2015-11-25 Release Notes

Changes for November 19, 2015 - November 25, 2015

Effective: Demo 11/26/2015; Weekly 12/04/2015; Monthly 01/01/2015

68117: The Prescreen Timesheet block will now use contract term allocations instead of funding codes when used on a site with advanced grants management enabled.

68924: Fixed an issue that prevented columns from being changed in certain list views such as Combined Assignments.

69234 (update): The "tel:+" option on Admin > Telephony will no longer include the "+" in phone number links.

69382: The Road Trip online intake theme is now marked as deprecated, indicating it is no longer under development. It will be removed in 2016 after advance notice to online intake sites still using it.

69468: The Multiple Outcomes V2 block has a new configuration option that allows each configured outcome to be expanded on the page when displayed, instead of requiring clicking Yes to see the data entry fields.