2014-10-01 Release Notes

Changes for September 25, 2014 - October 1, 2014

Effective: Demo 10/02/2014; Weekly 10/10/2014; Monthly 11/07/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

63519: Improvements to the Actions menu sizing in the new interface when the "Required Tasks" category is active on a case. This category of links will only appear if a site is using that feature (see Help: Configuring Funding Codes to Prompt Users with Additional Questions if you desire more information).

64817: There is a new Court Filings block that allows recording multiple records per matter. Each record can record the court filing (a lookup field), date, result (a lookup field), and a note. There is also an associated list view if you want to display the list of filings on a profile page.

64965: Fixed an issue that prevented the sidebar Show/Hide icon in the new interface from displaying. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 9/26/2014)

64991: The Actions menu on a dynamic contact profile page now properly displays the category labels inside the menu instead of "n/a".