2013 Release Notes

Changes for December 19, 2013 - January 1, 2014

Effective: Demo 01/02/2014; Weekly 01/10/2014; Monthly 02/07/2013; Quarterly 04/04/2014

61663: Fixed an issue that could cause filter icons on lists to stop working if you visited a series tabs with lists and filtered on each one in turn.

Changes for December 12, 2013 - December 18, 2013

Effective: Demo 12/19/2013; Weekly 12/27/2013; Monthly 02/07/2013; Quarterly 04/04/2014

61330: Fixed an issue that could cause the Reset icon on a list on the main profile to send you to the home page instead of leaving you on the main profile.

61344: The Recommended Documents list now has a default filter on Program that matches a case's assigned program.

61412: The "Applicant Name (Prescreen)" block can now be configured to use the conflict search instead of the people finder search. Differences between these, primarily DOB and SSN handling, depend on each site's settings on the Admin / Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page.

61523: The County column in the Organizations list will now properly display the county associated with the organization's primary address.

61557: Filters for Primary Assignment and Intake Assignment will now appear in the filter bar (new interface only) on the Cases list when either filter is used.

Changes for December 5, 2013 - December 11, 2013

Effective: Demo 12/12/2013; Weekly 12/20/2013; Monthly 01/03/2013; Quarterly 04/04/2014

61335: For sites using the Waiver block for income and displaying the Income Eligible field, granting a waiver will now change the Income Eligible display to "Overridden to Yes; Originally: No".

61409: For sites using primary and secondary funding codes, fixed an issue that prevented the funding code selected in the Disposition block at the end of an intake from being marked as the primary funding code.

61519: The filters for County of Residence and County of Dispute added to the Electronic Case Transfer list in 58073 have been restored.

61521: Fixed an issue with the Edit button not working on older, static timeslips after a site has converted to using dynamic timeslips of that type.

61558: There is a new "LSC Other Matters" top level table available in reports. The table allows one report to return LSC Other Matters records attached to matters and LSC Other Matters records attached to outreaches.

61561: Fixed a rare recursion error that could occur on complex forms such as the Case Status history page.

61582: The Role column of the Case Contacts list will now display relationship information for non-adverse parties. Instead of just "Non-Adverse Party", it will display "Non-Adverse Party - Child" for example. (Update: this has been delayed to the following release week)

No Ticket: The name of the currently selected tab on dynamic pages will appear in the URL. If you send someone such a link, following it will open the page with that tab already selected.

Changes for November 28, 2013 - December 4, 2013

Effective: Demo 12/05/2013; Weekly 12/13/2013; Monthly 01/03/2013; Quarterly 04/04/2014

60895: Fixed an issue with the "Date (Open, Intake, Prescreen)" filter on the "Combined Matter/Case/Prescreens" list. The link for this list does not display by default; it must be enabled in Admin / Process Settings.

61101: The date filter on the calendar Event List will no longer include events occurring one day after the end of the date range entered (unless the events are multi-day and otherwise fall within the date range filtered on).

61144: The "Outcomes Split" table in reports has been renamed to "Outcomes (one row per Outcome)" to clarify what the table does.

61383: Some of the recently added permissions, like View Outreach List and View Message List, cover features that all users could previously perform. As new permissions, these should have been added in the checked, or 'on', state. This has been corrected, and hotfixed to affected sites.

Changes for November 21, 2013 - November 27, 2013

Effective: Demo 11/28/2013; Weekly 12/06/2013; Monthly 01/03/2013; Quarterly 04/04/2014

60933: For sites receiving electronic case transfers, there are two new settings on the Admin / Case Transfer Settings page. Both are disabled by default to maintain current behavior. The purpose is to help staff at the receiving site handle pending transfers, by allowing them to enter a note for a pending transfer, and have that note appear in the pending transfer list. For example, "Left msg for appl; told her to call SD in lcnc ofc". Other staff working on pending transfers would know to skip that transfer.

Enabling "Show Transfer Note on Received Transfer Profile" will display a new "Note" box near the end of the pending transfer profile page. Staff looking at the pending transfer can enter text and save it using the "Save Note" option in the Action dropdown. Enabling the "Show Transfer Note on Case Transfer Listview" will display these notes in the transfer list. These notes are stored on the pending transfer, and like other information in a pending transfer are not stored in the receiving site's database if a transfer is rejected.

61227: In new style document templates, the "Pro Bono Attorney's Address" field on the Case Information actor will now honor the "Bind Work Address to Organization" setting on the pro bono user's profile. The address will also now display in multiple line 'block' format instead of all on one line.

61313: There are new tables available in reports for information collected with the "LSC Other Services" block. That block can be used on matters and outreaches, so there is a subtable of the top level Case Data table and the top level Outreach table. The block allows creating multiple other service records per parent record, so both tables can return multiple rows per case or outreach.

No Ticket: Selecting a process in a Custom Link Box side bar element will now default the text to the right to the name of the process. This will prevent accidentally leaving that text box blank, and thus the link now showing up as expected.

No Ticket: The Yes and No labels for boolean fields now appear to the right of the radio buttons instead of below.

Changes for November 14, 2013 - November 20, 2013

Effective: Demo 11/21/2013; Weekly 11/29/2013; Monthly 12/06/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

59667: The list of permissions for each user role has been expanded to allow site administrators to control all of the links on the Admin page. For example, a role may have access to the Admin page to the use the "Duplicates by Name" link, but not be given permission to use the "Batch Funding Code Update Tool". Permissions are set per role on the Admin / User Roles (Permissions) page.

59667: There is a new "Show Reject" configuration option in the Disposition block. This supplements the existing "Show Refer and Reject" option, allowing site administrators to provide a Reject option and/or Refer and Reject.

59716: There are 4 new dynamic list views available in the Case/Matter module that allow site administrators to make the static "Recommend Pro Bono / Other User" process dynamic. The lists are: "Pro Bono Attorney Call Attempts List", "Pro Bono Assignments List", "Pro Bono Interest List", and "Pro Bono Recommended List". The ability to set default filters (particularly on the Recommended list) would allow, for example, a Recommend Pro Bono process that functions like the static form (filters for Pro Bono users by default), and a separate Recommend Mentor process where the list filters by default on an Advocate/User Type of "Mentor". The Number of Open Cases is also a configurable filter on the Recommended list, allowing the default to show only users with no open, assigned cases. The process initiated by the "Assign" link is still controlled in Admin / Process Settings. Site administrators do not need to change anything for their site to continue using the existing process.

61147: Adding a timeslip for a pro bono assignment during the "Accept and Close Case" process will no longer cause an error because of a missing activity type. This option is only displayed if the Disposition block is configured to use the "Advanced Accept and Close Options". That configuration displays a Pro Bono Assignee dropdown, and if a pro bono user is selected, an "Add Timekeeping Entry" button.

Changes for November 7, 2013 - November 13, 2013

Effective: Demo 11/14/2013; Weekly 11/22/2013; Monthly 12/06/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60526: If the template selected for barcode cover sheets in the 'Generate Cover Sheet' block is later deleted in Admin / Documents, attempting to generate a cover sheet will now display a warning message.

60956: Pronouns (his, her, etc.) can now be mapped in new style document templates. Values in the 'Genders' lookup list have four new attributes that allow setting pronouns for each gender. In new style template mapping, a person-based actor, for example the client, has a new 'Pronouns' section available for mapping in step 3. The person's gender determines the pronoun inserted into the generated document. For example, a line in a template like "the client has been told to bring [her/his] documents to the initial appointment" would insert 'her' or 'his' depending on the client's gender and the attributes set in the lookup values in the 'Genders' lookup list.

61120: Fixed an issue that could cause an error attempting to edit a form if a block on the form is considered inactive on the site. A message will be displayed instead of an error.

Changes for October 31, 2013 - November 6, 2013

Effective: Demo 11/7/2013; Weekly 11/15/2013; Monthly 12/06/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60556: The Activity Presets configuration options for "Default Office" and "Default Program" will now save and be applied correctly. The "Created By" field for Tasks and Events created by presets now stores the current user's ID. Presets have a new configuration option for "List Date" type with options for "Today's Date" or "Days Before Due Date."

60941: The "Show All Values" checkbox for "Item" when entering an Activity has been fixed. (Hotfixed to all sites)

61002: There is a new "Extended Household Information" block available for matters. The block allows a field to be set for the client and each family member on a case in a convenient list style. Each person is a row in the list, displaying their name followed by the field selector (Yes/No buttons or a dropdown list depending on the field). Fields from the Person module are available in the block configuration.

61051: Selecting a Module at the top of the Admin / Processes, Forms, and Profiles page will automatically refresh the information on that page without needing to click the "View/Edit" button, which has been removed.

Changes for October 24, 2013 - October 30, 2013

Effective: Demo 10/31/2013; Weekly 11/08/2013; Monthly 12/06/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60471: The "Date of Service With Lock Date" block has new configuration options to require dates of service on timeslips to fall within a given period around the current date. For example, a date that is no more than 30 days in the past and/or no more than 30 days in the future.

60531: If a Summation in a report will include more than 500 rows, a warning will be displayed in place of the Summation instead of having the report timeout or return an error.

60923: Fixed a problem that was causing the Office field to not save properly on Quick Bulk Referrals (aka Quick Referrals). (Hotfixed to all sites)

60951: Exchange integration: We now iterate over active events only. Inactive events are hidden.

Changes for October 17, 2013 - October 23, 2013

Effective: Demo 10/24/2013; Weekly 11/01/2013; Monthly 12/06/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60638: Fixed an issue with the "Display locked/posted message" block that allowed time spent on posted timeslips to still be edited.

60810: Fixed a problem that caused some Views menu print links and some Actions menu links to not appear. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

60839: Fixed the "Date (Open, Intake, Prescreen)" filter used on step 2 of the Batch Funding Code Update Tool. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

Changes for October 10, 2013 - October 16, 2013

Effective: Demo 10/17/2013; Weekly 10/25/2013; Monthly 12/06/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

52821: The "Notes (Generic)" block will no longer display "<Unknown Block>" when used on a profile page and set as editable. Existing instances of the block still displaying that header will need to be disabled and a new instance added to the affected page.

60441: A calendar event that spans a range of dates will now be displayed in Day, Week, Month views and the Event List, if any part of the event's start/end range falls within the current period being viewed. For example, an event with a start date of 3/30 and end date of 4/5 will be displayed on the March and April monthly calendars, as well as the other views for any date in that range.

60543: Users with the "Show Edit Form Link" user role permission will now see an "Edit Profile" profile link on dynamic profile pages, similar to the "Edit Form" link for dynamic forms. The link will appear in the Admin menu in the new interface, in the rightside taskbar in the classic interface.

Changes for October 3, 2013 - October 9, 2013

Effective: Demo 10/10/2013; Weekly 10/18/2013; Monthly 11/01/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

49442: Clicking the "Edit" button on a timeslip profile will no longer immediately change the Updated By field to the person clicking the button and the Updated date/time field to the current date and time. Those fields will only be changed if the edited timeslip is saved via a Continue or Save button.

60682: Fixed an issue with the case note Transfer feature causing an error. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

Changes for September 26, 2013 - October 2, 2013

Effective: Demo 10/03/2013; Weekly 10/11/2013; Monthly 11/01/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60243: Fixed an issue that prevented the "Currently Logged in User" option from populating in a new style document template.

60624: There is a new Scheduled Reports feature that allows a report to be run, exported to Excel, and emailed to selected recipients on a schedule. This feature is currently only available on sites using the new interface, and appears as an Actions link on the main report page if your role has the Report Management permission. New scheduled reports are created using the plus (+) button in the filter bar of the Scheduled Reports list.

60625: Fixed a problem with the "Associate Outreach with Case" block that caused it to appear as a multi-select list instead of a search and select box.

60663: Made an adjustment to the login process to workaround a problem with Internet Explorer and autocomplete.

Changes for September 19, 2013 - September 25, 2013

Effective: Demo 09/26/2013; Weekly 10/04/2013; Monthly 11/01/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

52861: Fixed an issue where entering a Quick Referral from certain pages would save the quick referral but return to an error page.

60450: There is a new LSC Other Services block that allows recording one or more records for a case or outreach that can include a Matter Referral Code, a date, and a note. See the block's help topic for additional information.

As part of this new block, the lookup values in the Matter Referral Codes list have new options for "Case Based?" and "Outreach Based?". These options are relevant to a configuration option in the new block. Neither option is required, and site administrators do not need to make any changes to the lookup values to continue using matter referral codes.

60488: There is a new DAP v2 block that allows recording information about SSI and DIB benefit amounts. See the block's help page for additional information.

60480: The previously reported new "Head of Household" system field has been changed from a boolean (Yes/No) field to a lookup field.

Changes for September 12, 2013 - September 18, 2013

Effective: Demo 09/19/2013; Weekly 09/27/2013; Monthly 10/04/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60340: The Prospective Income block has a new "Show Change Type" option. If enabled, selecting "Yes" for the prospective income question will display the new lookup field "Prospective Income Change Type". The values in the dropdown list are controlled in the new "Income Change Type" lookup in Admin / Lookups.

60389: There is a new Date Calculator block that calculates one date field (the target) based on the value of another date field (the trigger) and the block's configuration. See the block's help page for more details.

60392: The "Address List" block has a new "Display Move-in and Move-out dates" configuration option that allows those columns in the list to be hidden. The option is checked by default to maintain the current behavior of displaying both date columns.

60458: If the financial block on a site is configured to allow each income entry to be associated with the client or a household member, the person association for each entry will now be sent in an electronic case transfer.

60480: A new "Head of Household" system boolean (Yes/No) field is available. Update: Changed to a lookup field in 60480.

Changes for September 5, 2013 - September 11, 2013

Effective: Demo 09/12/2013; Weekly 09/20/2013; Monthly 10/04/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

59970: Removed some extraneous text from the My Time icon mouseover.

60261: Answers to Case Specific Questions are now available in reports by adding the Case Answers subtable to a report based on the top level Case Data table.

60387: The Case Disposition column in the list of cases on a client profile page has been updated to show additional information along with the disposition. For open cases, the current case status if any; for closed cases, the close reason; for rejected matters, the reject reason; and for prescreens, the screening status.

60390: The "Task List (Matter)" list view, commonly used on the main profile, has new configurable default filter settings for Completed and Deadline. This allows, for example, an administrator to change the default behavior of showing all tasks on a case, to only displaying incomplete ones by setting a default filter of Completed = No.

Changes for August 29, 2013 - September 4, 2013

Effective: Demo 09/05/2013; Weekly 09/13/2013; Monthly 10/04/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

59291: The Date Opened field displayed by the Disposition block when "Accept" is selected now has a date picker icon.

60045: The Disposition block has a new "Show Reject Disposition" option that allows administrators to remove "Reject" as an option in the disposition dropdown at the end of an intake. The option is checked by default to maintain the current behavior of "Reject" always being an option.

60261: Information about Case Specific Questions is now available in reports by adding the Case Answers subtable to a report based on the top level Case Data table.

60370: Added an option to the Billing Payment block to hide the "Record Payment" Show / Hide button. Useful to prevent the fields from being accidentally hidden, and not saved, when a form is submitted.

Changes for August 22, 2013 - August 28, 2013

Effective: Demo 08/29/2013; Weekly 09/06/2013; Monthly 10/04/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60226: For sites with Callbacks enabled, the Callbacks list on the main Cases page can now be filtered by Prescreen Program.

60335: A 'Note Type' lookup value with an apostrophe in the name will no longer cause problems when filtering a case's notes for that type.

60341: Improved the speed of searches when the "Strip Trailing 'S'" option is enabled and only a last name is searched on.

Changes for August 15, 2013 - August 21, 2013

Effective: Demo 08/22/2013; Weekly 08/30/2013; Monthly 10/04/2013; Quarterly 01/03/2014

60299: The "Case Timely Closed" block will now consider cases closed for reasons other than A or B as timely closed if the Date Closed is on or before December 31 of the year after the year of the most recent timeslip, instead of within one year from the date of the most recent timeslip.

60260: The Applicant Name block has a new "Show Prefix/Salutation" option. Enabling that option displays the corresponding new lookup field. The values are controlled in the new "Name Prefix" lookup.

No Ticket: The + button next to fields when editing forms will now work in Internet Explorer 10 (IE workaround now only applies to 8 and 9).

Changes for August 8, 2013 - August 14, 2013

Effective: Demo 08/15/2013; Weekly 08/23/2013; Monthly 09/06/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

58263: There is a new "Case Exclusions" field available for cases. The field displays a search and select box to add users. Any users added will be prevented from viewing the case unless their role has the "View All Cases" permissions. A user being assigned to a case does not override the exclusion. Like the Case Restrictions field, administrators would typically put this field on an auxiliary form and create an auxiliary process that only the Administrator role has permission to use. Administrators may need to perform a field rescan to make this field available (Admin / System Field Management, the "Rescan Fields" action link).

60102: For sites with Waivers enabled, the Waiver block has a new configuration option, "Only Show Waiver If Eligibility is No". If unchecked, the "Ask for Waiver" field will always display. The option is checked by default to maintain the current behavior of only showing "Ask for Waiver" if the financial factor (income, assets, or non-liquid assets) is ineligible.

60177: Entering "No" for the Retainer on File field will properly clear that requirement from the Compliance alerts bar.

Changes for August 1, 2013 - August 7, 2013

Effective: Demo 08/08/2013; Weekly 08/16/2013; Monthly 09/06/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

60030: Fixed an issue in reports that could cause some fields such as Gender to be added improperly via Add Fields, Method 1. (Hotfixed to all sites)

60105: The intake program field short name has been corrected to read "Intake Program" instead of "Program" so it will appear properly when adding it to reports and forms.

Changes for July 25, 2013 - July 31, 2013

Effective: Demo 08/01/2013; Weekly 08/09/2013; Monthly 09/06/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

59719: It is now possible to delete brochures associated with an outreach using the new Delete link in the brochure list.

59751: If a timeslip is created via a case note, and the timeslip is later edited to add Activity Details, the subject displayed in the list of case notes will be the activity details instead of the subject of the note.

59917: Fixed a problem with the Retainer on File Compliance block that prevented compliance from being properly set to "Yes" when the Retainer on File question was answered "No" (for example, when a retainer was not needed for a case).

59942: If the Adverse Party block is configured to "Show Relationship Type", it will now display that field for organization adverse parties as well as individuals. The values in the Adverse Party Relationship lookup have two new attributes: "Applies to Individual Adverse Parties" and "Applies to Organization Adverse Parties". This allows administrators to tailor the list of relationships based on the kind of adverse party. For example, "Domestic Partner" could appear when adding an individual AP, but not when adding an organization AP. All existing relationship types will have both attributes set to "Yes". Site administrators displaying the Relationship Type field will likely want to review the lookup values and set the new attributes appropriately.

59943: The "Send Email" block available for matters now has a configurable "From" option (defaults to 'noreply@legalserver.org'), as well as CC and BCC options. The Recipients, CC, and BCC options can now include the "Client". This can be useful, for example, to send a confirming email to an applicant who has completed an online intake.

59979: The "Add Person" block will now properly link the person created to the matter when the block is used on the first step of an intake.

60013: For sites with e-transfers enabled, the "Set Alert Users" section of the case transfer settings admin page will now allow up to 20 rows when the "Configure by County of Residence" option is selected.

Changes for July 18, 2013 - July 24, 2013

Effective: Demo 07/25/2013; Weekly 08/02/2013; Monthly 09/06/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

58522: Ampersands ("&") entered in a note field like "Prospective Income Notes" will no longer display as "&amp" on a profile page.

58918: Fixed a problem with the "Issues" list view element that caused it to display Issue records for all cases instead of just the case being viewed. The list also now has a default ascending sort on Issue Date.

59882: Fixed a red text error that could appear at the top of the page when submitting electronically to HUD. The error did not affect the transfer.

59900: Fixed an issue that could cause blank pages in the PDF packets produced by the "Document Selection" block.

59927: Added a configuration option to the "Online Intake Family Information" block to set a default for "non-adverse party" for all entries.

59930: Fixed an issue with the "Court Case (Prescreen)" block where the configuration option to enforce formatting wasn't working correctly if the block wasn't editable.

Changes for July 11, 2013 - July 17, 2013

Effective: Demo 07/19/2013; Weekly 07/26/2013; Monthly 08/02/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

58550: Fixed an issue that could cause an error page entering a Quick Referral with notes.

58910: Fixed a problem with event and task reminders in the Message center not having complete "View" links to the related record.

59634: Fixed an issue with the Timer not filling in the Start and Stop times on case-related timeslips.

59654: List filters based on fields that can contain Yes, No, and N/A values are now multi-select.

59660: Fixed an issue that could cause red text errors to appear at the top of document profile pages.

59679: Entering amounts of 100,000,000.00 or more in a custom money field will no longer cause an error.

59706: Fixed an issue that could cause red text errors at the top of grant profile pages.

59710: Fixed an issue that could cause the Actions menu on the main Timekeeping page to display too wide in Chrome.

Changes for July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

Effective: Demo 07/11/2013; Weekly 07/19/2013; Monthly 08/02/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

50499: Fixed issues with sorting and filtering the Closed Support Tickets list.

50971: Removed the "Case Data > Client Is?" table from reports because this information is stored in the Litigation tables.

57961: There is a new "Providers" block available for matters. The block displays a text field for a provider name, address fields, and phone and fax fields, along with +/- buttons to allow adding and removing multiple providers from a matter.

58833: Added a "Require Court Case ID" configuration to the "Court Case" block.

58905: Several HUD-related blocks now have a configuration option to make the field(s) they present required. The HUD Counseling Category block's option will make both the category and sub-category fields required.

59265: Refactored field handling in the case/matter module, which should improve page load times (and provide other benefits only programmers understand).

59318: Fixed a problem that prevented administrators from adding new Grant Management Funding Code Payment lookup values.

59389: The "Recommended Documents" block that displays a list of templates on cases has a new "Disable Requirement that Matter Have a Legal Problem Code" configuration option. The option is unchecked by default to maintain the current behavior of not displaying any templates if a case doesn't have a legal problem code.

59393: Tasks with no task type set will now be included in reports using the "Matter Has An Incomplete Task" table.

59445: Fixed an issue with the "Start New Intake" option that appears if someone uses the "Quick Case Copy" option but the case is too old to allow quick copy (per the site configuration). The intake option could result in an error if the case being copied was itself created from another case via quick copy. We have also improved this option for sites with multiple intakes; the user will have the option to start any active intake process instead of a default one for all cases.

59529: Worked around a problem with dragging and dropping report filters in Internet Explorer 8.

59535: For lookups that have over 200 entries, the Batch Edit feature will now display results in pages of 200 to avoid speed issues and values not saving in some circumstances. The feature will also allow filtering on the Active field to help working with long lists.

Changes for June 27, 2013 - July 3, 2013

Effective: Demo 07/04/2013; Weekly 07/12/2013; Monthly 08/02/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

59206: Sites using the new interface can now create alternate home page profile views for phones and tablets. In Admin / Processes, Forms, and Profiles, change the module to "Home/Section Front", create a "New Home/Section Front Layout View", make a selection in the new Device Type list, then add and configure the "Homepage Action Links" block. Logging in with a phone or tablet should automatically display the respective home page view if one has been created.

59431: The "Activity Presets" feature is now enabled for all sites, and is configured via the Admin / Activity Presets link. This feature extends the Activity feature which has always been available on all sites.

59471: We have disabled 'searchable forms' in branch logic blocks when editing forms with Internet Explorer due to slow page loads. IE users will see the simple dropdown list of forms when selecting a branch logic form for each entry instead of the newer searchable list of forms.

59539: For sites with GIS enabled, checking the Address block's "Show GIS Boundary Fields" option will expand the configuration options and allow showing or hiding each boundary field available on the site individually, instead of all or none.

Changes for June 20, 2013 - June 26, 2013

Effective: Demo 06/27/2013; Weekly 07/05/2013; Monthly 08/02/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

52769: The 'success' message displayed after dismissing all messages (for example reminder messages sent via the Message Center option) will no longer display HTML tags.

54373: Imported Case IDs (ones without a dash or other non-numeric character) in reports will now export as text instead of numbers.

59034: We have improved the export of lists. Exporting a list with enough results to split into multiple pages (more than 20 results by default) will no longer result in 'corrupt file' warnings in newer versions of Excel.

59243: The "Family Members" list view has a new "Show Action Column?" configuration option that allows that column (and the links in it) to be hidden.

59246: For online intake sites, there are two new fields, "Opposing Parties" and "Family Members", that display a summary of the respective record(s) on an intake.

59251: Fixed issues with the Online Intake Legal Problem Code block not saving problem code category descriptive and special legal problem code values.

59314: For online intake sites, there is a new Online Intake Additional Assistance block, improvements to the Opposing Party block, and a new "Lock Step(s)" block with configuration options to allow locking a step in the intake (the form the block is on) and/or all previous steps in the intake.

59336: The "Time and Attendance Record" (not enabled on all sites), will now respect the "View Other Users' Time" permission. A user whose role does not have that permission checked will not be able to change the user on the TAR page.

59359: For online intake sites, each form in a process has a new "Process Finish" option that controls display of the finish flag at the top of the page.

59382: The dropdown list of brochures is now in alphabetical order when adding them to outreaches.

59384: The Problem Code block in the outreach module has a new option to allow hiding Special Legal Problem Code.

59404: Sites receiving electronic case transfers can have the list of incoming transfers automatically filtered by county based on a user's assigned office. Each office in Admin / Offices has a new "Service Counties" list. If counties are selected for an office, for example Able and Baker, a user assigned to that office will only see incoming transfers with a service county of Able or Baker. This is a default filter and a user can change it to temporarily see transfers for other counties or all counties. A pending transfer's 'service county' is the county of residence, or if the county of residence is null, the county of dispute.

59410: Fixed a problem that prevented emails from being sent when a site had the alerts for incoming e-transfers configured by county of residence.

Changes for June 13, 2013 - June 19, 2013

Effective: Demo 06/20/2013; Weekly 06/28/2013; Monthly 07/05/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

51702: Working with new style report filters will no longer require Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 9.

54373: Imported Case IDs (ones without a dash or other non-numeric character) in reports will now export as text instead of numbers.

59228: Removed an incorrect "Last Active Date" field from the Case Data table in reports. The correct field has been renamed "Date of Latest (Opened, Intake, Prescreen)" to accurately reflect what the field displays for a case.

59241: The Quick Case Copy feature will now copy a client's address history (if collected), the 'HUD Race' field (hud_9902_race), and the 'Education Level' field (highest_education).

59243: The "Family Members" list view has a new "Show Action Column?" configuration option that allows that column (and the links in it) to be hidden.

59246: For online intake sites, there are two new fields, "Opposing Parties" and "Family Members", that display a summary of the respective record(s) on an intake.

59251: Fixed issues with the Online Intake Legal Problem Code block not saving problem code category descriptive and special legal problem code values.

59256: There is a new "Login" permission for user roles. The permission is checked by default for all user roles to maintain current behavior. The primary purpose of the permission is to allow sites using Internal and External permissions to completely block users assigned to certain roles from logging in from external networks (by unchecking the permission in the External section). The Login Active field can still be set to No to prevent an individual user from logging in, even if that user's role has the new permission enabled.

59286: Client Profile pages will now display the Address 2 and Apt/Lot # fields in the top portion of the page only if they contain data.

59295: Hidden columns in reports can again be used in summations and crosstabs. Report writer note: Using hidden columns can significantly increase the time required to create summations and crosstabs. We recommend displaying these columns, even if the entire data table is later hidden.

Changes for June 6, 2013 - June 12, 2013

Effective: Demo 06/13/2013; Weekly 06/21/2013; Monthly 07/05/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

51952: Improved the ability to use formatted columns in summations and crosstabs. For example, using Date of Service from timeslips formatted to display "Week Only" will use the displayed week number instead of attempting to use the underlying individual dates.

55171: The list of brochures on the Admin / Brochures page now defaults to being sorted by brochure name.

57148: The "Outreach Subjects" and "Outreach Types" fields that appeared on grant profile pages are being moved into grant filters.

58488: The applicant's email address (if any) is now displayed on the pending case transfer page on sites receiving electronic case transfers. The sending site must enable this option. It is unchecked by default. Administrators can enable it on the Admin / Configure Case Transfer page.

58761: Added a note to the "Begin Full Intake" setting on the Admin / Process Settings page to clarify that it no longer affects the Screening Status block used on prescreens, and included a link to the Screening Status lookup.

58889: Within the Adverse Party block, configuring the Age at Intake to display will no longer make it an editable field, causing errors if a user entered a value.

58926: We have removed the deprecated "Date (Open, Intake, Prescreen)" field in reports. The properly named "Date of Earliest (Open, Intake, Prescreen)" is still available.

59145: We have deprecated the older version of the Excel export feature in reports that was being maintained to support Excel 95. Administrator note: This update will switch sites to using the newer export. Sites still using the older version can switch now by setting "Enable Excel 2003 Export In Reports" to Yes on the Admin / Site Settings page. The newer version exports an XML file instead of an XLS file. In rare cases, computers do not automatically open XML files in the spreadsheet program that is installed (Excel, Libreoffice, etc.). In that case, the user will need to make a one-time file association between XML files and their spreadsheet program.

59152: The "All Household People Associated With a Case" subtable in reports will no longer display family members who have been deleted from a case.

59168: For online intake sites, the Online Financial Information block has several new configuration options, such as the ability to show or hide section headers, show or hide the "any income" question, etc.

59189: A report with a summation will no longer display a 'red text error' at the top of the page if any of the data rows have no values for the field(s) being counted in the summation.

59218: List view elements that currently automatically display a header on a form or profile will no longer do so.

List view elements have a new "Show All Items On Load?" configuration option. The option is unchecked by default to maintain the current behavior of showing paginated lists (1 - 20 of X).

For online intake sites, the "Applicant Phone #s" block has a new "Online Intake Format" configuration option. The option is unchecked by default to prevent changing the current style of display.

59219: For sites using the new interface, the Header form element has a new "Special Formatting" configuration option with several formatting alternatives.

The Address block has a new configuration option to hide the "Enter the Zip Code ..." instruction. The option is checked by default to maintain the current appearance of displaying the instruction.

The Address block also has a new "Online Intake Format" configuration option. The option is unchecked by default to maintain current appearance. When checked, this option changes the display of the fields on a form, and also shows an additional "Show Labels" configuration option.

For online intake sites, there is a new "Table Marker" form element, developed for use on Tab Blocks. Similar to the "Field Set" element, it can be a 'start' marker or an 'end' marker, and affects the formatting of data between the markers.

59220: There are 4 new list view elements, developed primarily for online intake, but which may be useful for other sites. See the individual lists for the configurable columns and options: Online Intake - Opposing Parties, Online Intake - Recommended Documents, Online Intake - Referral Organizations (this is a list of organizations that might be helpful, as opposed to a list of referrals made), and Online Intake - Resources (Websites). The data for the Resources list comes from the values entered in the new "Url" lookup list.

Changes for May 30, 2013 - June 5, 2013

Effective: Demo 06/06/2013; Weekly 06/14/2013; Monthly 07/05/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

54478: Added an "SSN" formatting option in reports so that 9-digit zip codes will be displayed with dashes (###-##-####) and will not drop leading zeros if the report is exported to Excel.

54601: Improved the formatting of help topics on sites using the new interface.

55003: The columns a report is sorted on can now be displayed in an "Ordering" line above the "Viewing x of x" line that appears above the data table columns. This can help clarify sort order when multiple columns are sorted, and prevent confusion if hidden columns are sorted. Administrators can enable this via the new "Show Ordering on Report Results" setting on the Admin / Site Settings page.

57040: There is a new "Addresses (One Row Per Address)" table available in reports to allow reporting, for example, on all of a client's addresses for sites keeping an address history. It is a subtable of the Person table.

57443: Reduced the load time of the main Grant Management page.

57859: Fixed a problem that caused an empty list of fields on Step 2 of creating a report based on the top level Outreach / Other Matter table.

58879: Worked around a problem with "View All" and pagination links in Internet Explorer 8. (Hotfixed)

58893: For sites using the Ajax document lists, a third level or lower folder can now be dragged to a case's top level folder to make it a second level folder.

58939: Added phone number as a filter in the Callbacks list.

58943: The Online Financial Information block has a new configuration option, "Show Asset Total after All Assets".

59058: The Search menu label in the new interface can now be displayed in red text like the classic interface (Admin / Top Level Navigation, Search tab). Pending cases in the new interface will now have a yellow background in the side bar snapshot.

59086: In a report based on the top level Documents table, the Module ID column will no longer cause debug text to appear above the data table.

59093: Improved the responsiveness of editing column properties in reports.

59119: Fixed a problem with sorting columns in a list when the column can have multiple values per record, such as special legal problem code, on some case lists. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

59135: Restored "Dismiss" links in the new interface for Messages displayed by the Combined Alerts Block on dynamic home pages.

59136: Entering a 9-digit zip code with hyphens in an a2j interview will no longer cause an error in LegalServer.

59157: Removed an error warning that could be displayed when accepting new notes in a follow-up electronic case transfer.

59162: Removed a duplicate "Problem Code/Special Problem Code" entry when adding a block to a form.

Changes for May 23, 2013 - May 29, 2013

Effective: Demo 05/30/2013; Weekly 06/07/2013; Monthly 07/05/2013; Quarterly 10/04/2013

51828: Empty text column cells in reports exported to Excel will again return TRUE for Excel's "ISBLANK()" function.

53599: The checkboxes for county fields displayed by the Address block will no longer lose state if there is a required field warning or the form otherwise fails to submit.

57491: Improved the performance of reports with multiple crosstabs and / or summations.

58912: Fixed incomplete links in reminder emails. For some sites, the link to the task, deadline, or event, did not include the site name.

59059: The static Options box and links will appear on dynamic outreach profiles if no Side / Action elements have been added to the profile.

59092: Fixed an issue with the county fields of the Address block not displaying "Please select" initially if the site is configured to display the "Out of State" checkbox option.

Changes for May 16, 2013 - May 22, 2013

Effective: Demo 05/23/2013; Weekly 05/31/2013; Monthly 06/07/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

50954: In Ajax Document Lists (Admin / Document Settings), file Titles will be preferred over filenames, but filenames will still be displayed if a file has no Title.

51419: Old style templates created in landscape mode will no longer orient form fields vertically when a document is generated on a case.

51479: Fixed a problem with the 'next month' link in the calendar, which would sometimes skip a month if the current day is the 31st.

54087: When editing reports, existing Crosstab and Summation sections will have an "X" icon that allows the section to be deleted.

54498: Fixed an issue that could cause multi-select, site specific lookup fields to cause errors on reports.

54895: The "Is Not" option available for report filters based on number fields when editing reports is now available when running reports.

56976: Multiple current primary assignments from imported cases will no longer cause an error on the homepage for users who are one of those assignments.

58800: Adding a case note via the + icon in the Case Notes filter bar (new interface only) will use the dynamic process selected for "Note Auxiliary Process" on the Admin / Process Settings page, instead of the static Add Case Note process.

58902: Fixed a problem that prevented a "No Assets" selection from being transferred properly to the receiving site in an e-transfer.

58945: Fixed a problem with adding certain fields like Special Legal Problem Code to a report via Add Fields, Method 1.

58953: Tasks with no user assigned will no longer display the person viewing the task profile in the "Users" section, making the person think they were assigned when they weren't.

58970: Site specific lookup fields are now available in grant filters.

59015: The "Jurisdictions" field in the user module is now multi-select, as is the corresponding filter on the Pro Bono Recommend page.

59018: Editing a form that contains a field later removed from the database will no longer cause an error message to be displayed at the top of the page.

Changes for May 9, 2013 - May 15, 2013

Effective: Demo 05/17/2013; Weekly 05/24/2013; Monthly 06/07/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

53592: Work Organization will be displayed on contact and user profile pages (both dynamic and static) when "Bind Work Address to Organization" is Yes.

55219: Fixed a problem that prevented certain messages, such as "Poverty scale for <date> unknown", from being displayed in the new interface.

56881: Putting 2 or more case numbers in the CC of an email will no longer result in duplicate case notes on each case.

56941: The "Notes (Generic)" block has a new configuration option that allows administrators to set the label text it displays on a form.

57127: Fixed the "Caseworker Label" in the Disposition block so that it applies when Pending is selected, not just Accept.

57181: Fields used in document templates that contain newlines, for example notes fields, will no longer result in two newlines being inserted into the document.

57893: The Scheduling side / action element available on matter profile pages now includes an option to show "Schedule Clinic Event" if a site has the Clinics module enabled.

57947: Fixed an issue that caused pending e-transfer pages to not display adjusted percentage of poverty if it matched percentage of poverty.

58449: We have changed the behavior of the "Roles Allowed to Edit" feature of the Funding Code block on dynamic timeslips. If no roles are checked, the existing behavior is that any user can edit the funding code when filling out the form. Having no roles checked after this update will mean that no user can edit the funding code, effectively making it read only on the form. Administrators using the block and relying on the existing behavior will need to edit their dynamic timeslip forms and check all of the roles in the block configuration.

58899: Fixed an issue causing error text to appear at the top of a case's folder and document list. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

58921: The "Options" box on dynamic outreaches will no longer show all static and dynamic auxiliary process links.

58923: Fixed an issue in reports where sorting on an aggregated virtual column would cause the data table to not display. The issue only affects virtual columns such as combined "last, first" names, and only if that column is also aggregated.

58937: There is a new "Aged Assignments" list view available for use on dynamic home pages. Like the "Current Assignments" list, it displays cases the user is assigned to, but adds a "Days Since Last Activity" column. That column is calculated from the most recent note or timeslip entered on the corresponding case. That column is also a filter on the list, and defaults to showing cases where the last activity is 60 or more days. The default number of days is configurable in the list's options.

58944: Batch editing the Time Activity Types lookup now includes the ability to set the Timekeeping Category. In addition, the Timekeeping Category lookup list itself now has the batch edit feature.

Changes for May 2, 2013 - May 8, 2013

Effective: Demo 05/09/2013; Weekly 05/17/2013; Monthly 06/07/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

58612: The report filter section will no longer display over the top of the display options section when a user-based, search and select style filter has many users selected.

58791: Creating a document subfolder will no longer give an incorrect "Folder with the same name already exists" message. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

58804: Applied changes for list views using using custom fields that will prevent errors and improve speed.

58808: The LITC block will no longer show a field if the "Show" option for that field is unchecked in the block configuration.

58838: Fixed a problem causing an error displaying an event management profile at the end of a create process.

58847: The Batch Edit action link on the County lookup list now allows editing the Service Area value (Inside Service Area / Outside Service Area / Outside State) for each county.

58849: Fixed an issue with site specific lookup fields not displaying "Please select" when configured for no default on a form.

58858: Fixed a problem with editing from the profile page of publication documents. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

Changes for April 25 - May 1, 2013

Effective: Demo 05/02/2013; Weekly 05/10/2013; Monthly 06/07/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

56242: Selecting "Custom Dates" for a date filter in a report using new style filters will now properly display the data entry field allowing the custom date or date range to be entered.

58655: The Case Notes List block will no longer display "<br/>" tags in notes.

58698: Added additional error checking to alert administrators that they have created an infinite loop in a branch logic configuration.

58724: Fixed "unhandled filter type" error text on Step 2 of the Add New Report process.

58737: Clicking Merge/Delete on a county lookup value that is used on a document template, and no other records, will now prompt for a merge, instead of allowing a delete and causing errors when the document template was accessed after the delete.

58753: The Mass Assignment Update process (available as an action on user profiles with appropriate permission) will no longer result in an error if all dispositions are selected on Step 1 of the process.

58770: The "No Assets" value in the Assets lookup list is now marked 'System' to avoid errors in the corresponding blocks if that value was merged or deleted.

58811: Added missing "Reply" links to the Messages menu, message profile pages, and the Unread Messages list, and missing "Dismiss" links on the Unread Messages list for sites using the new interface.

Changes for April 18 - April 24, 2013

Effective: Demo 04/25/2013; Weekly 05/03/2013; Monthly 06/07/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

52328: Fixed a problem that could cause the lookup merge queue to stop processing in unusual circumstances.

52896: Sites receiving a re-referral of a case via electronic case transfer now have the option of accepting new documents sent with the re-referral.

55425: Added the ability to delete grant filters. In addition, grant filters with no valid selection will display "N/A (No filter value)" on the grant profile page.

56275: Added a "Save and Add Another" button to the grant filter edit page.

56402: Entering an invalid SSN (for example with 10 numbers) for an adverse party will show a validation warning instead of an error page.

58390: Site specific fields will display the field's short name instead of the description when editing forms.

58629: Fixed a font problem with the EOIR-28 immigration form that caused some text to overlap.

58638: Fixed a problem with the Event Reminder block that prevented the "Show/Hide Date Calculator" link from appearing on dynamic calendar event forms.

58640: Fixed an issue that caused items configured in the Actions side element of a dynamic clinic event profile to not display.

58641: Improved the page load time when editing a form that contains branch logic using a toggle field with many lookup values.

58646: Rejected prescreens that are re-opened will now display with the profile configured in the process that originally created the prescreen.

58656: Fixed an issue that prevented search terms in a list view, such as the Notes search results, from displaying in bold text.

Changes for April 11 - April 17, 2013

Effective: Demo 04/18/2013; Weekly 04/26/2013; Monthly 05/03/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

55700: Fixed a problem that could cause an error trying to delete a litigation record that uses site specific fields.

56676: Report filters for boolean (yes/no) fields now have a "No" option in addition to "No or Unanswered".

57529: A Zip Code field is now available in the outreach module.

58005: Fixed a problem that could cause grant filters with multiple criteria to not check all filters in limited situations.

58372: Removed a Continue button from the bottom of the "Refer to Outside Organization" page that would unexpectedly begin a reject process.

58446: There is a new user role permission, "Show Search Link", that enables or disables the red Search link (in the classic interface) or Search menu (in the new interface). All roles except the special Pro Bono Restricted Access role have the new permission enabled. Administrator note: If you have PBRA users logging in to LegalServer and want them to be able to search, you will likely need to enable this permission after the update hits your site.

58486: Fixed a problem that prevented the "Calculator" link on tasks and deadlines from displaying the deadline calculator elements properly.

58512: Fixed a problem where a date value transferred to another site could be received as one day earlier than the date sent.

58582: If the Add Case Note block is configured to allow a timeslip to be created, the funding code field for the timeslip will properly default to the case's funding code.

58617: Fixed a problem that was causing the application to stall when adding a subfolder to the top level folder, or a second level folder, on the Documents page.

58622: Improved the load time of the Callbacks list on the Cases page for sites that have callbacks enabled.

Changes for April 4 - April 10, 2013

Effective: Demo 04/11/2013; Weekly 04/19/2013; Monthly 05/03/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

54748: Reports exported to Excel will no longer treat zip codes as numbers if the zip code column on the report is formatted as either "5 Digit Zip" or "9 Digit Zip". This keeps Excel from dropping the leading zero from zip codes like 01234.

56667: There is a new "User Outreaches" block available for dynamic section fronts and home pages. It displays a list of outreaches where the user is in the Staff list on the outreach record.

57438: Email addresses for cases are no longer case sensitive.

58227: There are two new settings on the Admin / Site Settings page regarding the "Don't Run on Open" attribute of reports. This attribute can be set to Yes by default for all new reports by checking the box for "Default value for the 'Don't Run On Open' Report Attribute". It can be set to Yes for existing reports by checking the box for "Apply 'Don't Run On Open' default to existing reports".

58258: Fixed a problem with the immigration form I-602 that prevented it from saving.

58485: Fixed a problem with field names that prevented the immigration form I-539 from saving.

58498: Added a user role permission, "Administer Bar Code Scanning", which controls the visibility of barcode scanning links on the Admin page.

58499: Sites using the barcode scanning feature can prevent a case note being created on each successful scan by setting the new "Add a Case Note once a Scan Is Received" setting on the Admin / Barcode Scanning Settings page to No.

58502: The Domestic Violence Relationship block no longer displays a new empty row if one or more entries already exist.

58503: The Domestic Violence Outcomes block no longer displays a new empty row if one or more entries already exist.

58523: Fixed an issue with the Problem Notes field on clinic event appointment profile pages not saving properly.

Changes for March 28 - April 3, 2013

Effective: Demo 04/04/2013; Weekly 04/12/2013; Monthly 05/03/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

7640: The Data Options section of reports no longer adjusts to the full width of the report, making it easier to work with when a report has dozens of columns.

54181: Fixed the "Strip HTML" option available on text columns in reports so that it no longer misses "<br/>" tags.

55948: When viewing a document profile page from a case, the breadcrumbs on the profile page now include a link back to the case.

56273: Prescreens can now have multiple 'begin intake' processes in the Screening Status dropdown. Site administrators can configure this Admin / Lookups. Each screening status lookup value has a new "Prescreen Status Block's Intake Start Process" option; a dropdown list of active intake processes. If an intake process is selected for a lookup value, it will escalate the prescreen to an intake using that process.

56375: Long case notes that are collapsed in the Case Note List block properly hide the ellipsis (...) when those notes are expanded to display the full text of the note.

56715: There is a new top level Grants table in reports to allow reporting on grant information without reference to cases, outreaches, or other records.

57000: User-based filters in reports, like Caseworker, Primary Assignment, etc., now have an "Exclude Selected" checkbox in the filter options.

57677: Fixed a problem causing the Folder dropdown on an Add New Document page to only show the first level of folders on a case, preventing uploading to second and lower level folders.

58028: When creating a new report with the "Save Report" button on an existing report, the page where you enter the new report's name also includes an option to mark the new report as one of your favorites. The option is checked by default, but can be unchecked.

58073: The Electronic Case Transfers list on the Cases tab has new filters for County of Residence, County of Dispute, and Problem Code.

58106: There is a new "Default User Creation Dynamic Process" setting on the Admin / Process Settings page. The setting determines which process is called by the "Make this contact a user" link on contact records. The setting is only relevant for sites that have created dynamic user processes, forms, and profiles.

58227: Reports have a new "Don't Run On Open" option in the Attributes section (in edit mode). If this option is enabled, someone running the report will see "Please Run Report to View Results" instead of the rows of data.

58319: The "Address" block has a new configuration option which can be used to disable the "Enter the zip code and Legal Server will automatically find the city/county" instruction. This makes the block more suitable for use in online intakes.

58323: The Preferred Phone field in the "Applicant Phone #s" block will no longer override the default value of the Preferred Phone field when used as a separate field on the same form via branch logic.

58336: Rows of multiple items on forms which have plus (+) and minus (-) buttons, for example income and assets on a financial form, now only show the plus (+) button on the last row to improve the clarity of the interface.

58362: The LSC Eligibility Information and SITE Information blocks have several new options. 1) Text boxes for "Text to Show When Eligible" and "Text To Show When Ineligible". 2) A text box for the "Override/Exception Reason Label" to display for the override Yes/No field. 3) An option to "Show Override/Exception Only if Determined Ineligible". 4) A text box for the instruction to display above the override reason. 5) A "Use Special Exception Field" option and a text box for an associated instruction. The special exception field displays the "Yes" value, in read-only form, of the "Is this matter eligible?" field. 6) A "Show Document Selection" option, which displays a Yes/No option to display form elements allowing documents to be uploaded, and a related "Default Document Selection to Yes" option.

58387: For sites with electronic case transfers enabled, the page for reviewing a Received Field Transfer from another site now has the option to decline the transfer. If declined, "Declined" will appear in the Accept Status column on that site and the sending site.

58415: Fixed a problem with creating site specific lookup lists. (Effective for all affected sites 4/5/2013)

Changes for March 21 - March 27, 2013

Effective: Demo 03/28/2013; Weekly 04/05/2013; Monthly 05/03/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

56979: Adding the Donations list view to a dynamic user profile page will no longer cause an error.

57495: Fixed a problem that could cause the breadcrumbs on Clinic Event pages to display a different Clinic.

57511: Fixed a problem in the older style calendar that would cause clicking an hour label before 10:00am to not properly fill in the start and end times on the event form.

57598: The In-Place Client Search block will again copy Race and Gender from an existing case into the New Case portion of the form.

57747: Fixed a problem with "Make this Contact a User" creating a user but causing an error page, making you return to the user account to continue working with it.

57985: Fixed an issue that prevented the "Accept and Close" option available in the Disposition block from displaying the close case form. (Effective 3/22/2013 on affected sites)

58027: The user preference "Default Reports lists to Favorites list" now applies to the All Reports and Saved Reports lists as well as the Base Reports list.

58221: Site specific fields (fields added by administrators) now have an Active field and a Grouping field to determine whether and where they display in field lists, for example when editing forms.

For sites with electronic case transfer enabled, two features have been added related to site specific fields: 1) Each field has a new "Allow Transfer (if applicable)" option. Setting this to Yes will transfer the value of this field if the receiving site has the same field; 2) There is a new Admin / Field Transfers page that allows a site to send selected site specific fields to any site (or sites) it can e-transfer to. The receiving site(s) then have the option to accept those fields, adding them to the site's database. The new page has lists of "Sent Field Transfers", "Received Field Transfers", and a "Transfer Fields" actions menu link.

58255: Fixed an issue that could prevent creating new grants. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

58328: Fields accepting monetary values will no longer produce validation warnings if more than one comma is used when entering the value.

58338: Fixed an issue with emailing a note created on a dynamic non-client timeslip. (Hotfixed to all sites)

58357: Worked around a problem with Internet Explorer 8 not displaying caseworker search boxes on branch logic forms of timeslips.

58368: The DV Outcome block will no longer cause cosmetic "There was an error" text at the top of forms.

57569: The Immigration Status block has new configuration options to require immigration status and to require supporting documentation.

Changes for March 14 - March 20, 2013

Effective: Demo 03/21/2013; Weekly 03/29/2013; Monthly 04/05/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

57922: Worked around a problem with opening exported report data in Excel, where one or more cells contained numbers and leading spaces.

57985: Fixed a problem that prevented the Accept and Close option at the end of an intake from immediately displaying the close case form. (Effective 3/22 for sites updated weekly)

58163: All sites now have Force New and Force Old links in the filters section when editing reports. The new style filters provide a more compact display and allow creating OR queries. See the Filters section of the Reports Manual in help or on the community site for more details.

58191: Fixed an issue that could prevent beginning intake on a pending e-transfer. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

58223: Improvements to form editing: 1) Field element names are now clickable links to the field editor page for that field. Once on a field's page, if it is a lookup field, the lookup list it uses is a clickable link to that list. 2. "textarea" fields now have a larger "Default value" box to allow easier entry of multiple lines of default text. 3. Site specific fields can be added from the Actions menu of the form editor. The form may need to be saved and edited again before the new field will appear in the field lists.

Changes for March 7 - March 13, 2013

Effective: Demo 03/14/2013; Weekly 03/22/2013; Monthly 04/05/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

56052: Fixed a problem that prevented the Login filter on timeslip lists on dynamic section fronts from working properly after sorting the list, changing pages, or changing other filters.

57422: Worked around a problem with IE8 that prevented changes to report filters in edit mode from being saved.

57535: Fixed a problem that could cause the "Hide Taskbar" link to display popup error windows.

57567: Fixed an issue with the Problem Code / Special Problem Code block. Disabling the "Show Problem Code Text Area" option will no longer prevent the special problem code list from updating properly if the problem code is changed during data entry.

57675: Fixed an issue that could cause the "Edit" links on the Organization Affiliations list on user profiles to point to the wrong user.

57724: Fixed an issue with viewing the Document Settings page on some online intake sites.

57871: There is a new "Import and Export Lookup Values" user role permission. The permission enables two Actions menu links, "Export Values" and "Import Lookups", when viewing a system lookup list. The links allow exporting a list's values from one site and importing those values to the corresponding list on another site; for example, between a demo and live site. The permission is not enabled by default.

58090: The "Adverse Party (Prescreen)" block will now retain AP information entered on one step of a multiple step prescreen process. For sites using multiple step prescreens and this block, note that entered AP information cannot be deleted within the prescreen; APs can be deleted if the prescreen is escalated to an intake.

58099: Branch Logic block configuration has been improved. The Toggle Field is now a searchable list of fields. The form list for each selection choice is also searchable.

58116: There is a new "Case Persons List" block element available. The block displays a list of people linked to a matter according to the Person Type selected in the block configuration. The block is primarily intended to be placed above an Add Person block on a form. The "Edit" links in the list will populate the Add Person fields with an existing person's information.

58130: When adding a new field to a dynamic form, the field search box width is now automatically being rendered at the correct size.

58164: Enabled sorting on Identification Number and County of Dispute on the Electronic Case Transfers list.

Changes for February 28, 2013 - March 6, 2013

Effective: Demo 03/07/2013; Weekly 03/15/2013; Monthly 04/05/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

54751: Activities is a new subtable of the top level Case Data table in reports, allowing reports on cases that do, and don't, have associated activity records.

55756: Organization tables in reports have a new "Organization Addresses (One Row per Address)" subtable, and several subtables under that to provide access to address fields and the user who updated the information.

56668: Adding a site specific field to the grant module will no longer cause an error.

56670: For sites using the Clinic module, the Upcoming Clinic Events list will default to showing the current day's events and events for the next 7 days (up from 6). For a weekly clinic event happening on the current date, this will make the next week's event for that clinic be included in the default list. We have also shortened two of the column headings to "Total Slots" and "Available Slots".

57288: In-line editing of a field on a profile page in the new interface will now display an appropriate in-line message if incorrect data is entered, such as a bad date value, text in a money field, etc.

57652: Fixed a problem with that could cause the Organization Affiliation list on user profile pages to not list all of a user's affiliations.

57716: Fixed a problem with the Batch Funding Code Update Tool that could cause a blank page or error if a case without a funding code was in the list.

57903: Using funding code as a branch logic toggle field on timeslips will no longer cause an error. (Hotfixed)

57915: Adding the "Auto Create Folders - Problem Code Limited" block to a form will no longer cause an error. (Hotfixed)

57925: Site specific percentage fields with a precision set will now properly accept larger numbers such as 100.000%.

57939: Updated the Offices column of the main grant list to properly display offices based on the Assigned Office filter, if any for a particular grant, instead of the older "Offices (Case)" filter.

57941: For sites using e-transfers, the Admin / Site Settings page now includes a convenience link to "Electronic Case Transfer Settings". The case transfer admin page also has a new "Show Financial Summary on Received Transfer Profile" setting. It is set to No by default.

57965: Fixed an issue that could cause an error if a dynamic timeslip was edited but the site did not have a dynamic timeslip profile page setup. (Hotfixed)

58040: Fixed an issue that prevented some images from displaying on help pages.

58065: Fields on dynamic profiles in modules other than Case/Matter can now be set as "Editable", similar to how fields on the Main Profile and Prescreen Summary profile have the "Editable Dispositions" option. For other modules, the option is an Editable checkbox. For user profile pages, the options for each field are "Not Editable", "All Users", and "Same User". The latter option means a field will be editable only if the user is viewing his or her own profile.

Changes for February 21, 2013 - February 27, 2013

Effective: Demo 02/28/2013; Weekly 03/08/2013; Monthly 04/05/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

57434: The "Outcomes (With Frequency Controls)" block has a new "Show Value" configuration option to allow the Value field to be hidden.

57682: Worked around an Internet Explorer issue that prevented opening a new window / tab when you clicked on the "locked-in bar" of the Funding Code Goals Chart widget.

57901: Fixed a problem with the Batch Edit link not appearing on some lookup pages.

57906: If the Add Case Note block is configured to allow a timeslip to be created, a header will appear for better visual separation on the form, and the funding code field for the timeslip will properly default to the case's funding code.

57933: The Section Front Module field is now required and initially empty when building and editing section fronts.

Changes for February 14, 2013 - February 20, 2013

Effective: Demo 02/21/2013; Weekly 03/01/2013; Monthly 04/05/2013; Quarterly 07/05/2013

55625: Improved the speed of the name search in Recipients boxes, for example when emailing notes.

57634: The "Followup Profile" setting for prescreen and intake processes has been fully implemented. Prescreen processes have traditionally always redirected to the default "Prescreen Summary" profile, and intake processes to the default "Main Profile", regardless of any selection in the Followup Profile setting. This change will allow, for example, two prescreen processes to redirect to different profiles. Administrator note: Intake processes should not need adjustment because the default followup profile has always been "Main Profile". For prescreen processes, however, administrators will likely need to explicitly set the followup profile to "Prescreen Summary" (or the appropriate profile if the name has been changed) to avoid prescreens redirecting to the Main Profile.

57662: The "<strong>", "<b>", and "<i>" tags in instruction box elements will work properly in the new interface when the "Format as HTML" configuration option is selected.

57725: Improperly configuring a Side/Action element on a Tab Block will no longer cause the first tab to display nothing.

57781: There is a new Timekeeping subtable under the top level Outreach table. This allows pulling in timeslip detail only for timeslips that are linked to an outreach record (like Case Data > Timekeeping does for matters). The new subtable may not appear on existing reports based on the top level Outreach table.

57793: Fixed an issue with the "Notes (Generic)" block that could result in an error page.

57804: Fixed a problem with exporting some lists and reports to Excel. (Hotfixed to all affected sites)

57813: There is a new "Show Financial Summary on Received Transfer Profile" setting relevant to sites doing e-transfers (including a2j and online intakes). The setting is on the Admin / Site Settings page and is off by default.

57816: The "Applicant Phone #s" block has a new configuration option to require 10 digits.

57835: Case Alerts displayed on the homepage now have clickable case links in the new interface.

Changes for February 7, 2013 - February 13, 2013

Effective: Demo 02/14/2013; Weekly 02/22/2013; Monthly 03/01/2013; Quarterly 04/05/2013

53248: Sites using the new interface can display a new Quickbar element in the Search bar. The purpose of the Quickbar is to provide links to certain processes (such as timeslips) and allow those processes to be completed in a lightbox without needing to leave the current page. For example, while viewing your calendar you could add a timeslip without needing to leave the calendar page or opening the timekeeping page in another browser tab. The Quickbar is enabled by default, but will not display unless at least one process is configured to display. Dynamic create processes (including intake and prescreen processes) have a new "Show in Quickbar" setting. This does not include auxiliary processes. There is also an associated user role permission "Front Page - View Quickbar (When Available)" that is enabled by default for all user roles except the "Pro Bono Restricted Access" role.

56700: Fixed an issue that was causing newly created Section Fronts to not display even when active. (Effective for all sites 2/15/2013)

57105: Site specific fields of type 'percent' have a new "Precision" setting that controls the number of digits than can be entered after a decimal place. Existing fields can be edited to set precision, but this will not affect existing data, only data entered after the change.

57252: Significant improvements in reading barcodes on cover sheets sent to scan@ using the barcode scan feature, particularly on poor quality scans. The time to read and process a barcode has also been improved.

57740: Page number links on a paginated closed tickets list now work properly, and ticket closing dates display properly.

57752: The Add Case Note block has a new "Require Subject" configuration option. If the block is configured to allow creating a timeslip, there are new options to "Show PAI / Pro Bono Time" and "Require PAI / Pro Bono Time".

Changes for January 31, 2013 - February 6, 2013

Effective: Demo 02/07/2013; Weekly 02/15/2013; Monthly 03/01/2013; Quarterly 04/05/2013

56549: The county field will again default to "Please select" when entering an individual adverse party; and entering a zip code will update that field if the zip code is properly configured in the Admin / Zip Codes list.

57483: Fixed an issue that could cause the donor and general mailing category preferences used on some contact forms to not save properly.

57512: Sorting the Pro Bono Opportunities list view on a home page by the "Is Interested" column will no longer cause an error.

57565: Organization party searches (group clients and organization adverse parties) are now full text in addition to exact match. A search for "Portfolio Recovery" as an organization adverse party, for example, will return exact matches as well as "Portfolio Asset Recovery", "Portfolio Recovery Associates", etc. These searches will also include 'similar' results based on the trigram algorithm. Sites that do not want the additional results typically returned by trigram can disable it by changing the new "Organization Search Includes 'Similar' Results" setting to No on the Search tab of the Admin / Top Level Navigation page.

57606: Multiple funding code fields on a form or in branch logic forms will no longer cause unnecessary server load.

57628: A problem with a list view on a form will now display a warning message instead of causing an error page.

57635: Fixed an issue that could cause the first step of an outreach create process to error. (Hotfixed)

57641: Notes added in outreach timeslips now properly display in the notes section of outreach profiles.

57656: Fixed an issue with GIS lookups on addresses returning problem alerts.

Changes for January 24, 2013 - January 30, 2013

Effective: Demo 01/31/2013; Weekly 02/08/2013; Monthly 03/01/2013; Quarterly 04/05/2013

57583: When mapping incoming lookup values for electronic case transfers, the dropdown lists of a site's lookup values will now only include active lookup values.

57572: The Site Name field can now be left blank for no site name. It will no longer automatically revert to a default name. See Admin / Top Level Navigation Bar.

57568: The "Re-open Case" block has new configuration options for "Show Funding Code" and "Require Funding Code". Both options are enabled by default to maintain current behavior.

57554: Sites using the HUD ARM Electronic Reporting module now have the ability to set the Fiscal Year in transmissions. The fiscal year for each report period defaults to the calendar year of the period's end date, but this can be manually changed. See Admin / Lookups / HUD ARM Report Periods. (Effective 2/1/2013)

57531: Added a "Domestic Violence Relationships (One Row per Relationship)" table to reports. This allows reporting on multiple records created via the eponymous block.

57528: The "Edit Billing" block has several new configuration options. See the block's help page for details.

57525: For sites using the classic interface, administrators can now change the default search type of the red Search link. The new setting is on the Admin / Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page. The setting defaults to "Client/Parties" to maintain current behavior.

57525: Each user's Preferences page has a new "Default Reports list to Favorites List" setting. Setting this to Yes will default the Base Reports list to only reports you have marked as a favorite.

57525: SSNs were appearing as links when sites were viewed on some tablets and phones. This has been fixed.

57525: Site logos are now properly cached for a slight speed improvement.

Changes for January 17, 2013 - January 23, 2013

Effective: Demo 01/24/2013; Weekly 02/01/2013; Monthly 03/01/2013; Quarterly 04/05/2013

57502: Users assigned to a clinic event can now be removed from the event. On a clinic event profile page, the "Edit" page for each assigned user now has a "Delete this Assignment" link.

57488: Deleting a calendar event that has a note with an attached document will no longer cause an error.

57484: Fixed an issue with the edit links on the Organization Affiliation list on user profiles.

57437: Leaving the start time for a calendar event blank will display a required field warning instead of an error page.

57103: A "Subjects" block is now available for use on dynamic user forms.

57093: Closing the "Add Column" window when editing a report with automatic refresh off will again properly trigger the "Refresh Results" box and button.

56882: Selecting the Exclude checkbox for an asset no longer resets the asset's value to 0.00.

56534: Updated: Fixed an issue that caused the Most Recent Benefit Hearing table in reports to return records with no Decision Date, Filing Date, or Due Date, instead of ignoring them.

54859: The body of the message created by the "Send Email" block is now marked as required to avoid an error if the body is left blank. Site administrators may need to remove and re-add the block to forms to get the new behavior.

54638: The "Outcomes (with Frequency Controls)" block now includes an option to make the period multiplier value editable by users.

Changes for January 10, 2013 - January 16, 2013

Effective: Demo 01/17/2013; Weekly 01/25/2013; Monthly 02/01/2013; Quarterly 04/05/2013

57339: There is a new "Auto Create Folders" block that can be used with any module. The existing block for matters has been renamed "Auto Create Folders - Problem Code Limited". Administrators do not need to change existing intake forms using the now-renamed block; it will continue to function as before.

57278: Fixed an issue with xml links on the "Reports - Example Reports" help page causing an error instead of prompting to download the file.

57275: Case ID search will now work with an em dash and if there are spaces surrounding the dash.

57196: Added "Created At" as a configurable column on the Assignments list view available on matters.

55858: Fixed a problem with some lookup fields not honoring the "No Default" configuration.

55802: The Options sidebar element (and the links it displays) will no longer automatically appear on dynamic user profiles. Site administrators can display it by adding the "Regular Options Links" element to the profile.

Changes for January 3, 2013 - January 9, 2013

Effective: Demo 01/10/2013; Weekly 01/18/2013; Monthly 02/01/2013; Quarterly 04/05/2013

57341: Fixed a problem that could make a grant available for timekeeping, but restricted by the LSC Eligible field, appear as not available on a timeslip although the associated case is LSC Eligible.

57322: Permanency Outcomes lists are available for FAU events.

57277: An FAU Court Procedure block and list is available for dynamic events.

57297: A Visitations block is available on dynamic events.