2014-11-19 Release Notes

Changes for November 13, 2014 - November 19, 2014

Effective: Demo 11/20/2014; Weekly 11/28/2014; Monthly 12/05/2014; Quarterly 01/02/2014

52850: The static "Delete this Outreach" link text has been changed to "Inactivate this Outreach", and the confirmation page text no longer contains text warning, incorrectly, that brochure and other information is deleted.

62517: Old reports with links to Citizenship Status and County of Dispute from under the Case Data > Person subtable will no longer cause an error.

64469: The name of the user who posted a case note can now be displayed in reports via the new "Posted By (User)" subtable under the "Case Notes - Multiple Rows Per Case" table.

65623: Fixed an issue that could cause "Lookup" subtables in a report to show up twice in Add Fields, Method 2.

65632: Calendar events with the Broadcast field set to Yes will now display in the Event List for all users.

65659: A new field, "Current Level of Service (Display Only)", is available for cases. This allows administrators to display that value in places other the case snapshot in the sidebar.

65771: The Level of Service block has a new "Show the Communication Section" configuration option. On by default, unchecking that option removes the Choose Recipients button that allows the note to be emailed.