2015-04-01 Release Notes

Changes for March 26, 2015 - April 1, 2015

Effective: Demo 04/02/2015; Weekly 04/10/2015; Monthly 05/01/2015; Quarterly 07/03/2015

66982: When editing recurring calendar events, the label for editing other instances of the event now reads "Also Edit Future Instances of this Event" to reflect that checking the box will not edit past instances of the event series.

67021: Dynamic timeslip profiles now have a Permissions section (like the Main Profile and others). This allows setting permission per user role, and solves the problem of users assigned to the Pro Bono Restricted Access role not being able to view dynamic timeslips they created.

67039: There is a new "Case Organizational Contacts (One Row Per Contact)" subtable in reports under the top level Case Data table. As the name indicates, this allows reporting on organizations added to cases via the "Add Organization Case Contact" process (which must be enabled on the Admin / Process Settings page).

67057: Fixed an issue with the Organization Affiliation option on the static Add Case Contact form. Using that option will now properly affiliate the new contact with the organization, and not create an "N/A" record on the organization's Members list.

67143: The Online Financial Information block will now store percentage of poverty even if caps are not set in the block configuration.

67174: Accessing the Admin / Document Settings page will no longer cause an error. (Effective 3/27/2015 for all sites)

67290: Fixed an issue that could cause an error page or warning message on a form using the Case Specific Questions block with many, many case specific forms and fields.