2015-02-11 Release Notes

Changes for February 5, 2015 - February 11, 2015

Effective: Demo 02/12/2015; Weekly 02/20/2015; Monthly 03/06/2015; Quarterly 04/03/2015

61481: Added a "Date Added" column to the list displayed by the Selected Publications List block; often used on the main profile for sites using the publication feature.

65570: Fixed the Add to Library feature in report columns.

65798: Fixed an issue that caused an error when switching to a profile view layout on a dynamic Organization section front.

65809: Crosstabs in reports now support subsections in columns as well as rows. Subsections no longer need a specific relationship in the database such as Legal Problem Code and Legal Problem Code Category. For example a crosstab can have rows with Gender as the section and Race as the subsection.

65965: The "Copy this Outreach" process will now properly recognize if a site is using a dynamic outreach profile and display the new outreach record with that profile instead of the built-in static profile.

66077: Fixed an issue that could cause the Excel export on some reports to result in a blank white page instead of downloading the file.

66229: Fixed the "Print This Timekeeping Log" page in the new interface so that it displays the applied filters in the list.

66585: Corrected that End Date calculation for Level of Service entries so that two entries with the same Start Date do not result in an End Date one day before the Start Date.

66612: The new "Body Font Size" option on the Print Case Notes page has been disabled on sites using the old interface. Enabling it prevents the Check All, Uncheck All, and Show Filters links from working.

66711: Fixed the column sort arrows in reports. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 2/7/2015)

66713: Fixed an issue with report column order changes being lost in edit mode after clicking Save Changes. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 2/7/2015)