2015-02-18 Release Notes

Changes for February 12, 2015 - February 18, 2015

Effective: Demo 02/19/2015; Weekly 02/27/2015; Monthly 03/06/2015; Quarterly 07/03/2015

65441: Fixed an issue where Chrome would not display the value of a field on a Case Specific Form displayed during an intake by the Case Specific Questions block, even though the field had been set earlier in the intake.

65532: Reset icons on list views on dynamic forms, for example case auxiliary forms, will now be hidden since they do not work in that context.

65613: Percentage of Poverty as a report filter will now display two data entry boxes as expected when the "Between" option is selected.

66421: There is a new "Default Contact Creation Dynamic Process" setting on the Admin / Process Settings page. Contact records created when adding a new user will display with the followup profile set in the selected process.

66555: Percentage of poverty and adjusted percentage of poverty in the Conditional Branch Logic Form Include block now accept numbers in hundredths (125.01, 199.99, etc.) instead of just whole numbers.

66668: Problems exporting a list to Excel will now display a message instead of an empty white page.

66718: Changed the title of the "Financial Benefit V2" lookup to "Outcome Financial Benefit V2", and "Financial Benefit Category V2" to "Outcome Financial Benefit Category V2".

66786: Fixed an issue with report summations not loading. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 2/13/2015).

66824: Fixed an issue where forwarding a rejected (bounced) email, for example an email with an incorrect case address, could cause mail processing to stop because of the bounced email attachment. These will no longer be parsed or delivered. Re-sending the original email with a corrected address will work, just not forwarding the entire bounced email.

66826: Users set as "Exclude from Pay Period Process" will no longer appear as "N/A" rows in MIP data files.