2015-02-04 Release Notes

Changes for January 29, 2014 - February 4, 2015

Effective: Demo 02/05/2015; Weekly 02/13/2015; Monthly 03/06/2015; Quarterly 04/03/2015

62007: Fixed an issue that prevented Outreach from appearing in the Search menu in the new interface (must be enabled on the Admin / Top Level Navigation Bar / Search page).

65543: New Style document templates now have a Module selection on the Actors step when editing fields. This ensures only actors appropriate to the module are available.

65608: Text columns in reports have a new "U" option to provide a count of unique values in that column where that is desired instead of the "B" (breakdown) option that counts the number of times each value appears in the column. Crosstabs have a new "Operator" selection below the Value attribute. In addition to the default "Sum" (which is what current crosstabs do with the Value), you can select "Average", "Count All", and "Unique Count".

65733: Several fixes to the Placement block including not forcing a new record to be saved, ensuring fields are properly saved, and improvements to the list view it displays.

66242: Broadcast calendar events now include "Broadcast:" before the creator's name in Day, Week, and Month views.

66505: Fixed the Single Outcomes v2 block so that the "Default Date to Today" option will not override an existing value with the current date.

66524: The filter Reset icon on the Register for Callback page will no longer cause an error.

66600: Fixed an issue that could cause an error when moving from step 1 of questioning timeslips to step 2.

66639: Fixed the Placement Log list view so that it only shows placements tied to the matter being viewed.

66641: The Visitation block will now work on a branch logic form. It will also no longer save a blank record if the fields are exposed but no data entered when the form is submitted.