2015-08-26 Release Notes

Changes for August 20, 2015 - August 26, 2015

Effective: Demo 08/27/2015; Weekly 09/04/2015; Monthly 10/02/2015

66980: Outreach deadlines now display outreach titles and links to them, just as we do for case deadlines.

67455: Fixed a problem with search and select fields sometimes displaying the yellow search results at the top of the page (and possibly off screen) when entering multiple values. For example, when selecting multiple users in the Staff and Pro Bono fields on an outreach.

67907: The Organization Affiliation block in the user module has new options that allow hiding any or all of the fields secretary, secretary phone, judicial assistant, and judicial assistant phone.

68208: The "Submit (Configurable)" block configured with the "Previous Page" option will now work on the second step of an intake.

68298: There is a new Organization Assignments subtable in reports that allows reporting the name and other information about an organization. See Case Data > Additional Assignments (One Row per Assignment) > Organization Assignments.

68574: Fixed an issue with the "Roles Allowed to Edit" option in the timeslip Funding Code block. If a user's role was not allowed to edit the funding code on a timeslip, that restriction was properly enforced when the form loaded. However, changing the Caseworker to any other user would bypass the restriction, allowing the funding code to be edited.

68617: Restored stickiness to list filters on static pages. If you change filters on a list, for example the Cases list (on a static Cases section front) they will stay changed until you logout or manually reset them.

68625: The buttons displayed by two contiguous "Submit (Configurable)" blocks will no longer overlap in online intakes.

68633: Fixed an issue that prevented Action menu links on timeslip profiles from working properly. For example, a link like "Mark this timeslip unbilled".

68667: Fixed export to Excel on lists and reports. (Updated all affected sites on 8/21/2015)\