2015-03-04 Release Notes

Changes for February 26, 2015 - March 4, 2015

Effective: Demo 03/05/2015; Weekly 03/13/2015; Monthly 04/03/2015; Quarterly 07/03/2015

65458: Improvements to list views to make some special fields sortable that were not, and to make the column heading unclickable on some fields that can't be sorted but were erroneously clickable.

66130: The Document Selection block will now list all files on a case, instead of just files in the case's top level folder.

66731: The County filter on the Recommended Documents list will now display county names instead of ID numbers.

66825: Fixed an issue that prevented CSR-Specific crosstabs in reports from displaying.

66850: Increased the time the Batch Funding Code Update Tool is allowed to run from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, to prevent timeouts on large batches of changes.

66871: Fixed report filters on site specific lookup fields so that values selected in Edit mode will save properly.

66899: The Combined Assignments list view configuration now has Organization and Action in the columns that can be enabled.

66969: There are two new report tables available: 1) Contact > Donation (Most Recent for Contact) allows a report on contacts to include this donation information if the contact happens to also be a donor; 2) Contact > Contact's Preferred Mailing Category Address implements the mailing categories some organizations use for different types of mailing.

66973: Applied a fix for the new Case / Service Notes - Multiple Rows Per Case report table.