2014-10-22 Release Notes

Changes for October 16, 2014 - October 22, 2014

Effective: Demo 10/23/2014; Weekly 10/31/2014; Monthly 11/07/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

63942: You can now set the Email Body and Subject on Scheduled Reports.

64740: Improved the display of OR filters when running reports.

65005: Fixed issues with Powerpoint (.ppt) files displaying with a Word document icon.

65248: Fixed an issue with the Case Specific Questions block, used by many sites in intake processes. The issue shows up if the block is configured to display Legal Problem Category and the person filling out the form is not using Firefox. After selecting a category and then a legal problem code, an internal page update will shift the problem code to the next in the list, if any. For example, changing from "01 Bankruptcy" to "02 Collections".

65273: The Disposition block has two new configuration options that allow the Level of Service field to be displayed and optionally required when "Accept" or "Accept and Close" is selected.