2015-08-19 Release Notes

Changes for August 13, 2015 - August 19, 2015

Effective: Demo 08/20/2015; Weekly 08/28/2015; Monthly 09/04/2015

67762: Online intakes will now properly show the red asterisk for any phone numbers configured as required in the Applicant Phone #s block.

68518: Improved page load speed when editing forms with branch logic blocks, especially for blocks toggling on a field with many values (like Legal Problem Code or County of Residence). The data associated with those values is not loaded unless you need it (you click on the triangle to look at the block's configuration).

68538: Fixed an issue with Level of Service that prevented setting a level of service at the end of an intake, opening the case, then closing the case on the same day with a different level of service.

68643: Modified the Road Trip online intake theme to workaround Internet Explorer's lack of support for the CSS "initial" keyword, which caused white button text on a white background. (Hotfixed to all affected sites 8/18/2015)