2014-09-24 Release Notes

Changes for September 18, 2014 - September 24, 2014

Effective: Demo 09/25/2014; Weekly 10/03/2014; Monthly 11/07/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

62510: Fixed an issue with the "NOEP Barriers" block that was causing an error when saving a page the block is on.

63484: For sites geocoding to census tracts, census tract names now include the state and county FIPS codes in addition to the census tract number.

64662: There is a new "Set Contact Type" block available for dynamic donation forms. The block allows, for example, an individual donor's contact record to automatically be updated to include "Donor" in their contact types.

64777: The Salutation field that appears on the form to add a donation from an individual will now also appear when viewing the donation or editing it.

64815: Applied updates to the webcal feed to address situations where the feed would not update when queried. This is the one-way pull of a user's calendar events into another program like Outlook or Google Calendar (if a site administrator has enabled the webcal link on user profiles).

64845: Resubmitting the financial form on a case with "No Income" selected will no longer erase the notes text for that income entry.