2015-04-08 Release Notes

Changes for April 2, 2015 - April 8, 2015

Effective: Demo 04/09/2015; Weekly 04/17/2015; Monthly 05/01/2015; Quarterly 07/03/2015

67147: For sites with the GIS module enabled, Political Boundaries Lookup Status will display a warning when boundaries can't be set even if an address was geocoded.

67213: Restored the previous behavior of assignment emails being sent even if no text is entered in the corresponding notes field above the Recipients box.

67269: The Requisite Hours column has been added to the second list that appears on the Verify Time page (for sites using Advanced Grant Management).

67300: Fixed an issue with entering text for alternate languages when multiple language support is enabled.

67304: Maps in reports can now be resized.

67308: Fixed an issue that caused e-transfers to not send any documents on a case when the default "Send All Documents" was not changed on the transfer page. This affected sites on the weekly update schedule. The problem began 3/27 and weekly sites were updated on 4/2 at 4pm EDT.