2015-09-23 Release Notes

Changes for September 17, 2015 - September 23, 2015

Effective: Demo 09/24/2015; Weekly 10/02/2015; Monthly 11/06/2015

67284: Creating and emailing an event, task, or deadline without entering any text in the notes box above the email section will now add default note text of "(no note entered)" so that the email is sent.

68724: Case alerts created from deadlines now show the due date in the alert.

68815: The beginnings of the new help site are up at http://help.legalserver.org.(external link) Feel free to browse and search. This site will eventually replace the community site and the Help page on each site. No login required and the search is notably better.

68898: Follow up fix on list filter stickiness on static pages. Affected sites updated 9/21/2015.

68912: Fixed an error on the Site Settings page. Affected sites updated 9/21/2015.

68926: Renamed the "Cases w/ User's Problem Codes" list view to "Cases with User's Problem Codes and No Primary Assignment". The Primary Assignment filter on that list now defaults to ""Only cases without a Primary Assignment".