2014-09-17 Release Notes

Changes for September 11, 2014 - September 17, 2014

Effective: Demo 09/18/2014; Weekly 09/26/2014; Monthly 10/03/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

58492: Fixed a redirect error that would happen when editing forms and processes if you used the sidebar links to jump between forms and processes.

63156: Fixed an issue that could prevent some family members from showing up in the fields displayed by the Additional Assistance block.

63925: Document templates have been extended to the User module. This allows documents to be generated directly from a user profile, for example a Thank You letter to a pro bono user. A "Recommended Documents" block is available for user profile pages. A new "User Data" actor type and "User" actor are available to allow user fields to be mapped in templates.

63963: The Quickbar menu will now display on top of any page elements like calendar views, instead of being partially obscured underneath them.

64726: Inactive values in the Matter Referral Codes lookup list will no longer appear in the LSC Other Services Referral Reporting Code dropdown on forms.

64765: If the Default Office option in the Create Assignment block is configured as "N/A", it will now properly default to "Please select" on the form.

64823: Fixed an issue that could cause dynamic list view elements to hide all columns in rare cases.

64833: Recurring appointment slots are now properly supported when syncing with Microsoft Exchange.

64844: Restored the Actions menu on dynamic grant section fronts.