2014-10-15 Release Notes

Changes for October 9, 2014 - October 15, 2014

Effective: Demo 10/16/2014; Weekly 10/24/2014; Monthly 11/07/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

63331: Prevent the print dialog from appearing twice when printing a report.

63546: The Goal Summary link will no longer cause an error if a grant does not have an active goal.

64392: Removed a duplicate page title on the Assign Case page.

64679: There is a new "Individual or Org Name" field available on the top level Donations table in reports. This field will display the donor name, whether the donation is an individual or organization donation. Having the name in one column allows, for example, a single crosstab (or summation) by 'donor', instead of needing one crosstab for individual donors and another crosstab for organization donors.

64757: The "Timekeeping object" block, which determines if a timeslip is attached to a matter or outreach, can now be used on branch logic forms.

64760: If a default funding code is configured in the Disposition block, that choice will now apply when Pending is selected as well as Accept.

64804: Fixed an issue that caused the standard Outcomes list view to stop displaying outcomes if Outcomes V2 is also enabled on a site.

64813: An outcome configured as required in the Multiple Outcomes v2 block will now properly display the red asterisk on the form.

64821: If the Safe Address field is set to No on a case, the Contact Summary section of the case snapshot will now display "Address Not Safe" above the address.

64842: The Case Summary section of the case snapshot will now only display active funding codes (those with no end date).

64862: The Document list on a dynamic user profile will now properly display the name of the user record being viewed, not the name of the person viewing it.

64914: The Closing Information section of the case snapshot will now properly display outcomes on sites using Outcomes v2.

65006: Always display a reminder on a task if one is set. Display a warning that setting the Reminder field to "No" will delete an existing reminder.

65050: Setting a new primary funding code on a case will now hide any timeslips for which the new funding code is not applicable, thus not allowing an attempt to reassign the timeslip funding code on those timeslips and causing an error.

65108: "Merge into Another Contact" is now an available as an Actions menu item on dynamic contact profile pages. Site administrators may need to disable an existing side bar element and add a new one to pick up this change.

65148: We have dropped support for Internet Explorer 8. We are not actively blocking logins at this point (as we do for IE7 and earlier), but will not investigate or fix any issues that specific to IE8.