kind. Administrators could hide the related columns of data beneath the chart.

11200: Fixed a bug which prevented the pro bono users page from displaying.

11199: Fixed a bug that would cause an error when no dispositions were selected in the filters on the page for recommending a pro bono attorney.

11251: Fixed instances where lists would display "No Other Pages" instead of "No Results" and "Jump to Page: 1" instead of "No Other Pages". Changed the conflict search lists to display "No Conflicts Found" instead of "No Results".

Changes for July 30th - August 5th

Release Date 8/7/2009

New Features

11069: The Organizational Client contacts block now supports an address for the contact, their position at the organization, and phone numbers.

11101: There is now a toggle in the Process Settings of the Admin tab that controls if the country field is used while editing the address history for a client.

9538: Notes that are sent via email to users from the process of rejecting a case now include a subject and signature data.

11087: The Prescreen Status block can now be configured to have a default screening status, and/or hide the screening status. This allows you to control the screening status for processes that have the same one set every time.

11071: Oftentimes the financial form for organizational clients is different than that of an individual. There is now a setting in the Process Settings of the Admin tab to direct the Edit FInancials link on a case profile to a process designed to accommodate the differences, just like the form in the intake process.

11070: The fields for county of residence, work phone and work fax did not make sense for organizational clients. They have been renamed to County of Operations, Phone Number, and Fax Number respectively.

10427: The calculator now rounds to two decimal places for entering income sources.

11095: There is now a configuration in the Timekeeping Settings of the Admin tab to default the non-client funding code on time slips. This will override the preferred non-client funding code set in the user preferences.

10808: Added a configuration option to the Scheduling rightside element (in site specific profile page management) that allows you to show/hide links for adding tasks, deadlines, events, and appointments. It is also possible to configure on which profiles this tab will appear based on the disposition.

10969: There is now a configuration in the Site Settings of the Admin tab to control if client names appear as static or as links which take you to the client profile.

Bug Fixes

10927: The asset eligibility field on the asset block will now correctly display yes if asset override is set to yes.

5571: The short name and description can now be edited for the Senior Income field.

Changes for July 23rd - July 29th

Release Date 7/31/2009

New Features

11018: Added a configuration option to the Closing Information rightside element (in site specific profile page management) that allows you to show/hide the "main benefit" field.

10876: Subscribing to calendars in Outlook, iCal, etc... now includes attendees, case numbers, notes, and other data from events entered in Legal Server.

9116: The case specific questions section in the Admin tab has been rewritten to prevent any numbers larger than five digits from being entered for the question order weight.

11030: Added a configuration to adverse party conflict search (APv2) block which makes the date of birth field required for individual adverse parties.

11014: Added the Date End field to user profiles. This field represents the date that the user leaves your organization.

10854: The "Save & Stay on Page" option is no longer allowed on the first step of an intake. If this option is selected for the submit block and placed on the first step of a process, a note with a warning will appear instead of a button.

6834: There is now an option in the case specific questions section in the Admin tab to prevent questions that have not been answered from appearing in the notes of a case profile.

8148: The rightside elements for Matter, Closed, and Rejected options (in site specific profile page management) can now be configured to list the options alphabetically. These boxes also have several new configurations for showing/hiding options.

10996: Emails to Legal Server can now handle accented characters.

3987: Added a configuration to the Rejected rightside element (in site specific profile page management) which allows rejection notes to be shown/hidden.

Bug Fixes

11084: The people finder now properly remembers the state of "partial match"/"begins with" checkboxes when paging.

10992: Fixed an issue where attempting to sort the outreach/project/other matter list by staff member could cause an error.

11086: Removed non-numeric characters from the zip code database.

10927: The asset eligibility field on the asset block will now show yes if asset override is set to yes.

10904: Recipients is now spelled correctly in the communication manager.

10409: The ability to edit a number of fields on a user profile is now controlled by the Users Add/Edit permission. These include the user's status for current, active, and advocate type.

10929: Users can no longer directly manipulate the citizenship status lookup by adding new statuses or changing the names of system statuses.

11013: There was a bug in the assignments list on a contact profile that would incorrectly list clients as users moved from one page of results to another. This has been fixed.

10914: Singular notes (such as intake, case accept, rejection etc...) that combine all the text into a single note will now properly update and not overwrite the original poster. Notes will only be marked as 'updated' if the text of their body/head is changed.

10877: The non-functional date picker popup has been removed from the G-28 immigration form.

Changes for July 16th - July 23rd

Release Date 7/24/2009

New Features

10774: Added the ability to expire a user's password after a number of days (30, 60, 90, or 120). The default selection has been set to 'never'. This can be configured in the Site Settings of the Admin tab.

10711: There is a new timekeeping option for requiring users to enter comments when entering non-client PAI time. This can be configured in the Timekeeping Settings of the Admin tab.

10855: Added the Outreach/Case Information table to the Timekeeping table in reports. This "combined" table will allow you to have one column for identification number/outreach name as well as one column for the amount of time spent on that matter/outreach.

10925: Added system fields related to Ryan White cases.

10588: Auxiliary Processes now have a configuration for disposition. Much like the editable disposition configuration for fields and blocks, the links for the processes will not appear in the right-hand side of a case with a given disposition if it is not selected. By default, both Pending and Open are selected for existing processes.

10569: Changed the wording of the "Is AP?" question on the family block to "Is this family member a non-adverse party on the case?" It is possible to enter family members that are not parties on a case, and this wording makes the designation much more clear.

10930: There is a new system field for timekeeping that calculates duration x rate. This is only available to clients that have the hourly rate showing, which is something that PSTI must enable.

10776: Added the options to require the date of birth, gender, and race fields on the non-AP form on the conflict search block.

10552: Added configurations for adding up to three different 'Edit Closing Information' processes on a case profile. To configure this:

Go to the Site Specific Process Management section of the Admin tab.

Open up either the main or group profile and locate the Rightside: Closing Options element.

Expand the element to view where the processes can be added and made to show. By default, the original process is the only one selected.


Bug Fixes

10939: Fixed a bug that caused an error when users would try and export a report to Excel that had no totals or aggregates, but more than 100 results.

10590: Fixed a bug which would populate 'show all' multi-selects with just one value.

10590: Fixed a bug which would reset the funding code when editing an old timeslip.

10869: Setting the expense type to "None" now fills in zeroes as it does for Assets and Incomes. Before this it was just blank.

10887: Party addresses now appear correctly in the case contact listview.

10810: The family information block now saves when using both the "Save Family" and "Continue >>" buttons.

9349: The "Another Attorney Helping Applicant" block now properly requires the "Is another attorney helping Applicant in any Matter?" field where appropriate.

10956: We deactivated a number of broken field types for site-specific fields.

10961: Serious performance improvements displaying case profiles (up to 3s). Also, up to a 0.2 second improvement on all pages that show note drafts.

10928: Fixed a bug which affected some adjusted income calculations.

10095: Notes on the subordinate case info page are now sorted by date.

Changes for July 9st - July 16th

Release Date 7/17/2009

New Features

10909: Changed Assets block to allow fewer asset entries than number of defaults.

10684: Added the yes/no field "Needs Malpractice Insurance".

10631: Made "Family Member" label on Family block configurable.

9772: Added a permission that allows the editing of funding codes on pending cases.

8806: Two new features to ajax search results: You can now get more or less results shown at once via a user preference. For longer result lists, you can now page through the results with 'Next' and 'Previous' links.

10546: Added a configuration to both Adverse Party and Adverse Party (v2) blocks which allows for showing the race field.

10912: Added a filter for 'Created By' in the Saved Reports section.

10847: Added Case/Matter ID # and Client Last Name filters to the Event List of the Calendar section.

10658: The Eligibility Log now shows the override reason and override notes.

10650: Added a configuration to the family block which will show search results when a family member is saved.

10848: For consistency's sake, the party conflict error message now says "No Conflict" rather than "false" for what the party conflict status must be set to on the eligibility summary page.

10285: Added a configuration for including Trigram search results in conflict/people finder searches. This may provide more results, but may be 2 to 3 times slower than a normal search. More information on how the search works can be found in the Searching Legal Server topic of the help tab.

10850: There is now a configuration option in the Outreach Settings to toggle the display of the AWHP Region Code field. It is displayed by default.

10798: Added a block for tracking Domestic Violence Outcomes.

Bug Fixes

10826: Fixed a bug where certain users' names didn't display.

10895: The Cases and Recent Cases/Matters listviews in the timekeeping section now link the Case ID column to the case profile and the client name column to the client's profile.

10823: Changed the report update delay when changing filters in admin mode from 2 seconds to 10 seconds. Now, when you change a filter it will wait an additional 8 seconds before it applies to the report. This should prevent the filter from refreshing before making multiple selections.

10824: Fixed a bug which prevented webdav connections.

Changes for July 1st - July 8th

Release Date 7/9/2009

New Features

10807: Added optional organization to other matter time. This uses the 'community based organization' type.

10742: Added "Balance As Of Date" to Billing Report, removed checkboxes, and added a filter for case activity.

10813: Added option to show "Partial Match" checkboxes in Clients/Parties search. Partial match has also been changed to "Begins With", which more clearly illustrates how the search works. This can be configured in the Top Level Navigation section of the Admin tab.

10812: "Edit Billing Statements" block can now be configured to show venue and/or jurisdiction for associated activities.

10819: There is now a configuration setting in the Timekeeping Settings section of the Admin tab which hides/displays the "In Court" field on timeslips.

10822: Added a way for system administrators to exclude certain types of notes that appear in contact profiles via a configuration in the contact settings section of the Admin tab.

10010: The tabs and boxes on the right side of profiles are now configurable.

10066: Renamed remaining instances of "To-Do" to "Task".

10818: Inactive users no longer show up when searching for potential recipients of an emailed case note.

10795: Made billing entries editable.

Bug Fixes

10805: Fixed problem which prevented copying from home address to mail address.

10806: Fixed bug which prevented addresses from being displayed in the case contacts list.

10553: Fixed bug with deleting outcomes in outcomes block.

10817: Fixed issues where some cases crashed when they couldn't be assigned.

10828: Fixed a problem where calendars could not be subscribed to in Outlook 2007 and later using the link on the user's profile page.

Changes for June 26th - June 30th

Release Date 7/1/2009

New Features

10745: Added notes when selecting "Pending" on the disposition page.

9907: Lots of new enhancements to how addresses are stored.

10672: Removed the 'Use Static Funding Code in Timekeeping' configuration in favor of three permissions:

Edit Funding Code for Case Timekeeping

Edit Funding Code for Non-client TimekeepingEdit Funding Code for Outreach Timekeeping

If a user does not have this permission, the funding code will be selected based on the case/outreach.

10714: The Adverse Party v2 block can now be configured with the default AP type for new intakes.

10773: Non-liquid assets can now have a default value selected. Non-liquid asset eligibility now respects asset eligibility overrides.

10777: Added three new configurations for the financials block: Require Household Size Fields. Household Size Fields Begin Empty (no calculation is made based on family members). Household Size Fields Static (forces the intake to use the default calculation).

10734: Immigration direction and to/from country now separately configurable.

10757: There is now a "create a case for family member" configuration option available for the family block.

7969: "Require home phone" is now an option on the applicant phone #s block.

10727: Matters tab defaults to filtering on Incomplete Intakes.

9576: Alphabetized "Activity Venue" dropdown.

10602: "Activity Type" dropdown is now organized by name and list order values.

10756: Duplicate "Edit Multiple Users Simultaneously" permissions have been cleaned up.

Bug Fixes

10371: Fixed bug which prevented searches for master cases by identification number.

10770: Fixed bug where Quick Add could cause an error on imported cases.

10622: Fixed bug in searching for referral organizations.

10632: Fixed bug in searching for referral organizations.

10404: Fixed bug for funding codes filtering by activity type.

10728: Fixed bug with the grant list filter for the "active" column not matching the actual set of grants displayed when the page is first loaded.

10743: Fixed "Do not insert or update lookup directly" bug when multiple people are merging lookups on a system at one time.

10747: Fixed bug with timekeeping entries being uneditable.

10660: Fixed bug in Duplicate by name/DOB reports which reset the date filters when listview filters were changed.

Changes for June 18th - June 25th

Release Date 6/26/2009

New Features

9804: Added options for Advanced Accept & Close and Close Reason to disposition block.

9904: Added Pro Bono assignment fields for document templates.

10585: Added alternate Case Contacts listview with no phone number column. This can be used on print profiles where you don't need to see this information for the primary assignment, for example.

10370: AJAX matter search element now looks at organization names.

10209: Added "Billing Report" under Admin area.

Bug Fixes

10653: Fixed bug with associating cases.

10639: Fixed issue with auto-formatting mobile phone numbers in adverse party block.

10297: Fixed bug when changing incomes with existing expense entries in the financial block.

Changes for June 12th - June 17th

Release Date 6/18/2009

New Features

10284: The Prescreen Adverse Party block now uses people finder in its popup.

10554: There is now a notes column for the income listview, which we can activate on your sites.

10380: Removed "Search" link from navigation bar for Pro Bono users.

9906: Added configuration options for four new fields in the Immigration Log (Immigration Entry Document Type, Entry Document Expiration, Immigration Status At Time Of Entry, Name of Vessel or Other Means of Conveyance )

Bug Fixes

9554: Fixed ordering of timekeeping notes and case questions in the note display.

10661: Fixed bug which prevented pagination/filters on listviews in group case profiles.

10297: Fixed bug when changing incomes with existing expense entries in the financial block.

10355: Fixed bug with timekeeping listview on user page.

10472: Fixed bug when browsing listviews on group profiles.

10224: Fixed bug when showing timeslips for Outreach/Other Matters.

Changes for June 4th - June 11th

Release Date 6/12/2009

New Features

10500: Moved hearing related fields into the 'Hearing' group. Also added fields for date of hearing, date of decision, date of appeal, and time of hearing. These can now be added separately to intakes/profiles, as well as document templates.

10448: Added blocks for editing case status history in dynamic processes. The block with the (For Editing) will let users edit each record in the listview.

10286: Total non-liquid assets sum will now properly exclude 'excluded' assets.

10517: Added "Require Outcome Type" option to Advanced Outcomes block.

10430: Added advocate type to multi-user edit form and fixed a problem with the password fields preventing changes from being made.

9425: Added two lists: Duplicates by Name and Duplicates by Date of Birth in the admin section. These lists allow you to see cases with the same client name/date of birth and same legal problem category within a given time period.

10458: Where applicable, the Internal Transfers tab now shows all internal transfers (to any office). We've added a filter for assigned office, which defaults to your office. We've added an assigned program filter which defaults to the program of the user. We've removed the intake office/program filters.

10437: Added fields for "File Exists", "Date File Opened", and "Date of First Enrollment" to matter.

Bug Fixes

9665: The program filter on the cases tab now looks at the primary assignment's program rather than the intake program field on matter.

10578: Fixed typo in pluralization of "Outreaches".

10543: Imported opening remarks to opening remarks notes.

10530: Fixed bug in showing instructions for assets block.

10277: Fixed bug which prevented certain users from appearing in filters in reports.

10029: Fixed bug which prevented certain subjects from being deselected from user profiles.

10484: Fixed problem with asset eligibility not saving. Fixed problem which showed that assets were ineligible even if 'Needs based' was set to true.

Changes for May 29nd - June 3rd

Release Date 6/4/2009

New Features

7698: If a client was an organization, once the intake was completed there was no way to edit the client name. Now the applicant name block will now add a link to edit the name for organizations if a process has been selected for the 'Change A Client's Name' field setting in the process settings in the admin tab.

10456: Added fields for court case id, judge, venue, docket number regarding the most recent hearing. These are the fields that appear in the hearing log, as opposed to the litigation log.

10429: Showing Visa Expiration Date field is now an option in citizenship block.

10309: Added email field to blocks for editing family members / non-adverse parties and adverse parties.


The Institutional Organization Contacts listview no longer includes an end date column as it only lists current affiliations.

The Events listview now includes a filter for office.

10380: Removed the red "Search" link from navigation bar for Pro Bono users.

10325: Where applicable, made the legal problem code and program filters multi-selects on the Internal Transfers tab. Defaulted the program filter to that of the current user and added a filter for intake office.

10318: Added two new configuration to the DV block. One asks whether the home address is a safe address, and the other shows the mail address fields if the address is not safe.

10320: We've added the ability to make email aliases, which can be used when sending notes. This allows you to potentially send a note to a single email alias that can be redirected to several other pre-configured recipients. Please contact us if you would like this feature enabled.

10413: Added the ability to search for partial phone numbers and SSNs to the red search link.

10431: Added dynamic blocks for editing existing unemployment hearings. These blocks need to replace listviews in order for the items in them to be editable. The blocks are named List Unemployment Hearings (For Editing) and List Benefit Hearings (For Editing).

10382: Added a configuration option to the Organizational Client Information block to ask for Tax Identification Number for organizations.

10416: Made "Require activity code" in timekeeping a configurable option in the timekeeping settings in the admin tab.

10284: Generic searches no longer require all non-name fields to match perfectly if they have been entered. This results in searches results matching what is found after running a conflict check.

10338: Added a configuration option in the timekeeping settings in the admin tab to show last five projects/outreach/other matters in Timer box.

Bug Fixes

10297: Fixed bug when deleting default asset types in the assets block.

10203: Fixed bug with default asset types in assets block.

9049: The financial block now treats 'excluded' incomes as zero for the sake of Percentage of Poverty and Eligibility. Previously they were simply skipped in these calculations.

Changes for May 22nd - May 28th

Release Date 5/29/2009

New Features

10387: Attached User Data to Caseworker for timekeeping reports. This will allow you to view data related to the user who logged time such as their office, program, etc...

10360: The "Edit Users By Role" form now uses a listview and allows you to select one or more users using checkboxes. Since it's no longer limited to just affecting all users of a given role, "Edit Users By Role" is now called "Edit Multiple Users Simultaneously." The related user permission has been renamed. (Click on the ticket number for a video demo!)

10381: Added fields to user profiles designating whether or not they handle litigation, and the ability to certify that user information is current.

10318: The Domestic Violence block now has configurations for showing Client (DV) Served and DV Type Victimization. This block will also appear statically if placed in the case profile, meaning that the fields will only be editable through an auxiliary process.

10308: Added an AMI Poverty Category block where applicable. This block includes a static annual income and defaults the poverty category based on your AMI tables.

9668: Increased the size of the caption and docket number text fields on litigation forms.

Bug Fixes

10240: Removed an unnecessary warning note from the edit fields page of the document center.

9354: Fixed bug with assigning prescreens to intake users.

10288: Changed the links in the action column of the "Recently Accessed Outreachs/Projects/Other Matters" tab on the timekeeping page to say "Add Outreach/Project/Other Matter Time" instead of "Add Staff Time."

10278: Fixed address synchronization.

Changes for May 15th - May 21st

Release Date 5/22/2009

New Features

10193: Added "Ask for assets provided" option to assets block.

10208: Added a billing records listview to the Admin tab for viewing account balances within specific date ranges.

9996: Added a configuration option to the original conflict results block which allows administrators to select a different profile to be used for popups. Administrators can now have one of the print profiles appear in the popup window instead of the case profile in the event that users would like to print the information in the popup window.

10268: Added Legal Problem Code, Case Status, and Program filters to the Internal Transfers tab, where applicable.

10233: Legal Server no longer allows two users to have the same login. The same "username is taken" message that is used when creating a user is displayed if you try to edit an existing user so that it has the same login as another user.

10048: The Non-liquid Assets block now has a configuration option which enables the ability to exempt non-liquid assets from eligibility calculations.

9936: The Non-liquid assets block now contains a "Cap" parameter.

There is now a configuration option on the Family Information block that lets administrators separate the visa number and the alien number fields. By default, the fields will remain combined as they were before the change. If the "combine" box is de-selected then the visa/a number field will become just a field for the visa number. If the "show A number" box is selected (just below the "combine" box), then another field for the alien number will appear. All data entered to this point will be stored as the visa number.

Bug Fixes

10266: Fixed bug which might cause multiple listviews on the same page to interfere with each other's filters.

9994: Fixed bug which caused problems saving information in certain light boxes from a prescreen profile.

10269: Fixed bug where sometimes users would show a work address from an older organization affiliation.

10223: Fixed bug where editing an outreach timekeeping entry would change the funding code by default.

Changes for May 8th - May 14th

Release Date 5/15/2009

New Features

10178: We've added a new configuration option in the timekeeping settings which will place a new tab in the timekeeping section. The tab displays recently accessed outreach/projects/other matters. To accommodate for this, we renamed the existing 'Recently Accessed' tab to 'Recently Accessed Cases/Matters'. (Click on the ticket number for a video demo!)

10211: Added Primary Home Address (which connects to Address) from the Person table in reports. This is the new location of the county of residence field.


10125: Created a 'If applicant is a student, where?' field which prompts the user with 'If so, where?' if 'yes' is selected.

9903: Added a new "advanced" outcomes block. This block includes:

Outcome Date


Recovery / Avoidance?

Dollar Value

Total Amount

Outcome Notes

9069: Added a 'Delete All Drafts' link for note drafts. When you select this, you will be prompted with a dialogue to confirm the deletion. (Click on the ticket number for a video demo!)

10141: Added a 'View Navigation Tabs' permission, which defaults to on. If a user does not have this permission, he/she will not have access to the navigation tabs at the top of the screen (similar to Pro Bono Users).

10180: Added a Standard Case Questions field. It can be found in the list of case fields and displays each question and answer in a separate line. This should be useful for creating document templates.

10137: Added a new marital status history block. This displays a history of all the changes made to marital status.

Bug Fixes

10144: Fixed bug which caused a problem if 'Add new case for this client' was used but the first page of the new intake was not completed.

10204: Fixed bug which resulted in a white screen when updating system fields.

10045: Fixed bug which caused improper formatting of listviews in rtf documents, when displayed in Microsoft Word.

8347: Fixed bug which caused overridden eligibility to say '[Originally: No]' no matter whether it was eligible or not originally. Also fixed bug which caused overridden eligibility to appear 'Yes' when returning to the financial page even when it should be 'No.'

10188: Fixed an issue with searching for 2-digits of an SSN.

10179: Fixed bug which required country of birth for family members.

10172: Removed the incomplete "New Document Center (Ajax)" from the document center.

10168: Fixed bug which would add an extra dash when editing a zip code that was padded with spaces. This should only affect imported data.

Changes for April 30th - May 7th

Release Date 5/8/2009

New Features

9764: Home phone number has been added to the list of optional fields for the red search link. It can be enabled in the search section of the Top Level Navigation Bar preferences in the Admin tab.

9922: We've added a way to keep track of contacts for your organization clients. If you add the Organization Client Contacts block to a process, you'll be able to add multiple contacts per organization. Only one may be designated at the primary contact, and only the primary contact can be reported on. We've also added a listview for these contacts.

9745: We've made some changes to how notes are displayed on the financial information block for incomes and assets.

The instruction notes for incomes and assets on the financial block can now be configured to display custom messages. If the "Use Default" checkbox is selected, then the default message will always be shown. If the box is unchecked, it will display a text box for the new custom instruction.

Previously, whether or not the asset block instructions were shown was somewhat inconsistent. Now, the instructions are shown only when the "Assets Required" option is selected.

The "Relationship/Notes" field for incomes is now optionally displayed based on whether or not the "Show Income Notes Field" checkbox is checked on the financial block configuration.

9743: Added a "Show Eligibility Overrides Immediately" configuration to the financials blocks. If this option is checked, as soon as the income rises above the Percentage of Poverty, a lightwindow will appear asking for override. This configuration will only work if the 'Eligibility' is also checked. Also added a configuration for 'Do not popup eligibility if POP is above', which gives a cap above which the light window will not appear.

10147: Added "Require conflict status" option to Adverse Party v2 block.

10150: Added an option to the LSC eligibility block which allows you to configure whether the override note is required or not.

10148: Time added through the timer now rounds to the setting given in the Timekeeping Settings.

10103: Asset eligibility on the eligibility block now checks if there is an override.

10079: Added a configuration to the address and address extended blocks which will allow you to define whether the given address is a Safe Address. This could be beneficial for cases involving domestic violence.

10071: Added a funding code filter for the list of cases.

Bug Fixes

9851: Fixed bug which prevented the deletion of documents that had Offices and/or Programs selected in their profile.

9754: Time verification requests are no longer sent to inactive/not-current users.

10110: Fixed bug which prevented pages from submitting if they had a zip code with a dash.

9942: Fixed bug in loading code associated with bulk referrals.

9914: Added ability to sort some listviews by user names. Most notably in the list of users required to verify time.

10065: Fixed bug which prevented creating document processes.

9997: Prescreens set to the pending status now show "Save and Add Another" button.

Changes for April 24th - April 29th

Release Date 4/30/2009

New Features

9978: We've replaced the default edit Funding Code link with an auxiliary process which you can modify. If you already had a funding code edit process, you will not be affected. This is oftentimes done so that the process defaults the funding code to a particular value.

9745: The instructions note shown on the income and asset blocks on financial forms can now be configured to display a different message. If the "Use Default" checkbox is selected, then the default message will always be shown. Uncheck it to display the message entered into the instructions entry field. Also, previously, whether or not the asset block instructions were shown was somewhat inconsistent. Now, the instructions are shown only when the "Assets Required" option is selected.

10033: The conflict search (v2) block now has a configuration to default the Conflict Waived status.

9901: Replaced "Edit Outcomes" form with a dynamic process.

10005: Added a field for 'PAI Case'. If this is used, associated time slips will default to the PAI status of the case, and will warn if set differently than the case. Also added a new block which, when placed into a process, will allow users to edit the PAI status of several time slips to match that of the case they are associated with. Also added a table to time slips in reports called 'PAI Match' which will show whether a time slip's PAI status matches that of the associated case.

9973: Outreach timekeeping entries can now be configured to use activity codes. This setting can be found at the bottom of the timekeeping settings of the admin tab.

9957: Added standalone Assets block with support for asset override. This makes it possible to add a separate auxiliary process to Add / Edit Assets.

Bug Fixes

10032: Fixed bug which prevented group clients from receiving grants which had an age minimum. Time slips now set the office of the time slip to the current user's office regardless of if the office field is visible. This allows grants to exclude certain offices even if the field is not visible.

9929: The "Is applicant a student?" field on matter has been transitioned from a free text field to a lookup. The old field is still around as "Deprecated Student Status", but should not be used on case profiles, intakes, etc. Instead use the new "Is applicant a student?" field, which contains all the data from the old field.

9939: Fixed bug which prevented multiple office appointment slots from being added at once.

9983: Rewrote the Case Contact Cases list which appears on contact profiles.

9964: Fixed bug in Case Acceptance Conditions message.

10038: Fixed bug which did not show the proper activity codes based on activity type in timekeeping section.

Changes for April 17th - April 23rd

Release Date 4/24/2009

New Features

9691: Added an option to the adverse party block to display all phone numbers when entering party information. Added an option to the family information block to display phone number fields for family members. To enter an international number, start the number with a "+".

9711: Users can now include dynamic list views into document templates. When selecting the fields for a document, select one of the list options to embed the list (including headers) into a plain text or RTF file. Two new views that have been added are a non-liquid assets list and an 'All Phone Numbers' field, which collects all of the relevant phone numbers and phone notes.

9875: Added a timekeeping setting that will show the five most recent cases when starting a new timer. This will allow you to start the timer for any of them.

9712: Added a field for the first litigation's Cause of Action as well as a specific field for case closing notes.

9764: Home phone number has been added to the list of optional fields for the red search link. It can be enabled in the search section of the Top Level Navigation Bar preferences in the Admin tab.

9432: Added options to the Conflict Search Results (v2) block to make duplicate status and client conflict status required fields.

9870: Added Case Acceptance block to keep cases with certain conditions from being accepted. The block is hidden and can be placed anywhere on the disposition step of the intake. If the conditions prevent the case from being accepted, it will remove Accept Case from the disposition drop-down and display a reason why the intake cannot be accepted.

9747: The "Activate Users By Role" page has been renamed to "Edit User By Role" as it now allows you to change the office, program and role of all users of a given system role, in addition to activating/deactivating them.

9894: A setting has been added for timekeeping that displays/hides the "Show Funding Codes for All Offices" checkbox.

9875: Added a timekeeping setting that will show the five most recent cases when starting a new timer. This will allow you to start the timer for any of them.

Bug Fixes

9916: Fixed bug in editing special problem codes.

9942: Fixed bug in loading code associated with bulk referrals.

9887: Reordered the right-side links on outreach pages so that they're in mostly alphabetical order.

9659: The Note Types filter for case notes are now sorted alphabetically.

8347: Fixed bug which caused overridden eligibility to say '[Originally: No]' no matter whether it was eligible or not originally.

9732: Fixed a bug with how non-client time handles funding codes.

9895: Having many pro bono attorneys no longer causes a crash on the timekeeping page.

9024: Fixes an issue where PAI time and in-court filters weren't working right.

Changes for April 10th - April 16th

Release Date 4/17/2009

New Features

9704: The "Exclude" checkbox on report filters no longer excludes records with no data in the given field. So, for example, if you pick a field and exclude all options for it, the report will now display all the records which don't have anything in that field.

9467: Overhauled non-liquid assets. There is now a Non-Liquid Assets block that you can add to intakes and to the case profile which will allow you to display/edit them. The non-liquid assets lookup also allows you to define certain types of assets such as 'automobile' and 'land/house', which each have separate fields when editing.

9718: The session expiration time is now configurable in Admin -> Site Settings!

9466: Added an option to display the two extra bits of child support info as part of normal expense entry. In the financial block, there is a checkbox for displaying child support fields. When checked, a "paid to" and a "number of children" field is displayed as part of the expense information.

9808: Added a permission to "View 'Data Error?' Tab", which everyone will have by default. If this permission is removed from a user role, users with that role will never see the "Data Error?" tab on the right side of a case profile.

9743: Added a "Show Eligibility Overrides Immediately" configuration to the financials blocks. If this option is checked, as soon as the income rises above the Percentage of Poverty, a lightwindow will appear asking for override. This configuration will only work if the 'Eligibility' is also checked.

9845: Changed inaccurate "Intake" references on Admin page to "Process" references. The issue here was that Site Specific Intake Management had a list of processes (intakes, auxiliary, and prescreens), not just intakes.

9741: Added permission to disable deletion of Presentations/Other Matters/Projects.

9804: Added options for Advanced Accept & Close and Close Reason to disposition block. Assigning and closing a case with a pro bono attorney creates a new pro bono assignment. It won't add time unless something is typed into the time field. Choosing a close reason skips you past the closing page and takes you straight to a closed case profile.

Bug Fixes

9874: Fixed bug with transferring HTML case notes.

9565: Fixed some bugs with 4 digit SSN entry.

9452: Fixed downloading of recommended documents on cases.

9840: Fixed bug with errors at end of prescreen.

9523: Fixed bug when adding certain fields to a communication based on donations.

9779: Fixed JavaScript bug in deadline calculator when no deadline types are defined.

9803: Enabled "Edit Timekeeping Settings" permission for sites where it was disabled.

9819: Fixed bug with viewing reports

Changes for April 3rd - April 9th

Release Date 4/10/2009

New Features

9539: Message center now uses AJAX for selecting recipients.

9643: Financial blocks now have a configuration for 'Expenses Only Appear When Income is Ineligible.' If this is set, the expenses options will only appear if the income is greater than the Percentage of Poverty.

9081: Added "Select All" option to report filters.

9799: We've added the ability to send HTML-based Generic Email's. When selecting Generic Email from the communications manager, you can select whether your email will contain html or not. The one known caveat is that including CSS in emails may cause Legal Server to appear different when previewing.

9744: CSR Eligibility labels on closing form can now be configured.

9130: The 'Default the number helped to the number of household members' configuration on the Number Helped and Close Case block now uses the number of household members rather than family (non-AP) members. This means that the values will default to the fields from the financial block.

9557: Case notes now support rich-text editing! Bold, italics, bullet lists, etc.

9679: Added fields for Pro Bono Assignment Start Date, Pro Bono Assignment Program, and Pro Bono Assignment Office for document templates.

9244: Total Pro Bono Time is now available as a column for case reports for clients/cases with probono time.

9570: Added support for funding-code specific aux processes. Added Intake Setting for selecting a dynamic process to use for editing funding code.

Bug Fixes

7750: Posted and non-posted time entry pages should no longer error when you try to post time.

9478: The auto-focus feature, which places the cursor in the first form element on some forms, will not be active if that first element is not on screen.

9226: Filters now stay set when entering a date on the top right of the calendar.

9252: "Non Exempt Assets" field displays as $0.00 rather than N/A when empty.

9752: Fixed a problem in reports which produced all relief types when the 'FHIP Relief Type' table was used. Also, removed this table from case data, as it has been superseded by "Type of Relief [Multi-lookup]"

9721: Prevent intakes from crashing under certain circumstances when the Problem Code/Special Problem Code block is used in intakes and prescreens and default problem code is set to "No Default" in the block configuration.

9382: Non-adverse parties and family members will properly stick with the case/matter that they were created on when the associated client is changed on the conflict search result page.

9674: Fixed an error when email recipient had ' in their name.

Changes for March 27th - April 2nd

Release Date 4/3/2009

New Features

9583: Staff information for other matters is now available in reports in two formats: One combines all of the staff information into one cell. The second produces one row per staff member.

9580: Added new other matter related columns/filters to the listview which appears in a user's profile.

9581: Added an option to search for other matters by name or ID #.

9397: Added a user preference for default the funding code on non-client timeslips.

9595: Dates in reports can now be shown as calendar year quarters, which allows crosstabs to be grouped by quarter.

9473: Added "Case Contacts" block to add or create case contacts during an intake.

9524: Added a new data source for the communications manager: 'Client', which allows you to email clients directly.

9567: Added "Conflict Waived" field to conflict search block.

9645: Admins can now prevent the entry of new timeslips with a service date before the lock date set in the timekeeping preferences.

9569: Added "Next"/"Previous" links to calendar.

9518: Added a list of the last five timekeeping entries to the bottom of new timeslips.

9546: Added "Dismiss All" link for message notifications.

9564: We have added three new configurations to the date of birth block. One is to show senior characteristics. Another is to require these characteristics. The final is a threshold age at which to show the characteristics. The field will not appear unless that threshold is met and 'Show Senior Characteristics' is set.

9562: The prescreen applicant name block now uses the new conflict search.

Bug Fixes

9572: Fixed a bug with date opened and date accepted. Date open was renamed to date intake complete and date accepted was renamed to date opened. Then the original opened dates were copied back for imported cases where open. Editing Date Opened from an intake now works properly as expected.

9573: Replaced is_case field with a more accurate calculated variant. We'll remove it entirely soon.

9521: Fixed bug in county ordering.

9635: Fixed bug in organization field that wasn't allowing users to save.

9662: Fixed display of non-English letters in listviews.

9651: Disabled unused "Skip Household Income" preference.

9617: Fixed an issue with outcomes not showing properly in reports at all if there was no dollar value specified.

9604: Fixed report error when certain probono assignments were on the report.

Changes for March 20th - March 26th

Release Date 3/27/2009

9552: Added a way to quickly add on to bulk referral records. Check under "Intake Settings" to enable this link in the action bar for all users.

9590: If the 'Responsible for Callback' block is placed within a case profile, it is now static.

9192: Added a new form that allows you to activate all users of a given user role.

9219: Family member/non-adverse party information of clients can now be reported on.

9303: Added "Is Another Attorney Helping Applicant?" block.

9382: Non-adverse parties and family members will properly stick with the case/matter that they were created on when the associated client is changed on the conflict search result page.

9563: Added a configuration to the group and language block to show/hide the language field.

9550: Moved FHIP test information to a separate object. The Test Type, Test Type Data, Test Type Outcome fields are now visible in the FHIP test block, which will allow you to add more than one test. The old fields will pull the information from the first FHIP test, if available. If you have built a report based on FHIP test data, you should use the new FHIP Test table instead.

9427: Aux processes on static form element links are now controlled by the editable dispositions. Previously they were always clickable.

9531: The Edit Closed Cases permission is now more restrictive.

9495: Added staff column to outreach/presentation/other matter module.

9275: Caseworker dropdown on timekeeping page now has a checkbox to filter out pro bono users.

9555: Altered the 'Schedule appointment in existing slot' link to point to a more stable listview. This link will also automatically give an assignment to the appointment's first attendee. We also gave the possibility of multiple interview types when scheduling an appointment.

9517: Added two options to timekeeping settings. One allows you to rename 'Non-Client' time. The second allows you to make the funding code static when entering time; this means that as soon as you select a case, the case's funding code will be used and users cannot alter it.

9547: Added funding code filter to Outreach list.

9493: Fixed bug when defaulting certain multi-selects.

9492: Added an Outreach/Other Matters admin section which allows for defaulting the program and funding code fields on new other matters/outreaches.

9468: The default state and SSN size can now be configured via the Site Settings page in the Admin area.

9429: "Outcomes" block has the option to require at least one outcome.

9289: The "Save and Add Another" button is disabled when setting prescreens to a status that requires a subsequent action.

Changes for March 13th - March 19th

Release Date 3/20/2009

9265: Made "Group?" question in intakes match the "is_group" system field of matter.

9489: The date in the outreach profile will now default to today.

9494: Enlarged the notes box on outreach/other matters.

9462: Added an ID column for the outreach/other matters list.

9401: Broke Case Close block pieces out into individual blocks.

9060: We've reworded the recurring event period labels to be more straight-forward. You should now have options for 'Every Two Weeks,' 'Every Two Months,' and 'Every Six Months'.

9473: Added "Case Contacts" block to add or create contacts of a specific type.

9446: Added country of citizenship block.

9057: "First/last name required" error messages will now display properly on AP conflict search forms during intake.

9444: Added notes field to immigration log.

9406: We've made a few changes to the communications manager. 1) We've added new filters to the communication log. 2) Communications which you sent will appear in your user/contact profiles; Communications which are sent that a user/contact receives will be in his/her user/contact profiles. 3) Renamed the "Extended Caseworker Information" grouping to "Caseworker Contact Information". 4) Contacts now have a set or "preferred work" address fields, which will grab the affiliated organization work fields if bind to work address is set, and the individual work address fields otherwise. 5) Added the ability to filter donation communication by 'Type of Donation' (either Individual or Organization).

9396: Added new brochure date field to monthly sites.

9424: Added a field to add additional instructions for expenses on both the main and alternative financial blocks.

9073: A "remove all referral problem codes" link has been added to an organization's "edit referral problem codes" page to match the "add all" link. Also, the wording of the org. pages has been adjusted so that referral problem codes are always referred to as such and not simply "referral codes" or "problem codes."

9430: Added the ability to require 'Result Achieved' and 'Main Benefit' fields on the case closing block.

9241: Reports: Age In Days of the last matter service date no longer shows quarter days.

Changes for March 6th - March 12th

Release Date 3/13/2009

9378: Time verification alerts are now delayed by one period so that users will not be asked to verify the present period (which has not ended). Verifications also have an option to be offset by a number of days in the timekeeping setting section. For example, if you would like to send alerts on the Wednesday after a period which ends on Saturday, you would set this field to 4.

9377: Removed lookup_base as an option for field type

9381: When adding a value for lookups of type Note Type, you now stay in the Note Type value list rather than being redirected back to the lookup list.

9157: We've added the ability to set dynamic fields to be 'Hidden' and 'Read-only.' When combined with default values, these options allow admins to set an option which will be universal for an intake. For example, if all intakes of one type should have a male gender, you can default the gender field to true and then make it hidden. We've also added a hotline status block.

7241: Added Date Distributed field to Outreach.

9313: Added medical history log.

9345: Added benefit hearing log.

9312: Added work history log.

9348: An "add case note" block is available for use in intakes and aux processes.

7242: We've attached other matter/outreach/presentations to brochure information in reports. This creates one row per each brochure, which may result in multiple rows with the same outreach.

9314: Case questions block can be configured to only show standard or case-specific questions.

7737: We renamed the 'Schedule Appointment' link in the case profile to 'Schedule New Appointment'. This link now takes you to the form to create a new appointment, but the client information will already be filled out.

9330: User and Pro Bono User lists are ordered by last name.

9315: Additional Assistance block can now be configured to always show additional assistance entries.

9123: Reports view All On One Page works again.

9230: The case transfer form will notify you if a case has already been transferred to the agency you've selected. You can reject transfer requests for open cases.

Changes for February 27th - March 5th

Release Date 3/6/2009

8518: Fixed case where litigation search would fail to return results.

9067: Added a way to associate documents with offices and with programs.

9161: Removed the 'Is a case?' filter and added the 'Case Disposition' filter to Undetermined Conflict List.

9170: You can now have totals by date, activity type and funding code in the timekeeping section. To activate this, you must set "Show Totals on the Service Log" to true in timekeeping admin.

9173: Fixed problem with swapped day and month when viewing appointments on prescreen profile.

9197: Increased possible non-exempt assets size to 6 digits.

9210: Added an ajax search-enabled form element for selecting the town for a matter, and a block which contains the element.

9220: The family block can now be configured to prompt for a language, and to make dob, race, relationship, and gender required.

9220: Fixed bug in calendar searches.

9227: Fixed bug which caused a full screen error on the refer and reject screen.

9228: Schedule Appointment page no longer shows inactive problem codes.

9245: Events which do not have a creator now display "N/A" for the "Scheduled By" field, rather than the currently logged in user.

9246: Properly ensure that a default event coloring mode is set on the calendar so that it doesn't error sometimes.

9255: Added "Town" to address block.

9260: Fixed bug which would not bring 'My Time Today' to the correct page.

9276: "Start time is later than end time" warning in timekeeping is now larger.

9277: Cases marked "No Income" now show 0% and $0.00 for Percentage of Poverty and Total Monthly Income, respectively.

9288: The timekeeping totals, which can appear on the right-side of the service log now show dates in m/d/Y format. The tables will also appear even if no data is present. Finally, the tables have slightly highlighted alternating rows, like listviews.

9290: The listview used when scheduling appointments at the end of an intake no longer includes appointments which are already booked.

Changes for February 20th - February 26th

Release Date 2/27/2009

9205: Fixed bug with transferring some lookups.

9199: Screening Statuses can now be activated/deactivated by administrators.

9186: Fixed bug in 'Associate Other Cases with this Client'.

9174: Fixed bug with attendee ID numbers showing instead of names in Appointment profile block.

9172: Fixed bug that resulted in truncated timekeeping durations in some cases.

9164: Added three new configurations to the financials block. You can now remove the ability to accept excluded incomes. You can now do the same for assets. You can also display a notes text field for assets, if you would like to make comments.

9159: Added a new configuration 'Show "Exclude from Search"' to the APv2 block. If this field is visible and set, the AP will not appear in future searches.

9151: Moved NIJC specific immigration blocks to core.

9148: Added Primary Assignment Office related fields to be used in documents.

9140: We've removed the error that sometimes occurs when merging/deleting lookups.

9105: Fixed display of wrong assignment end dates on home page assignment list.

8035: Pro Bono users are no longer displayed in the "Primary Advocate" filter multiselect on reports.

7782: The Financials blocks now have an option for 'Show Family Field on Income'. When this is set, you may associate an income as coming from a particular family member. We can enable this field to appear the income listview.

6087: Added a subjects filter to the other matters list, where applicable.

Changes for February 13th - February 19th

Release Date 2/20/2009

9133: Reworded the CSR Eligibility block's third question to read "Case is closed A or B and all contact was telephonic OR citizenship form or alienage documentation is in the file." rather than "Case is closed A or B and all contact was telephonic OR citizenship form is in the file."

9130: Added a configuration to the Close Case block to default the number helped fields to the members of the family (and client) with ages.

9124: If the Intake User, Program, or Intake Office fields appear on the first page of an intake, they can be defaulted in the admin configuration.

9090: Added a field for 'Exclude from Search Results' to client information. If this is set, the client will not appear in search / conflict search results.

9089: All saved reports now load data again.

9084: Fixed problem with recommended documents which displayed all documents if there were no recommended documents.

9079: Fixed bug in the 'Total Time Spent' fields, which would round the time to the nearest integer.

9055: The reject notes and submit block can now be placed anywhere in the rejection process. It does, however, *need* to be somewhere in the process for rejection to occur.

9054: Fixed bug in profiles for cases with multiple problem codes.

9051: Added fax number and note for organization adverse parties on the adverse party v2 block.

9050: Fixed bug which resulted in multiple court case being created if multiple blocks were in the intake. Allowed information from the first court case to be used in documents.

9049: The financial blocks now treat 'excluded' incomes as zero for the sake of Percentage of Poverty and Eligibility. Previously they were simply skipped in these calculations.

9047: We've added a 'Post-Search Instructions' field to the Adverse Party v2 Search block. Information in the Post-Search Instructions will appear as a note after search results but before additional search options.

8969: Document processes and forms no longer appear in the Intake/Form management Admin section.

8964: Fixed problem in the financials blocks which prevented admins from removing the Additional Asset Instructions.

8947: Case profiles load tabs on demand to reduce page load time.

8842: Fixed bug in the closing case code which caused an error if the case had no legal problem code.

8828: Added case status filter/column to the list of current assignments on the home page, where applicable.

8774: Fixed bug with todo list being flooded when filters on assignment list were changed.

8762: Fixed error when displaying zip codes which are not length 5 or 9. Display an explanation rather than an error when a case cannot be copied.

8470: Fixed bug when reopening cases imported as rejected.

7832: Added option to hide AP status element on APv2 block.

7404: We've added new configuration options for the funding code select on the disposition block. There is a checkbox to include the 'Please Select...' option, which will default to checked. There is also a way to select the default funding code (this will not be used in the funding code is invalid).

7350: Activity Type and County lookups have been re-arranged so that the form for editing any such lookup is above the list of lookups.

7119: Moved most of the filter drop-downs to have a null value of 'All' rather than 'Please Select...'.

7007: The Merge/Delete column will now say '[System]' for system lookups. Added the ability to merge/delete citizenship status and immigration status.

6084: Now, Perm. Phone, Additional Contact Phone 1, and Additional Contact Phone 2 will all automatically format.

Changes for February 6th - February 12th

Release Date 2/13/2009

9043: Fixed problem when 'Accept and Schedule'ing a case at the end of an intake. This bug resulted in null open dates and accepted by values.

9005: We've added more configuration to the case disposition block. The Schedule Office and Schedule Staff options can be turned on and off independently and the text of each can be modified. Further, the case status option can be displayed or removed.

We've added a link to the right-hand-side of appointment profiles which have a scheduled case. This link, 'Release Appointment', allows you to remove the appointment's associated case(s).

9033: Fixed bug in transferring race, immigration status, and HUD ethnicity.

8932: Rewrote the recommend document listview, which will now be more stable. This listview no longer displays the problem code/language/county column if the case does not have the appropriate value set (for example, if the client's language is not set, the language column will not appear).

5501: Todo entries are now reportable.

8963: The link to Accept or Reject a pending case is now an auxiliary process composed of the case disposition block. You can set which process is used on the Intake Settings page; if you select no process, the old page will be used. We've also added a field to set an assignment's program when setting a case to pending.

8988: The default length of time visible for service logs is now configurable on the Timekeeping Settings page. The default is one day, but any reasonable integer will be valid. Other common values might be 7 or 14 days, if you would like to see the last week or two by default.

8726: Money fields once again check for invalid characters and won't modify values if a comma is entered.

7542: Users can now log in if they have a default browser language other than US English.

8955: Added a user preference for 'Default Calendar View', which will define your default filters on the calendar.

9013: Sites with donations enabled can now report on donations from contacts.

9006: We've added more strictness to the add staff case time page. The list of available users previously included anyone who had a non-pro bono user type (including users with multiple types, including pro bono). This list now only displays users who do not have the pro bono user type at all (similar to the user list).

Funding codes now display their code in the select on service entries.

If there is bad data when editing start/stop times on timekeeping forms, the warning message that appears is now red and bold.

9015: Referrals can be deleted from the case profile listview.

8907: Fixed a bug in the todo listview, which was filtering by the *creator* of a todo item, rather than who it was assigned to.

9009: Deleted referrals no longer appear in reports.

8958: Fixed problem where some users did not have a contact profile.

8227: When using the red search link to search for a non-existent case ID, a message about the search being deprecated is no longer shown. Also, the wording for that message if it is shown has been changed to something friendlier than "deprecated."

9007: Fixed a problem with downloading certain PDF documents.

7167: Fixed a bug in the Case tab on the Service page. Also made the user filter on this page use ajax user search.

8953: Fixed issue where clicking on profile tabs caused javascript errors in some cases.

8998: Fixed issue with user's name not showing up in the status bar at the top of most pages.

7140: Custom Lookup values are now sorted when they appear in selects.

6969: When adding pro bono time directly from a case, the expanded PBA select field will show PBAs with inactive logins.

6963: Added the 'Eligibility Override Notes' table to reports. This is similar to the 'Case Notes' table, save it only shows notes regarding eligibility overrides.

8992: In the Cases section, Matter tab, the list should load about 20% more quickly.

8939: The core authentication functions have been rewritten in order to provide more information when users attempt to share accounts, as well as some overhead reduction.

8990: Fixed problem with special legal problem code lookups, which, when filtered, would redirect to problem code lookups.

8984: Fixed problem with users' inability to complete a process twice.

Changes for January 30th - February 5th

Release Date 2/6/2009

8947: Case profiles load tabs on demand to reduce page load time.

8977: The add filter/column interface for communications manager has been made more user friendly. Now, instead of searching through the list for the right category of field and then finding the field, you must first select the category and then the field.

8573: Added Adverse Party Summary with Address to reports.

8922: We will now confirm that the Case activity type is part of the Case Activity timekeeping category.

8900: Fixed a bug which prevented adding donations from an organization's profile.

8959: MS Excel export no longer errors if there are 0 results.

8936: Removed restriction that uploaded files must be given a Document Title. If no title is given, the file name will be used.

8933: We've added office, activity code columns + filters and funding code filter to the timekeeping list page. We've also made the user filter an ajax select (similar to the user list page). In forms with an office select, the offices are now in alphabetical order. We've added a checkbox in timekeeping entries to display/remove funding codes not associated with this office. By default this checkbox is set to display all funding codes, but we can modify that for you if you'd like. We've also added the option to include this checkbox on the case disposition block.

8946: Fixed bug in the recommend pro bono/user listview which restricted to only users with an active login.

8934: The 'age at intake' field in the adverse party v2 block is now updated when you change the date of birth within the same block.

8884: In a small number of cases, merging lookups resulted in a full screen error. This error will no longer hinder the process, as we've replaced it with a warning message, but allowed the user to continue merging lookups. This will help us track down the true cause of the bug without hindering users.

8899: Fixed bug in the 'County Match'/'Subject Match' column in the recommend PB/user listview. This listview can now be sorted by advocate name, office, subjects, counties, languages, number of open cases, notes, date of last assignment, special problem codes, and countries (where applicable).

8055: If there is no 'None' liquid asset, do not give a note that users may select 'None' on the financial page.

8926: Time fields which contain a time zone are now reportable.

8924: Timekeeping entries properly save probono status. We have set all service entries which did not save probono status to the current probono status of the entry's owner.

8315: The Total Time Spent and Total PB Time Spent fields now properly display the total amount of time spent on this case and the total amount of pro bono time has been spent on this case. These are grouped in either the 'Case' or 'Hidden' sections.

Changes for January 23rd - January 29th

Release Date 1/30/2009

8536: Address and phone added below name on child placement guardian list. If the contact does not have any address preference specified, work address is shown.

8814: The disposition block now has an option for 'Accept and Schedule' appointments and office meetings. The case will be given a primary assignment of the first attendee of the event which is selected. We've also added the ability to filter calendar events by the 'N/A' user (show events for all users) and by interview type. Finally, we've added the ability to color calendar events by interview type, though if an event has more than one type, it's color will match only one of those types.

8892: On timekeeping verification pages, the total amount of time spent in a given period is listed, as well as a breakdown by funding code.

8876: "Recommend Pro Bono" list shows all of a user's subjects in a tooltip.

7558: An option is now available to use separate profiles for individual or group clients. Contact us to learn how to activate this feature.

8642: Made the listviews in lookups more stable. This solves a bug which resulted from letter filtering after filtering by Active status.

8864: Court Case ID block has been renamed to Court Case, and extra configuration options have been added which allow you to show fields for Court, Judge, and Complaint ID in the intake process. As before, these then are tied either to the primary litigation on the case or create a new one when entered.

8863: Fixed bug in search code which causes problems if the searched party was not a group but the case' client was, and vis versa.

8866: Custom time fields can now be added to intakes again.

Changes for January 16th - January 22nd

Release Date 1/23/2009

7720: Added a Case Status block which will display a listview of case status history in a case profile or allow you to add a new case status if in a process. Also modified the case questions block to add an option for the legal problem code to be read only.

8825: Timekeeping Reports: "Other matter yes/no?" is now available for filtering and data options.

8834: Fixed a catch 22 for imported users who needed to change their password but didn't have either a program, or an office set.

8812: Added Verification functionality to timekeeping. If you set the 'Prompt Users To Verify Timekeeping', the selected users will receive a message asking them to verify their timekeeping records for periods of time (specified by 'Verification Start Date' and 'Period Frequency'). Users can dismiss these messages, but they will reappear daily until the period has been verified. You may also select the 'Post'/Lock option, which will lock timekeeping entries that have been verified. The admin section contains a new link for 'Verify Timekeeping', which you can use to see who has verified their timekeeping and modify the verification period start and end dates. A new period will be generated automatically starting from the day after the last period ends and continuing for whatever 'Period Frequency' was selected.

8831: Added a note to the client time timekeeping forms making it clear that the search element only searches open cases.

8829: Fixed error where country lookups could get into a state where using them in a client intake caused an error.

8827: "Transferred Case Information (Case Notes)" block is togglable.

8791: Case Transfer Outcome block only shows on cases that were transferred from another agency.

8645: Fixed bug when changing client type from individual to group during mid-intake.

6823: Fixed bug with not saving financial override notes.

8793: Funding code list in timekeeping should now correctly update when user and office changes.

Changes for January 9th - January 15th

Release Date 1/16/2009

8780: Enabled editing of billing entries.

8752: The problem code number will be shown in parentheses in the search results of a matter form element (eg: the matter selection element of the "Add client time" form)

8737: Fixed bug in communications manager which resulted in some null data in excel output.

8734: The generic notes block will now display newlines if it is placed in the case profile page. Set the 'size' field of the notes block to 'Small' if it will appear in a half-width tab block.

8733: Removed the 'Case Contact List' header from the case contact listview. If this were shown in a tab, it would incorrectly display both tabs.

8725: Family members in search results now have a link to the client they are attached to.

8691: We've added the ability to 'unbind' a contact/user's work address with their affiliated organization. If you wish a contact/user to have an individual work address, you can edit the 'Bind Work Address to Organization', setting it to No. Now you can edit the individual's work address without affecting the organization. We also added an 'Attn line' field to contacts/users which will be displayed in work addresses throughout legalserver (including reports).

8134: The "start new intake" button on the post-deadline expiration quick case copy page now functions properly.

8122: All entered address information will be displayed, as opposed to just the state in some cases where things were missing.

7614: When adding a deadline event, setting a deadline type will update the deadline to the open date for the case. If that date is edited, changing the deadline type will not alter the modified date.

7604: The 'Recommend Pro Bono' link now reads 'Recommend Pro Bono/Other Users' and sends you to a listview which can show non-pro bono users to recommend the case to. Users now have a countries field which stories the user's country of expertise.

7154: Fixed bug in editing user roles lookup.

Changes for January 1st - January 8th

Release Date 1/9/2009

8675: Added a field for special problem code specialization in a user's 'Extra Information' profile. Added a filter for this on the user list. Added a field on the same page for Pro Bono Recommendation Notes.

8676: We've made some changes to the Pro Bono listview in "Recommend probono attorney". We've added a filter for the number of open cases. If you filter on a problem code or generic subject, the subjects column alerts you of this match rather than listing all of the users' subjects. Similarly, if you filter for a county the counties column will alert you of this match. Filtering for no counties/legal problem codes/generic subjects causes the column to display all of the entries for the user. We've added a column for special problem codes, which matches the user's special problem code subjects. We've added a column for the total number of cases (closed, pending, incomplete, etc.). When filtering on a legal problem code, this column will display the number of cases with that problem code in parenthesis. We've also added the pro bono attorney recommendation note (found in the user's "extra" profile) to the listview.

6747: Most listviews now contain a Reset link, which will reset the filters to their original state, reset the sorting, and place them back onto the first.

8709: You can now filter the PB Recommendation List listview of attorneys by the subjects associated with them.

8501: Rejected prescreens now become rejected matters.

8572: Time columns in reports with a display format of "Time Only" will now display blank values properly.

8460: Income totals and percentage of poverty will be properly updated after using the calculator in the alternate income form block.

8677: There is now a permission which limits users without it to viewing trust/expense information, and prevents them from creating new trust/expense entries.

8693: Reports - Admin Edit Mode - The help text is now less confusing on the 'Add Column' screen.

8669: Added a permission governing who can/cannot reopen rejected cases. By default, all current user roles have the permission.

8647: Fixed using the red search link to search for an SSN after having already searched for a different SSN.

6192: Added a restriction to grants management which will prevent the 'Unit Rate (Hourly . . .' field from saving if it is too large.

6096: Timekeeping pages now pay attention to the 'Show start/end Times' preference. We've defaulted all users to 'Yes', but if a user wishes to not see start/end times, they simply need to change the setting in the user preferences.

7956: Pending cases will now require primary advocates. We've also set all previous pending assignments (which had no associated caseworker) to be the intake user for that case.