2015-01-21 Release Notes

Changes for January 15, 2014 - January 21, 2015

Effective: Demo 01/22/2015; Weekly 01/30/2015; Monthly 02/06/2015; Quarterly 04/03/2015

65055: There is a new "Show Save Report Button" user role permission. As the name indicates, if a user's role lacks this permission they will not see the "Save Report" button when running reports. All roles will have this permission by default. Site administrators do not need to do anything unless you want to hide the button for a user role.

66002: Fixed an issue that was preventing the Contact Merge Queue from processing pending merges. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 1/16/2015)

66287: The "Print Case Notes" page now has a "Body Font Size" option that allows the font size for the note body text to be set from 100 - 200% before printing.

66309: The top level Donations table in reports now has the Custom subtable needed for reporting on non-lookup site specific fields.

66321: New calendar events will again have a default start time at the beginning of the next hour and a default end time one hour later. (Effective for all sites 1/23/2015)

66329: There are new options that allow the Office and Program fields to default to "Please select". The new options do not affect current behavior unless site administrators choose to implement them. 1) The Disposition block's "Default Office" and "Default Program" configuration options each have a new "N/A" option. When accepting an intake or marking it pending, these force the user to manually select the appropriate office or program. 2) The Admin / Process Settings page has two new settings that affect "Transfer Case" pages. Each new setting allows the Office or Program on transfer case pages to default to "Please select" instead of the current office and program of the case. All sites have "Transfer Case" links, which appear for the primary assignment on the Assign Case page. Sites that have implemented internal transfers (from one office to another) have "Transfer Case" links on the Internal Transfers list on the Cases tab.

66412: The top level System Users table in reports now has the Custom subtable needed to report on non-lookup site specific fields.

66422: Fixed an issue causing some reports to error. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 1/16/2015)

66426: Fixed a problem with static case related timeslips not defaulting to the case's funding code. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 1/16/2015)