2014-10-08 Release Notes

Changes for October 2, 2014 - October 8, 2014

Effective: Demo 10/09/2014; Weekly 10/17/2014; Monthly 11/07/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

63543: The behavior of the "Funding Code Timekeeping Change" block has been changed to avoid attempting to assign an invalid funding code to a timeslip on a case, thus causing an error. For each timeslip checked on the form, the funding code needs to be selected, and only appropriate funding codes will displayed for that timeslip.

63864: Fixed an issue that could cause an "Error loading list" message on a report if it uses an old reference to "Nature of Disability" from the Person table.

64772: If adding time is enabled on an Add Case Note form, the funding code will again default to the case's funding code instead of "Please select".

64778: The Multiple Outcomes V2 block will no longer cause an error if it is on a branch logic form that is not displayed when the primary form is submitted.

64779: Adding a donation from an organization's profile page will now properly fill in the organization on the donation page.

64785: Not entering a date on an outcome (when using the Multiple Outcomes V2 block) will now display a required field warning instead of an error page when the form is submitted.

64874: Removed an unnecessary Continue button that would cause a harmless but annoying error on some static case funding code pages (whether the button appeared depends on site configuration settings).

64921: For sites using the Internal Transfers feature, fixed an issue that prevented cases that should appear on the list from appearing if they had been rejected then re-opened.

64944: Fixed an issue with creating recurring appointment slots. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 10/7/2014)

65010: For sites using the Internal Transfers feature, the Start Date column will now correctly display the start date of the current primary assignment for cases that have had multiple primary assignments.

65035: Fixed an issue causing an error if a form uses the NOEP Barrier block. (Hotfixed to affected sites 10/6/2014)

65039: Fixed an issue that was causing site specific number fields to cause an error when a form is submitted.

65040: There is a new Outcomes V2 list view element available for sites with that module enabled. As the name indicates, the list only displays outcomes recorded with one of the V2 blocks.