2015-10-14 Release Notes

Changes for October 8, 2015 - October 14, 2015

Effective: Demo 10/15/2015; Weekly 10/23/2015; Monthly 11/06/2015

64376: Users with the Report Management permission will now see the "Import Reports" link in the Actions menu on the main Reports page.

67597: The OutcomesV2 blocks will no longer display inactive outcomes.

67751: Fixed the "Not Editable" option in the Supervisor/Supervising block. It can now be placed on a user profile page to display information without allowing changes.

68013: A Funding Filters page (the Advanced Filtering Criteria block) will no longer hide a contract term allocation with an end date equal to the current date.

68453: Restored the behavior of the last incomplete step of an intake being a clickable link. Example: You reach step 5, then use the process links to return to step 2. You will again be able to click on the step 5 link after you are finished with step 2 changes.

68677: Names displayed by the Family Information list view element (typically used on profile pages) are no longer clickable links. The existing links do not work properly. We are removing the links to avoid confusion, pending the work needed to make the links work properly. Links displayed by the Family Information block (typically used on intake and auxiliary forms) continue to work, so you can click a name and populate the edit boxes.

69040: The Snapshot New element has a new "Case Email" link below the section with the client's name and case number. The link exposes the case's email address and a "Copy to clipboard" link.

69076: Fixed an issue with some crosstabs in older reports not automatically updating to work with new code.