2015-11-11 Release Notes

Changes for November 5, 2015 - November 11, 2015

Effective: Demo 11/12/2015; Weekly 11/20/2015; Monthly 12/04/2015

No ticket: The Admin page categories are now in alphabetical order, as are the page links within each category.

67316: Fixed an issue with using columns formatted as Percent in report charts.

68830: Text in dropdown lists in the Modern online intake theme is now darker and easier to read.

68906: Fixed alignment of dollar signs in front of Asset entries in the Modern online intake theme.

69063: Sorting the Outreach list on the Staff column is faster.

69126: The Modern online intake theme now honors an unchecked "Show in Sidebar" by not displaying the form name.

69234: Site admins can make displayed phone numbers clickable links on the new Admin > Telephony page. This is useful for computers that are setup to initiate phone calls in the browser. It works like the existing "mailto" links for email addresses that let you click an email address to start an email (assuming your browser is setup to do that). As noted in the help bubble on the new admin page, if your site has custom telephone integration do not change this setting. The default setting is "No Link", so no action is required unless you want to implement this.

69311: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, there is a new "If overtime-exempt, create an insufficient time service?" field available.

69373: Fixed an issue that could cause a list to freeze if you removed a filter on Primary Assignment.

69400: Fixed an issue with the "Make this contact a user" link sometimes causing an error page. Effective for all sites 11/13/2015.