2015-03-11 Release Notes

Changes for March 5, 2015 - March 11, 2015

Effective: Demo 03/12/2015; Weekly 03/20/2015; Monthly 04/03/2015; Quarterly 07/03/2015

66409: The Full Name columns available in reports on the System Users > Person subtable are now proper clickable links to each user's profile.

66770: Changed a label when editing Outcome v2 lookup values from “Monetary Fields to Display” to “Outcome Value Categories” to clarify that these fields are not limited to money values.

66854: Document templates for the User module now have Address sub-actors available to allow mapping a user's address information into template markers.

66904: The special report filter option for "Is the User Viewing the Report" will again save properly when added to new reports. For more information about this filter, see the Reports Manual, Miscellaneous Topics section on reporting on time for the person viewing a report or matters assigned to the person viewing a report.

66913: The E-Transfers Received and E-Transfers Sent list views can now be filtered on Referral Date.

67000: When changing the Level of Service on a case, entering an email address in the Recipients box, but no text in the Note, will no longer cause an error.

67019: Legal Problem Code and Special Legal Problem Code will no longer be editable as individual fields. Your forms must use the Problem Code / Special Problem Code block (or another block that sets these fields, like Case Questions). Profile pages can use the block as well, but a typical setup is to have the fields start an auxiliary process that calls a form with the block on it.

67028: Improved sanitizing of HTML entered when someone is using the Rich Text Editor for notes.

67060: Improved the formatting of the document folder tree on user profiles.