2015-11-04 Release Notes

Changes for October 29, 2015 - November 4, 2015

Effective: Demo 11/05/2015; Weekly 11/13/2015; Monthly 12/04/2015

Kids in Need of Defense is set to go live with LegalServer on 11/9/2015.

66313: Online intake sites with multiple languages enabled now have a translation page to easily update the English words and phrases in LegalServer that support multiple languages (like Continue, Search, Total Assets, etc.).

68146: Moved the "Begins with" options for search fields in line with each field instead of below each field.

68970: Fixed an issue with using columns formatted as "Money" in report charts.

68971: Fixed an issue where having multiple crosstabs from reports on a dynamic home page could cause the same data to be displayed in each.

69054: A new block "Outreach Document List" is available for outreach records. It brings the same features to outreaches as the block on cases, including the ability to delete files directly in the list, supports drag and drop, etc. A highly recommended replacement on your dynamic outreach profile.

69283: Inactive Activity Outcomes will no longer show up in the dropdown list on forms.