2015-04-29 Release Notes

Changes for April 23, 2015 - April 29, 2015

Effective: Demo 04/30/2015; Weekly 05/08/2015; Monthly 06/05/2015

67254: Sites can now limit the email addresses returned in search results when emailing notes. See the new "Domains to search for recipients" setting in the Email section of the Admin / Site Settings page. Use case: You don't want notes accidentally emailed outside your organization because someone picked the wrong person out of the search results. If your organization's email addresses end in "@qls.org", you would enter "qls.org" in the new setting, and only email addresses ending in that domain would show up in the search results. Multiple domains are allowed. Note that this limits the *search results* only. You can still manually enter an email address outside the allowed domain(s) in a recipients box.

67446: Various visual improvements to the online intake Minimalist View template.

67521: Fixed an issue with Lists in old style templates getting unset and not saving when remapped.