2015-01-28 Release Notes

Changes for January 22, 2014 - January 28, 2015

Effective: Demo 01/29/2015; Weekly 02/06/2015; Monthly 03/06/2015; Quarterly 04/03/2015

62717: The Caseworker column now sorts correctly using the Sort option in report summations and crosstabs.

65877: Pausing then restarting the Timer will no longer include the time elapsed while paused in the Time Spent calculation.

65937: The "Applicant Name (Prescreen)" block now includes a note in the block configuration clarifying that using the "Conflict Search" option (versus "People Finder") disables the 'begins with' checkboxes on the form for first and last name.

66225: Calendar events linked to cases or outreaches now show "Case/Client" or "Outreach" respectively in the hover information.

66474: There are two new tables in reports for reporting on Level of Service. The current Level of Service on a case is under the "Level of Service (Latest Only, One Row per Matter)" table. All level of service changes on cases can be pulled from the "Level of Service (One Row per Level)" table.

66493: Columns on the following list views can now be enabled / disabled in each list view's configuration: "Matter/Organization Assignment" and "Combined Assignments" (matter profiles); and "Organization Assignments" (organization profiles).

66509: Fixed an issue with new style document templates that could cause subactors (like client addresses) to stop working and display "Warning: Actor ID is missing" on the Map step of Edit Fields. Existing templates showing this warning will need the fields for the subactor to be unlinked and remapped on the Map step.

66517: The "Financial Information - Alternate" block has a new configuration option for "Default Financial Eligibility Override User (for Online Intake)". As the label indicates, this option was added for online intake sites wanting to use this block and to allow eligibility overrides.