2015-01-07 Release Notes

Changes for December 18, 2014 - January 7, 2015

Effective: Demo 01/08/2015; Weekly 01/16/2015; Monthly 02/06/2015; Quarterly 04/03/2015

64900: New site specific number fields will now accept 9 instead of 5 digits.

66081: Added a "Check Cleared" field to the Trust/Expense auxiliary case form.

66134: Fixed an issue causing problems accepting e-transfers. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 12/19/2014)

66144: Filtering the Cases list by Date Closed will no longer cause an error. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 12/22/2014)

66194: Fixed an issue with the Primary Funding Code block adding a secondary funding code to a case if the funding code selection was not changed but the form was submitted.

66211: The search function of the Organization field on a dynamic timeslip has been fixed.