2015-10-07 Release Notes

Changes for October 1, 2015 - October 7, 2015

Effective: Demo 10/08/2015; Weekly 10/16/2015; Monthly 11/06/2015

No ticket: Minimum password length is now 8 characters, up from 6. The new minimum will apply the next time a user changes their password; either voluntarily or in response to a prompt because a site has implemented password expiration.

67512: Update for 66862, which added Email as a column in the Case Contacts and Family Members list view elements. The Email column can now be enabled or disabled in the list view configurations.

67560: We are now using census.gov as the primary source for latitude and longitude information to improve address geocoding.

68032: The client name and case number will no longer be a clickable link on the "Learn More About This Case" page volunteers see when viewing a pro bono opportunity from their home page. Volunteers can't yet view the case at that point and clicking the link gives them a confusing "You do not have permission to view this case" page.

68318: Reminder emails for events linked to cases now contain the client's name and case number in the body of the email, like reminder emails on tasks and deadlines.

68839: The funding code on a timeslip will properly reset to "Please select" if you click on a case in the Recent Cases list in the side bar that has a funding code, then click on another that does not.

69002: For sites doing time verification in advanced grants management, changed the mouseover text for someone over the daily hours limit to make it explicit that no action is necessarily required. The new text is "Is this correct? If not, please amend the appropriate timeslips. If it is correct, no action is required."

69020: Upgraded password storage to use bcrypt key derivation. This is a standard move to newly available security mechanisms, not a response to any issues.

69021: Clicking Continue on an add document form without first selecting a file to upload will no longer show "There was an error" in red text at the top of the page.