2015-03-18 Release Notes

Changes for March 12, 2015 - March 18, 2015

Effective: Demo 03/19/2015; Weekly 03/27/2015; Monthly 04/03/2015; Quarterly 07/03/2015

66176: The "Monthly (Relative)" calendar event recurrence option now includes a day of the week option to allow "Second Tuesday of the Month", etc.

66187: A deadline will now display the name of the person who created it in the title section when viewed on the calendar Day, Week, or Month view.

66808: Fixed an issue with the "Docket Search" link available in the Court Case Prescreen block not returning results. For the same feature, but unrelated to this fix, we changed the Search menu label from "Court Case ID" to "Docket Number".

66873: Fixed an issue that caused field labels on forms and profiles to sometimes not honor changes to a field's Short Name text.

67072: Fixed the appearance of column totals in exported report crosstabs, and returned the header "Totals" to the column with the row totals.