2015-12-02 Release Notes

Changes for November 26, 2015 - December 2, 2015

Effective: Demo 12/03/2015; Weekly 12/11/2015; Monthly 01/01/2015

University of Puerto Rico Law School is ready to go live with LegalServer on 12/7/2015.

69392: The Quick Organization Referral block will now be a dropdown list when used on online intake forms. It continues to be a search-and-select when used on non-OI sites.

69395: Fixed a timezone issue with the referral date and time shown for incoming electronic case transfers.

69457: Search results on the Related Cases page now include the Relationship Type column so you can tell if any cases returned have already been related to the case you are working on.

69460: Fixed the Related Cases/Matters list view.