2014-09-10 Release Notes

Changes for September 4, 2014 - September 10, 2014

Effective: Demo 09/11/2014; Weekly 09/19/2014; Monthly 10/03/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

63303: Exchange Sync: Attempting to edit an event in LegalServer that was created in Exchange by someone who is not a LegalServer user, but includes LegalServer users, will now result in a message that editing is not allowed because of Exchange permissions.

63599: Fixed an issue that could prevent help pages from displaying screenshots.

64292: The Actions menu on a dynamic organization profile page now properly displays the category labels inside the menu instead of "n/a".

64378: The Case Data > Most Recent Note Time table in reports now includes "Subject" and "Body" as available fields.

64420: We have ported some display features from the Snapshot element (legacy interface) to the Snapshot New element (new interface). The snapshot elements display the client name and case number, disposition, case status, etc., in the sidebar on a case. Snapshot New will now display "Domestic Violence Present" in a red box if the boolean Domestic Violence field is Yes. It will also display "Client Conflict Status" and "Adverse Party Conflict Status" in red boxes if the respective fields have not been set (usually labeled "Undetermined") or are set to the "Conflict" value. The value displayed is a clickable link that invokes the process configured on the Admin / Process Settings page. (Hotfixed to all weekly and monthly update sites 9/5/2014).

64433: Improvements to the document generation code to prevent a stalled process from blocking other processes.

64589: There is a new "Level of Service" feature available for matters. The feature works like Case Status: It will typically be enabled in the snapshot sidebar element; the current value in the snapshot is a clickable link; and it records a history of changes to the Level of Service, including who made the change. Site administrators can enable Level of Service in the Snapshot New element on the main profile. Values for the Level of Service are taken from the Case Type lookup list. There is an associated "Matter Level of Service" list view element to display the log of changes if desired. There is also a "Level of Service" block that can be used on an auxiliary form if a site wants to provide an alternate method of adding a new level of service record to a case. See the help page for Level of Service for screenshots.

64692: Fixed an issue with the "Save and Add Another" button displayed by the Screening Status block on prescreens that required clicking the button once to save (and refresh the page) and a second time to start a new prescreen.

64702: Creating a calendar event, for example by clicking a date in Week view, will now insert the date clicked as the start and stop date instead of the current date.

64716: Fixed an issue that caused site specific number fields created with a non-zero precision value (the number of digits allowed after a decimal point) to ignore the precision, round any entered value to the nearest integer, and only store the integer. (Effective on all sites 9/19/2014)