2015-10-28 Release Notes

Changes for October 22, 2015 - October 28, 2015

Effective: Demo 10/29/2015; Weekly 11/06/2015; Monthly 12/04/2015

DC Volunteer Lawyers Project goes live with LegalServer on 10/30/2015.

66894: Notes entered via the Case Status block on a dynamic form will now appear in the case status history as expected (like notes entered via the static process when you click on Case Status in the side bar).

67659: Creating an all day recurring calendar event will no longer cause an error.

68707: Emails from notes will no longer have unexpected characters substituted, such as two spaces being replaced by a circumflexed A.

69252: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, restored the behavior of all timeslips being checked (and thus changed by default) when changing a case to a new funding code.