2014-11-05 Release Notes

Changes for October 30, 2014 - November 5, 2014

Effective: Demo 11/06/2014; Weekly 11/14/2014; Monthly 12/05/2013; Quarterly 01/02/2014

63421: Adding a column to the report library will no longer display an intervening empty white page.

63550: There is a new "Case Contacts (One Row per Contact)" subtable available in reports under the top level Case Data table. As the name indicates, this allows reports to include people linked to cases as case contacts.

65098: The Quick Case Copy and New Case for Client processes no longer copy the Prescreen Date or the Date Opened from the source case into the new matter.

65126: The Custom subtable (for reporting on site specific fields) will now appear in grant-based reports.

65205: Fixed an issue that could cause line breaks to disappear in Instruction elements when both "Format as HTML" and "Show Line Breaks" are enabled.

65252: Fixed an issue that could prevent transfer of adverse party information in an e-transfer (whether from site to site or online intake site to site). (Hotfixed to all affected sites 10/30/2014)

65410: Tasks with no due date will no longer show an errant "Dec 31" in the task list.

65434: Fixed an issue with the static case timeslip that was preventing the funding code field from populating properly when using the search and select box or clicking a recent case link in the side bar. Time added directly from a case was not affected.

65455: The iCal element on user profiles will now show two links, and a note indicating the "webcals:" link is for Microsoft Outlook and the "webcal:" link is for all other calendar programs.

65466: Fixed an issue that prevented some custom default filters on a list view element from saving your selections. The affected filters are those that can store multiple values. Example: the "Responsible for Calling" filter on the "Case-Matter - Callbacks" list.

65483: Fixed an issue with the Case Status History list displaying entries from other than the current case. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 10/31/2014)

No ticket: "Enable Address Hover on Client Names in Searches" (Admin / Site Settings) will now only return information on a client's primary home address to improve search speed.

No ticket: Fixed an issue with the users who are assigned to a task or deadline created via Activity Presets when the case assignment configuration is used.