2015-04-22 Release Notes

Changes for April 16, 2015 - April 22, 2015

Effective: Demo 04/23/2015; Weekly 05/01/2015; Monthly 06/05/2015

66522: Fixed an error with the Mass Status Update feature on clinic events.

66739: Custom Default Filters on list views on a dynamic Reports section front will now save properly.

66789: If a site sending an e-transfer collects income per family member, but does not send family information with a transfer, the receiving site will now be able to accept without an error complaining about missing person information. The income will transfer, but without being tied to a specific person.

66862: Email address is now an available column on the dynamic Case Contacts and Family Information list views.

66886: Fixed an issue that prevented the Age field from working as a grant filter. This is the calculated current age field, not the Age at Intake field.

67315: For sites using advanced grants management, the Code field in reports now presents a report filter that combines the Code and Source fields, so it displays as "2252 VOCA Grant". The path to the field is Timekeeping > Contract Term Allocation > Contract Term > Funding Code > Code.

67434: Upgraded the Rich Text Editor used for entering notes. This does not change a user's preference; if the preference is set to No they will continue to see plain text boxes.

67458: Fixed an issue with the Organization Affiliation and Referral Attempts list views on user profiles. Only demo sites were affected; the fix is being pushed out so it will not affect any live sites.